Temamaste, Modi — Please, please, please (don’t belong)

Intermedio entre indios, Hindus, and a WASP

Blood purist summit

Blood purist summit .:. E561D08C-DB66-41D8-BF89-1BF798927FC1 🧘🏽‍♂️ … mandatory Blazing Saddles quote for bigots: Indian Chief: [speaks Yiddish, then German, then in English] They darker than us! Woof! They are darker* than us!” in the true Sense of the word, Dark; not black or brown, but Dark as EVIL dark.

This has been an InterMission of:
Los otros “indios”.

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The continuing story of Mongo on Hardball.

Inter Bandas with Luc – Deer, Danielle Democratish

Up and At’em!

It’s Dr. Martin Luther Kings birthday

and in 1541, The French take it upon themselves to invent CaNaDa.

Woke as Fegluzzi

Woke as Fegluzzi, Frank Fegluzzi .:. 07E8F345-0680-48B6-B934-C1DAE6ACA064 ~_!_• Meanwhile in the You Crane channel, Rachel Glasses interviews an Eastern European plumber versed in the fixer Arts.

You think you Woke?
You best see what the best sleeping-bag paper filling in France is projecting for the next Five years, before Donald Trump follows in Vladimir Putin’s simple chess strategy to remain in power and even flip the Queen while he is at it… Oh, the humanity. As  Donald celebrates his China deal, China just moved–in on the Auto Manufacturing in Macuspana, Distrito Federal.

Öüï consider this

Öüï, Monsieur le rédacteur en Chef at the Préfecture de Paris, We Armando Segovia (Anglophone) / Armando Serrano PRIETO* (Castellanoparlante) considers the European Union announcement a personal milestone for u.s.,  considering that in one of your observations to kick me (yours truly) to the curb, —motherfucker— you went ahead and officially stated that we [the staff] never showed “cause” or “proved by showing” that, indeed (motherfucker) we were journalists; this Monsieur YANNICK, after your entire LAW-of-the-LAND apparatus Tapped danced to the tune of Ray Charles the fact that a VERY French general consulate in Our Lady of Los Angeles, California (more-of-her–fucker) delivered to your colleagues’ desk at the Bobigny (93000)  préfecture, my motherfucking Credentials; including one from the first French Syndicated news outlet a.k.a., AFP.

In 1870, a political cartoon for the first time symbolizes the donkey (“A Live Jackass Kicking a Dead Lion” by Thomas Nast for Harper’s Weekly). that The Reverend Al Sharpton will ride until Kingdom Come; source: ibid.

* Deer, Reverend Sharpton, this little green Hasterisk "PRIETO" means that Eye is BLACKER than any "latte colored Latin Socialist" and of course just as Black as you; after all Reverend Al, we both agree that "el amigo de Bill Maher", el presidente Vicente Fox is at his best a dumb–ass, and at his worst, a pedophile and/Or fascist Organization frequent donor (Legionarios de Cristo).

Öüï have NOW!, caught up with the Start of a Brand-spanking new Circus…

Wabbit holes from Brooklyn

Wabbit holes from Brooklyn .:. BB88C619-DA50-4982-9AC6-8FB879F44B65

Senator Crenshaw is on stand–by while we [the staff] drop a “el niño” Luc at the Club de los “antiguos” algodoneros de Harlem.

Al regresar...
Ventaneando con Patty Chamois
Season: Summer Thyme
Ep: Soul


Patty Chamois picks up the trail of “The Continuing Story of the Historicity of Mongo”, in this episode öüï find Mongo discussing and explaining a new sport to a young PRIista en Saltillo, Coahuila. Mongo was fresh from a river rapids trip (literally) at the Poudre in Fort Collins, Colorado where our hero saw the Harlem Globe Trotters vacationing and eating for the first time, the local dish from a neighboring hippie town called Boulder, the meal à degustar: Rocky Mountain Oysters.

Any güey, Mongo was telling the young politician from the then ruling party, El PRI, about this pair of fags who were on a mushroom trip trying to play baseball using the Harlem Globe Trotters basketballs. Mongo never knew what happened to them two, except for a rumor that told of those two South Park fags joining up with a cult known for not drinking coffee and a ‘flair’ for Knocking on Doors in Heaven’s name, or something like D.A.T.

Previously on, Fuck You Tim Apple: yo’Lightning Cables ain’t worth a shit

Time Stamp: 03h50 in CET

Juicios mochos


Dear, Alcaldesa Hidalgo:
please stand-by for relay regarding
the municipal showers at Beaubourg…
news porn keeps cloggin’
a Royal flush

BeeFour we [the staff] continue with our toilette coverage from the city with the best germs in the world, öüï must explain “a little know fact about Mongo” to La Concha de la juez Jeanine Pirro in the role of a young Cecily Strong:

Hyperlooping tunnels with Marianne…

TimeStamp: La Belle Affaire

March 10th, 2018…

on CET

[Voz de femme fatale
FIP Siren introduces Weekend Edition
… y la Semana que Philippe Labró]

Person with flashlight… Context follows… foto y doodle por segoviaspixes 2018.

Previously on asegovia3:

… al regerasar, Voltaire y Montesquieu share a mushroom* at Sq. Honore Champion… Dali, and his skinny legged elephants guest star, neta que sí.

