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Up and At’em!

It’s Dr. Martin Luther Kings birthday

and in 1541, The French take it upon themselves to invent CaNaDa.

Woke as Fegluzzi

Woke as Fegluzzi, Frank Fegluzzi .:. 07E8F345-0680-48B6-B934-C1DAE6ACA064 ~_!_• Meanwhile in the You Crane channel, Rachel Glasses interviews an Eastern European plumber versed in the fixer Arts.

You think you Woke?
You best see what the best sleeping-bag paper filling in France is projecting for the next Five years, before Donald Trump follows in Vladimir Putin’s simple chess strategy to remain in power and even flip the Queen while he is at it… Oh, the humanity. As  Donald celebrates his China deal, China just moved–in on the Auto Manufacturing in Macuspana, Distrito Federal.

Öüï consider this

Öüï, Monsieur le rédacteur en Chef at the Préfecture de Paris, We Armando Segovia (Anglophone) / Armando Serrano PRIETO* (Castellanoparlante) considers the European Union announcement a personal milestone for u.s.,  considering that in one of your observations to kick me (yours truly) to the curb, —motherfucker— you went ahead and officially stated that we [the staff] never showed “cause” or “proved by showing” that, indeed (motherfucker) we were journalists; this Monsieur YANNICK, after your entire LAW-of-the-LAND apparatus Tapped danced to the tune of Ray Charles the fact that a VERY French general consulate in Our Lady of Los Angeles, California (more-of-her–fucker) delivered to your colleagues’ desk at the Bobigny (93000)  préfecture, my motherfucking Credentials; including one from the first French Syndicated news outlet a.k.a., AFP.

In 1870, a political cartoon for the first time symbolizes the donkey (“A Live Jackass Kicking a Dead Lion” by Thomas Nast for Harper’s Weekly). that The Reverend Al Sharpton will ride until Kingdom Come; source: ibid.

* Deer, Reverend Sharpton, this little green Hasterisk "PRIETO" means that Eye is BLACKER than any "latte colored Latin Socialist" and of course just as Black as you; after all Reverend Al, we both agree that "el amigo de Bill Maher", el presidente Vicente Fox is at his best a dumb–ass, and at his worst, a pedophile and/Or fascist Organization frequent donor (Legionarios de Cristo).

Öüï have NOW!, caught up with the Start of a Brand-spanking new Circus…

Wabbit holes from Brooklyn

Wabbit holes from Brooklyn .:. BB88C619-DA50-4982-9AC6-8FB879F44B65

Senator Crenshaw is on stand–by while we [the staff] drop a “el niño” Luc at the Club de los “antiguos” algodoneros de Harlem.

Al regresar...
Ventaneando con Patty Chamois
Season: Summer Thyme
Ep: Soul


Patty Chamois picks up the trail of “The Continuing Story of the Historicity of Mongo”, in this episode öüï find Mongo discussing and explaining a new sport to a young PRIista en Saltillo, Coahuila. Mongo was fresh from a river rapids trip (literally) at the Poudre in Fort Collins, Colorado where our hero saw the Harlem Globe Trotters vacationing and eating for the first time, the local dish from a neighboring hippie town called Boulder, the meal à degustar: Rocky Mountain Oysters.

Any güey, Mongo was telling the young politician from the then ruling party, El PRI, about this pair of fags who were on a mushroom trip trying to play baseball using the Harlem Globe Trotters basketballs. Mongo never knew what happened to them two, except for a rumor that told of those two South Park fags joining up with a cult known for not drinking coffee and a ‘flair’ for Knocking on Doors in Heaven’s name, or something like D.A.T.

Fuck you, Tim Apple

And in CHINA!

Jour et Nuit... Öüï seen a Squat or two

Jour et Nuit… Öüï seen a Squat or two, so we covered it.

It’s Saturday Night!!!

