Juan Nepomuceno Carlos Pérez Rulfo Vizcaíno

10 years EVE!!!

Out Two of Three… Bill Gates is on Centerfield, the ball from the first tag remains in play, and for those just not tuning in, Mexican Secretary of domestic Affairs, and former Supreme Court Magistrate was at the plate and Republican honcho, Richard Steele remains on the mound.

An insider tip from The Bank of America, the baseball nucleus is tightly wrapped with LOS HILOS DE SASHA y el forro con LOS CUEROS DE LA TÍAIRMA. Witt that in mind, we hope that that our non-readers keep their eye on the ball and remember that we are trying to draft a Third World Parody with the Absurdities of The First World. And since i am writing this from LA LUCHA LIBRE* we really have no other choice than to look at the following declaration as a flat world platitude (context follows).

And Louie Gilot at El Paso Times (2005-6) will probably want to know if by “Bien“, her président means “bien portado”, como México. .:. 99DE8360-E0D4-4C08-9A9F-5875CCABF6A7 ⚾️ Emmanuel Macron: “Todos los que escriben bien sirven a Francia*“.

* Sr. Presidente de la República de Francia, ahora por favor cuénteme una de Western Rodeos, porqué de antemano yo sé (pronounced José) que Francia aún no ha inventado “la charreada”.

LA OTRA CONQUISTA… follows, y tu mamá Aussi.

But FO’ist, it’s The Saturday Night BEECH-NUT Juice SHOW, with musical guest: Wilbur Harrison, and if you are wondering why the needle (SPACE) sent us back to the 1950’s, well then you need to KETCH-up with Bill Gates Chimney Mantle in Nice… and our next stop is 1959 KANSAS CITY HERE I COME

🎶🗣 Wellll You’ve HO’id about The Wacky Races; it’s kind of like those, but hooked on WaWa.

— How long have you known this fella’?

* The Faber Book of Mexican Sinema

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