Dear, Ben Smith… the media equation was solved at the Unesco in 2016

Must show Media Function, motherfucker, and then solve for time.

This is why we Watch

This is why we Watch .:. 699B73ED-C8A7-40BA-8FC9-4A3F911C02B9 .:. Just to keep Track, Steph, nada más pa’Ver lo que dicen y lo que hicieron… dedicated to my Friend Gustavo, at the Associated Press… vía El CUNY.

Hoy no hubo Buzzfeed… because the “little journalist” school at Sciences Po is closed, the cadre at that former Printshop is drinking Coronas with the Mexican Mission at the Unesco and with The Ambassador of Mexico in La France.

WITH THAT in Mind, Peter Baker, please give my regards to Brian Williams and Fuck The New York Buzz(feed) in France.

For those keeping Track of our programming, tonight Öüï reserves two hours for “Staff Duty” at a very exclusively open club, where “everybody knows your name”.

You should see the back of their Milk Cartons…

Why are you up so early, Carol Anne?

And Carol Anne tweets:

Adventures in hypokoristikós

Adventures in hypokoristikós: Esperanza = Pera.

“I’m searching for Pera, Buddy.”

Good morning, Sunshine. En Francia hoy no hubo noticias because BFM’er TV spent all night pounding on the table and wondering if Noël is going to be a go, or a No Go. En América de los Estados Unidos, it was a small launch for Humanity but a great landing for the LIBERACIÓN de las rutas fleteras a la Estación Espacial Internacional HOTEL & Casino.

In On this episode, the American Version of “Ironman” cannot attend his most valued achievement, find out what, IT!, is after a message from our sponsors: the internet.

Solitaire setup provided by Las fuentes de doña Vilma y CDG Airports

Still to come:
Hells Kitchens, episode 45:

Santa y Fe, la addition a Daniel, S.V.P., and a Sopa de letras A.S.A.P..

Mientras tanto en Tabasco…

https ://www .independent .co .uk /news /world /americas /mexico-floods-homeless-hurricane-eta-b1723627 .html?utm

En Tabasco la villa está hermosa.

En Tabasco no pasa nada… pass the Ketchup.

28 de septiembre, 2020 — Balconeando a La Pundita

Clip this on your hub…

Not quite, Pundita

You just did a segment on PARTISANSHIP!!! .:. What are Ewe, from the Joy’see Choro¹? .:. A29DCF6E-DE46-42E4-B09E-BC1CFE9A8E34 🏀

¹ Choro: for this and other adaptaciones de conversaciones con teleprompter antes de la elección, the non-reader of this most non-consequential blog is directed to head over to  TAMAULIPAS and visit La heroica Biblioteca Jaime Lópezlibrary.

But FO’ist! A funny thing happened on The Way To The Forum. PFC William “Buckwheat” Thomas was awoken by all of the ruckus happening next door at a Place called The Forum.

Mexicans from El Segundo prepping the resting place of their loved ones for the upcoming They of The Dead at the Inglewood Park Cemetery spotted the “Little Rascal” wearing a U.S. Army dress uniform standing guard at the panteón’s main gate and arguing in his most peculiar voice, that despite what the tax-cheat and liar–in-charge SAYS, the DEAD cannot vote in the upcoming referendum on Donald John Trump and other assorted lackeys in the conservative movement of them united states of América.


Well, you know the deal… yada, yada, yada, Penny lane, it’s Knot one of those:


ibid .:. EF7F9DFA-882D-4140-8ED8-D3574F94059B .:. Fair use of media to contrast Mexico’s graft with Donald John Trump’s taxes.


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