…[B]ut, we [the staff] of this most non–CONSEQUENTIAL blog return to:

Estimada, Alcaldesa Anne Hidalgo…

* for the record, the context is not the Regime, but the Technology, and of course the methods, so bear with u.s. as öüï try to deconstruct a most-CONSEQUENTIAL coverage of life in the City with “the best germs” (as read on a Parisian poster wall) on the face of the Planet Earth.

That's right Judge Pirro

That’s right Judge Pirro, öüï can only hope that with the New France–Mexique exchange agreement¹, common A Priori knowledge (senses) is not sacrificed for A Posteriori wisdom (Technical proficiency), now Madame Hidalgo, last week we made the mistake of invoking Godwin’s Law to show the absurdity of a Very Part•i•cular situation to an 1901 Association president, so let u.s. explain, before the Editor–in–Chief at the Préfecture de Police à Paris gets all his “slips” in a bunch.:. 1FAE33D2-FE60-4BD0-A9A1-1DFD09ECA991 •|•

About yesterday’s message; the security cameras at the Municipal Showers at Beaubourg will not let me construct any non-deliverable Circumstantial Evidence.

Reference for 1901 Assosiation presidents, and their “uncle tom” Gknomes… you know who you are:

Escatológicamente charlando

Escatológicamente charlando


1. https ://www .eleconomista .com .mx/internacionales/Mexico-y-Francia-firman-seis-acuerdos-para-mejorar-cooperacion-bilateral-20191219-0063.

“El sexto acuerdo firmado fue multilateralismo eficaz“.

Fuentes en El Economista confirman que la La Función Pública no supo quién chingados firmó ese sexto “el tercero después de los TRES primeros firmados“, recalcó la profesora Irma Sandoval, directora del organismo profesionalizado para prevenir conflictos de intereses y, ex colaboradora de un antiguo agitador profesionista y adversario incomodo a los descalabros del antiguo régimen PRIANista, John Mill Ackerman; hoy relegado a portavoz auxiliar (no oficial) en el gobierno del patrón de su esposa Eréndira Ballesteros, encargada de La Secretaría de La Función Pública en el Gobierno (auto proclamado) en una Cuarta Transformación de Mexico, o algo así.

O.K., but Heilemann must share the Weed, part ii

Thing 5… is gone in Sixty Seconds, but that’s only because “Cocaine is a hell of a drug”.

Meanwhile, as the AXIOS peoples discover that the “Grillin’–and–Chillin'” agricultores don’t really give a pretty pink fat baby’s ass about Russia when their RIGHT TO FIX software ‘firmware’ arrives from the same side of the UKRAINE that knock-DA–fuck out of big Ol’ Jet Airliners in midair.

Don't get Mí Wrong

The nightmate scenario,” according to önë Jäsön Kœbler, from the motherboard of all them VICE’s who just laid–off all the former interns,  motherfuckingJohn Deere could REM•OTELY shut down a tractor,” and the stupid-ass farmer who trusted an “American” company is Shit-Out-of-Luck, this; as a Mitt motherfucking Romney extended family member (Mr. Deere is a practicing Church of Latter Day Saints non–Coffee drinking oligarch) is fucking with the ‘Murican food supply destined for the Chinese, because WE THE Sheeple ARE only allowed to eat Artificially Grown agriculture, courtesy of Monsanto (Herr Bayer/NYSE MON $123 @ Closing Time). And YES, John Deere is a Tax-Excempt Person.

And yes, The Department of Agricultores is also a May baby, —Baby! Just like Hô–Chi–Minh (May 19, 1890) who made of Donald Trump a Son-of-a-Bitch:

https:// RAWSTORY
Donald Trump is obsessed with
The Maverick
because Trump wishes that he could amount to at least one of the 21 Grams that evaporated from one of the late Senator’s lingering farts.

6. Need we mention water. Plenty of potable water. Especially when the pollen has illegally entered the Halls of “the” MSNBC’s.