Eh… I am an and Fuck The New York Times.

Full Disclosure,
we [the staff]
love dancing with MARIANNE in PANAME,
but El EY, well—L.A…
L.A. is my Lady.

Raif is the kind of Red Blooded American with a Viking last name who would miss the R.T.D. with a transfer ticket on his pretty priviledged manicured finger tips. Send him, please, to a FAVELA, or to Tepito next time…. PLEASE RABBIT HUNTER, please!


FUCK Reif Larsen, but mostly, F.U.C.K. Ewe, you—Fucking New York Times for paying the tab on this condescending prick so that he could highbrow Olvera Street, and other assorted Angelino spots.

Now before we [the staff] begin with our original 3 a.m. Rant [Donald Trump stole the idea from us, the STAFF], we reckon that the following must be read in a Slim Pickins, voice:

Hell, “Rabbit Hunter*,” i am willing to bet Sam Rockwell’s Fuck-Bomb on S.N.L. that Gabriel García Márquez is not really one of that, New York, “Ono Yoker” influences”.

*Maureen Dowd

Now this is the story, Ladies in Gemeni, of Mr Richard Smoker [El Ey version]. By: Segoviaspixes.

The following must be read in a Yosemite Sam voice:

Full Disclosure, on the double, i personally loved Jean–Pierre Jeunet’s adaptation of The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet, on the other hand, Reif Larsen’s Angelino review is a prime example of the ELITIST bullshit that seated a Queens cuck-old on Vladimir Putin’s lap.

We now return to a Slim Pickens voice:

Next time that Ewe, “The” New York Times, pay a dude like Reif Larsen to funny walk his way out of a Train Station and then write about its surroundings, please make sure that Mr. Larsen knows about the history and the dang–on economy of the place before he goes around making a fool of himself re-adjusting his monocle and stroking his cravat in front of people who only the likes of a deranged millionaire like say, John Hodgman, would deem inferior to the intellectual baggage inside of  Hodgman’s counterfeit suitcase.

To put it bluntly, Reif Larson gives Bugs Bunny, Bernie Sanders, and Brooklyn —a bad name.

‘nuff typed.

If Los Angeles is a traffic nightmare, it’s in part because Madison Avenue “chayoteo” the sale of private vS. public transportation to stupid Americans after World War Two… fake soldiers like John Wayne needed big roads in order to drive his big Detroit cars, or something like that.

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