FOREWARD: Monsieur le Président du Tribunal Administratif de Paris; casi esquina con el Impasse Putigneux

Monsieur le Président du Tribunal Administratif de Paris, j’ai reçu un message me demandant de finaliser une requête au « télérecourse citoyens »

Carlos Slim's buddies

Los Amigos de México en Francia .:. 113BE431-8352-4585-8B1D-714216769C64 🇲🇽 Versión “netflix”. Of course, if you did not go to “el KINDER” with them, or if you did not wash dishes for them, or if you did not “adhere” to the Rules of “decorum” at  “La Casa de México” en la Ciudad Universitaria de París —and most important— if you did not do “los mandados” for La Confederación de mexicanos en Europa durante los años 2012–13–14-15–16–17–y, XVIII, then it followed that you, as an « outsider » must be a SPY… today, those same fat cats, who pledged a political oath of silence during the years of EL AÑO DE MÉXICO en Francia (Versión Peña Nieto / Hollande) in exchange for getting their names as “organizers and/or producers” on an “artistic event” in France just shifted their NOMENKLATURA to the political party that we [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] ORIGINALLY came in 2011 to document, for that particular audacity, the leaders of Morena–Francia labeled me a spy, because of course, only THEY and only them had the Sorbonne literary criticism  degrees and the SciencesPo Seal of Approval to speak about FLORENCE CASSEZ on BFM TV (por decir*) on the third week of January of 2012. ⚖️ So, no, Mme. Juriste at 32 rue des Bourdonnais (75001) my so-called “non–integration” to your French Culture and Economy extends beyond the month of December of 2017, which the French prosecution wants to seal, as my start in the city of lights; FOR THE ARCHIVES, I lost my job here in Paris because I dared to ask questions about Mexican politics when El PRESIDENTE François “flamby” HOLLANDE and his lap-dog MANUEL VALLS used to have a MEXICAN ARMY as an official “communication / P.R.[i]” squad… [IBID^]

* … [P]or decir:
https ://asegovia3 .com /2020/01/25 /aplazan-audiencia-en-el-proceso-de-el-amante-de-florence-cassez/
André, A., Rissouli, K., “Conversations privées avec le président“. Chapter Seven ; pp, 48-53. «The Mexican Army », 2016 Éditions Albin Michel.

Jazz, Monsieur le président de la court is in full effect, and if you know the folcklore, you don’t need the French only law to make sense of what follows, but—öüï will comply, per the interwebs translators, et. al.



Hold the line .:. 2C5CFC10-0602-46EE-9AE5-CE676BE356DE 💾 Personne n’est en train d’effacer une putain de chose.

Conscients qu’il y a une grève générale qui met un frein à tous les services publics en France, on peut comprendre que notre demande d’aide juridictionnelle en cours pour la même affaire est au point mort ; en attendant, nous demandons que votre administrateur du télérecourse citoyens, et/ou le système n’efface pas notre brouillon pour ce processus entre la Prèfecture de Police et Bibi*.


* Bibi, https ://www .wordreference .com /enfr/yours%20truly

Article R. 776–12 • La production d’un Memoire Complémentaire, parts ii & iii (FOLLOW-UP)

Madame, Marie-Christine GIRAUDON
Président de la 3ème section

For the record:

This entry is a follow-up to the « mémoire » entries of:
October the 4th and October the 9th.
Limitations, as explained in person to the window clerk at
7 rue de JOUY, (75859; CEDEX 17) prevented me, Armando Segovia/Armando Serrano Prieto, de « faire une entrée » or, input my mémoire to your Télérecours site.



I did, however, ensure that the BUREAU DE AIDE JURIDICTIONNELLE prés le Tribunal de Grande Instance de PARIS time-stamped my intention to deliver a written notification, informing your office, that I in fact have a mémoire to present to the court.

FOR THE RECORD, on October the 5th* at 16h, the window clerk did not accept my written notification in person, as she was « not obliged » to render that “service”, in other words, as I understood from thelittle farts” or « pfbbbbbpt » that French people make when annoyed, she did not feel like going through the motions of her job.

* Correction:

Para la memoria

Para la memoria.:.CEE76AD6-55EA-457B-9CCC-5F9123AA03DE •|• …[A]nd FO’ the record. El día 5 de octubre no hubo Jazz en París (CEDEX 17), period

In any case, I apologize for the delay in the inputting of said mémoire on your téléservice, but as the following screen capture will show, sometimes I have to do things IN-PERSON on account of already established hardships and limitations on my side of the GARDEN, while fighting this “admin battle” from the lowest gutters in Châtelet.

With regards to the Loi « AllGood » of 1994,
please stand-by for the Internet translation.