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10 years EVE!!!

Out Two of Three… Bill Gates is on Centerfield, the ball from the first tag remains in play, and for those just not tuning in, Mexican Secretary of domestic Affairs, and former Supreme Court Magistrate was at the plate and Republican honcho, Richard Steele remains on the mound.

An insider tip from The Bank of America, the baseball nucleus is tightly wrapped with LOS HILOS DE SASHA y el forro con LOS CUEROS DE LA TÍAIRMA. Witt that in mind, we hope that that our non-readers keep their eye on the ball and remember that we are trying to draft a Third World Parody with the Absurdities of The First World. And since i am writing this from LA LUCHA LIBRE* we really have no other choice than to look at the following declaration as a flat world platitude (context follows).

And Louie Gilot at El Paso Times (2005-6) will probably want to know if by “Bien“, her président means “bien portado”, como México. .:. 99DE8360-E0D4-4C08-9A9F-5875CCABF6A7 ⚾️ Emmanuel Macron: “Todos los que escriben bien sirven a Francia*“.

* Sr. Presidente de la República de Francia, ahora por favor cuénteme una de Western Rodeos, porqué de antemano yo sé (pronounced José) que Francia aún no ha inventado “la charreada”.

LA OTRA CONQUISTA… follows, y tu mamá Aussi.

But FO’ist, it’s The Saturday Night BEECH-NUT Juice SHOW, with musical guest: Wilbur Harrison, and if you are wondering why the needle (SPACE) sent us back to the 1950’s, well then you need to KETCH-up with Bill Gates Chimney Mantle in Nice… and our next stop is 1959 KANSAS CITY HERE I COME

🎶🗣 Wellll You’ve HO’id about The Wacky Races; it’s kind of like those, but hooked on WaWa.

— How long have you known this fella’?

* The Faber Book of Mexican Sinema

🎶🗣 Shockolate Au Lait… mum, mum, mum—mum, ummm

Quartz12… Chocolate au lait, indeed.

As a drunk socialist, Cousin Joe, I am speechless .:. CA12A53D-AC8D-4E43-826D-246E6D79D141 🗣 Extra Extra! Knot to be undone by The Ari Melber Show, FRANCE INFO will be interroGATEing Gates at 2 a.m. in EST / 0800 hours in CET… Those Sneaky Basterds. ✍🏼 And Willie Geist, did i happen to mention that The interview is going to be in French!!! The Gall of these Frogs. These is THE REASON, Soledad O’Brian, why nobody understood his 2015 BULLETIN on A Pandemic. Because the Mécénartiste was de-briefing the French. BUT WAIT… There is MOOREEEEEE! The man is giving away [encouraging, pues] THE SOLUTIONS without showing the WO’ik… thank god for BFM’er TV who make me show their Boats. Which, as Former senator Claire Mccas NOW knows is a TITANIC endeavor 🐰. FRANCE INFO… I’m coming to get you. Wanna know why? Because MARS Mom keeps me up on Way Too Early—so don’t be late… like that mule-riding Republican honcho, Muppet Steele.

Breaking the News: U.S. State Department issued a bulletin (whatever that means) warning Americans to not TRAVEL to The United States because of a terrorist warning. At this time those already stuck in the United States are not required to take their shoes off.

Still to come… French presidents say Da’DARNnnnn–dest things.

But FO’ist!!!

Saxifrage en Sax major .:. 87707642-035C-4A0D-871F-BE6128908530 .:. In local news it turns out that the president of La France is a Pedro PicaPiedra aficionado, it’s TWUE!!! MadaFaka—Check The Roots. It’s right there on the Front Page of the Dec. 24th edition of 2020. Seriously, check the roots on the Piedra Picada. 🌸 I lost count of how many Pedros, Peters, and Piedras he lanzado en este mes.

Musical Guest: POISON IVY

Over in Miss’Ourra… Claire McCaskill brought out her lazy chair because she wants Mí to paint her as a French Whore… It’s a Titanic proposition, but what a heck… Kansas City here I Come.