Los Cabos que el staff, irá atando en el transcurso de La Programación:

1. Dear, Elon Musk, [Sir]… did you know that it was Mme. Hidalgo, Anne [one-each] who went ahead and rescued Hypertunneling for pedestrians and cyclists?

Currently, a bunch of assholes with cars wish to vote that most magnificent VÍA PÚBLICA… out from the peoples SOLE

So, dear Sir, hurry da’Fuck–up making your “boring company’s” dreams a motherfucking reality.

Fuck the Bridges… Viva Le Underground! }—~~~\*> Just a plain ol’Parisian tunnel… foto por armando segovia 2018.


2. Voltaire and a mushroom… Square Honoré Champion (75006), casí esquina con la estatua de Marcello Tommasi; CAROLINA (1968).

Voltaire à Square Champignon de Honoré… perdon Voltaire à Sq. Champion Honoré. (75006).

Dear, Catherine Rampell: welcome to the Kat Klub

“.… it leads you here, despite your destinations*”.

It looks appealing as a concept, in reality it’s just the early 20th Century front to a monopoly; it’s really the precursor to 1984’s “Ma’Bell’s” Baby Bell split up; a bunch of little piglets that would be sent to key regions in the Continental U.S., and that after the Clinton Era FCC deregulation mandate would evolve in this our InterWebs modern age, into the phenomenon known as the “Baby Buzzfeeds” of NBC—ain’t that right Cousin Joe? Do say hello to Aunt Bloomberg. Miss you all. Sincerely: El Hijo de la Su’ Giménez —_— THE SPIRIT OF COMMUNICATION IS PUBLIC DOMAIN; and courtesy of: ‘the’ AT&Tee’s

Stick around, our next circus act involves a new take on the human cannonball act, our Big Top correspondent Katy Kur lights the match and sends the clown flying through the air.

Oh La La! … A new season with Katy Kur. Up next, Katy Tur breaks a Hardball.

Will the freak land in Far East Pyongyang, or slide into Táchira in the rain forest of the South?

Le Monde sigue de vacaciones…they are really, really—really, really just mailing it in. —_— Uso justo de todos los medios.

Hey Hallie Jackson, here’s the source:

* Under the Milky Way tonight—The Church.

1. The One and Only… https ://www .washingtonpost .com /opinions /free-lunches-like-the-15-minimum-wage-may-hurt-the-people-theyre-meant-to-help /2017 /08 /07/d55e8476-7bad-11e7-9d08-b79f191668ed_story.html?utm_term=.746cd842b6fe

Hey Hallie Jackson: Context follows.

Little known fact about Mongo

… following the successful unification of ‘Les Deplorables’ over at Rock Ridge, Mongo became a consultant at “El Libro Vaquero,” a Mexican Westerns animated series that became a hit with wanna-be cowboys in the New Frontier, especially in a growing city we know today simply as Monterrey. After hearing a rumor that his local idol, Joaquín Murrieta, was a Chilean national trying his luck on the 49’ers roster over at ‘the’ Levi’s mining company; and not a Mexican renegade, Mongo packed his saddles and headed over to the lands of El Libertador, Simón Bolivar, to investigate.

His first stop was Brazil where he caught up with fellow foragidos Butch Cassidy y El Chavo del Baile del Sol. In Rio, Mongo met a child entertainer by the name of XuXa and picked up a little bit of Portuguese . Things didn’t work out and Mongo moved on to greener pastures in La Argentina where the ‘buzz’ over at las milongas was that he had fathered a son [some say the offspring was a daughter] from a bombshell that was only known as “La Su Giménez”… desde entonces, la leyenda cuenta que al hijo de Mongo solamente se le conoce como “El Hijo de Su“.

Rare, and we mean “Big Foot” rare footage of Mongo’s offspring was caught on camera in the latter years of the last century.  Judge for  yourself  if  the  Butthole below ↓ fits the genes of the Mighty Mighty Mongo:

[Uso justo de la última dedada del Siglo XX]… in 2016 CopyLeft.

[Uso justo de la última década del Siglo XX]… in 2016 CopyLeft… if you don’t then g’ahead, fold the index and ring fingers.

Gooooood Morning Busan [Our hearts and prayers are with you].
Today is Heavy Metal Tuesday over at ‘the’ FIP, and right now over at the Rockefeller Center, TRMS show is almost ready to pass ‘the’ Election 2016 medical files, to ‘the’ Last Word.
TimeStamp: 03h 45m CET… time flies, when you are having rum.

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En la novela de la mañana:

El Zorro que soltó a la Perra de la Granja

Estimado Vicente Fox: Con todo el respeto de MSNBC, chingue Usted, a toda su Madre. | Uso justo de Los Internacionales, Tigres del Norte.

Estimado Vicente Fox: Con todo el respeto de MSNBC, chingue Usted, a toda su Madre. | Uso justo de Los Internacionales, Tigres del Norte.

Con Vicente Fox y los arribistas de la marihuana medicinal.

Señoras y señores, con ustedes:
Los Tigres del Norte cantan Let’s get it on*

One Step Beyond… Madness follows, when little Katy Tur runs a red light at a babysitters’ fair.

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