Quick programming note:
Deer-sirene, Eye wishes to remind yo’Silly ass that Karl’s soul in the form of a Bichon Fraise remains by our side; and Aussi, you seductive cunt, Larry King —WHO just settled in as he awaits his transfer— remains an optimist and, Denis Soula should know that GLORIA is a fucking Trophy Wife… Issy, Charlotte BibRING, Eye loves it when your sultry voice talks Dirty to Mí, you provocative twat. Wanna try again?

And, —Cousin Joe… did i happen to mentioned that Republican honcho and Maryland Seminary school-lad, Michael Steele is at the mound? For the record, i didn’t want him on our side of the line-up, but Camilo Cienfuegos remains “incomunicado” because of a recent embargo. It’s the bottom of the FO’ist and The BLADERUNNER MEMORIAL Stadium is hosting a sold-out crowd.

The previous hit is still in play and there is one out on the scheduled Triple play… And,—AP LaMire, what’s with that Saudi Arabian crematorium set that yo’ass is transmitting from, you are not fooling anybody with that formaldehyde bottle behind you.

Dear, Bill Gates: is D.A.T. D.A.R.E. a Signature “Legier” Chiminée en Marbre?

The jump at Raging Waters went without a hitch and the San Fernando Valley map–of–the–world ride was all clear, quadrants bended all the way past Sacramento to specs, “third grade math” worked just as expected, but because time travel works in the same way that the printer* at Matilda’s favorite son office inside of the Governors Mansion in New York works, we [the staff on this most non-consequential blog] thought that we check with you, Mr. Gates, about the specs regarding on that there marble composite mantelpiece, showcased [behind you] during your Friday morning interview for them Peacocks at the Rockefeller place.

What he said

What he said .::. 4B38D66D-A878-4AC6-A027-D9931160FD50 🖨 Indeed, Governor Cuomo, one can have the best printer in the world, but if the ink cartridge is not compatible with the machine, then that ink-less printer becomes a paperweight, and Sir, it’s the same with Time Machines, if the plutonium rods are European specs then the “third grade math” gets all of the centimeters up in a bunch.

We are hoping that by the look of that there “home—depot–ee” chimney, that you, Sir, are currently transmitting from the Lake Washington [Mountain] frequency.  But if you, Sir, are currently overlooking in reel–time the Monaco coast line, then BELLEVUE, —ÖÜÏ Have A Problem. Now Avi Velshi, don’t have a COW, Man! It’s just a matter of calibration, and the Time Machine is currently watching the show at Mount St. Helen’s, and brother, with The Dark Side of The Moon on the cassette deck that there volcano leaves Vesuvius in  the Dust.

Time delayed brick–insulated chimney interiors

So, so you think you can tell

So, so you think you can tell .::. 6E968493-4738-4D27-993F-DFFAD18C82BE 💨 🎼🎶 Mount Saint Helen’s from Hell…

Anyhow, Mr. Gates, as Eye watches (via Tic Coc) the Mt. Saint Helen’s Laser Lava (lamp) extravaganza SHOW, öüï the staff most Certainly WISH YOU WERE HERE, —case in point— just to put Mooney on the Spot, check out Lord Lorne’s chimney.

In the mean time, Mr. Gates, it’s TIME to do a time–check with A.M. Joy at 30 Rock, where the Peacocks are just Catch-ing up, get it‽  Catch-ing-up? C’mon, Negrita, 💲AY IT £OUD!

Previously on: Hey, Bird!

Previously on: Hey, Larry! .::. 107F0940-1876-489C-9CA8-6491C82F460E 🏀 You are wearing my number!!! Eye told you That Eye was going to go in through the Chimney; and there it was… AUSSI, please inform Michael Che, that the Parisian Colombes* called and left a message: his Palomazo joke is about three years OLD!

IT’S Time for another Edition of: The Ozarks!… órale! And please Mr. Gates, do refer back to the archives to complement the notes on this TOON, –for the TEST: We Sir, do not, we repeat, WE DO NOT!  Select the logs for the chimneys, we just keep them motherfuckers blazing. Indeed.

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Rigo Tovar’s “Heavy Nopal” TESTAMENT follows.