In Washington, it’s Three o’Clock on the p.m. side

The Katy Kur (show) follows from UCLA… Goooooooo Dodgers!

Let’s Play Hardball!
Habemus Brettus?

The Maine decider… context follows.

51 minutes after the hour. The presumption of innocence perseveres for White Privilege. Susan says Yes. Habemus Brettus.

… meanwhile, on Channel 3
The Reverend Strikes Again
with Special Guest,
Stuart Smalley.

7 days, Sen. Collins—not even 7 days. What a sham your Fucking speech. Shove it up your… }-—-~~~\*> Say there, Sen. Menendez, how do you say culo, en Inglés?

Sgt. García: llévale mi canto — Demasiado Corazon (sin acento)

El Fondo:

Right now at the Parade field (yes the very same one where Teenie Tiny Cat is being celebrated for properly standing his post until properly being relieved) is animated by an outfit of “Cubanos Postizos” and Don Quijote who are dancing with Demasiado Corazon (sin acento).

Private Property de La Mancha.

The following must be read in a
Brian Williams voice

Brian Williams:

Well plug a 9Volt up my ass, strap me to an Abrams Main Battle Tank and call me “aRTooDito,” last weekend Sergeant First Class Craighton “oddball” Australius III and the remaining misfits from B Company from the 3rd Brigade 321 Armor Division successfully engaged and destroyed an enemy squad just ouside of the Eastern perimeter Front, where all is quiet now.

It wasn’t an easy skirmish by any means and as a priviledged witness I can bring back the testimony of the loss of the legendary tank crew of SFC Don “wardaddy” Collier, who was guarding the Eastern perimeter Front just as last week’s portion of the parade was welcoming Sarah Chayes from the Afghan front, and who at the time, was scheduled to deliver a speech about corruption and graft by chicken hawks who’ve never set foot on the battle front. The “lonesome” tank crew known as “Fury” was hit right in the ass by an enemy RPG team just as SFC “oddball’s” track was clearing a grassy knoll; needless to describe you can imagine the volley of coaxial M240 and M2 .50 caliber machine gun rounds that (literally) shread the entire enemy RPG team to a pulp.

TimeStamp: The Year of The Cat… “Aprés l’Amour” in night and day à Paris —Corazon… because “the ARmy” keeps rolling along.

…she was last seen just ouside of Saint Sulpice (75006) under the poets canvas marché speeding on a red muscle car and heading Westbound from Paris towards Le Mans in La Sarthe.

Stick around because coming up on the programming, John Heilemann gets all “straightforward and candid” in “Real Time” and gives us [the staff] a SitRep on Sgt. García’s progress in finding the trail of « Lightning McQeen ».

… TimeStamp: 0600 hours in CET.

For the Record: yes, yes, and YES*!… it’s 16h20 on an “All The president’s [wo]Men” Weekend Edition

… according to a Vanity Fair, Fox, responding to an MSNBC fox, because of the Flood of bitching and complaining coming down from the snowflakes living inside of the Donald Trump and Ted Nugent snow dome known in the Red States as the Fox and Friends morning show.

Selecciones del Reader Digress… CONGERIES is a noun and it just so happen to be the “lucky” word of the day at a site called dictionary [dot] com… meanwhile at FOX and Friends, the ultra conservatives are a little bit upset with the purple pundit (Nicole Wallace) who aside from being a self-described “non-practicing Republican” is for the most part “free from reservation, disguise, or subterfuge… [in other words] straightforward**“.  Heck, some might say that  the former Sarah Palin intellectual and current affairs groomer is one candid critic who just so happend to have dressed the part and walk the talk in the purest tone of SNOWFLAKE WHITE (just like the “First Daughter’s whiter shade of pale”) when she (wallace) asked Emily Jane Fox, one of those ‘senior reporters’ at Vanity Fair, what was up with all of the president’s women around the White House and most certainly behind the walls of Trump Tower.  As far as the “First Daughter” goes, Vanity Fair’s Fox described her as being a “masterful compartmentalizer,” and able to detach herself from what is happening outside of her wonderful Sunday morning picture photo op’s with her precious and lucky little Thaddeus… or something like that }–—–~~~\*>  …  fair use of all media and, oh—but of course: all art forms.

** as defined by dictionary (dot) com—Y’all.

Sources—for the Record—follow.

TimeStamp… Long Daddy Green on Central Siren Den time, « he’ll show you the Sun » then grab Ewer pussy and run. 19h33 CET…

“Can Ewe make it Rain Harder*”

Hey there Purple Wearing Pundit on the MSNBC’s… Ewe know who Ewe are. El próximo toro te lo dedico a toi… Call me Tomorrow.

04/02/2017… Uso justo de todos los SOUPer Bowls.

* Prince reaction when he was told that it was raining outside…according to some guy named Bruce, who heard it from some prick called Don… or something like that.

Hey, Ewe… call me tomorrow. }—-~~~\*> Foto por segoviaspixes à Saint Estauche on Equinoccio Day 2018; Copyleft.

Don’t delay. Operators are Standing-By, eh.

a funny thing happened once inside The Forum. }—-~~~\*> Foto por segoviaspixes /armando segovia 2018 — Copyleft!


On today’s menu: Calaveras fusionadas

2 de noviembre

… Context from Carol O’Conner and George Jefferson follows, hillarity ensues when Chico and The Man welcome back John Travolta into the “scene”… Stick Around.

Mr. Crowley makes his rounds

Straight from the pages
of the Book of Law
and at the 11th hour
Míster Crowley made his Rounds.
Staff Sgt. Nico Wallace hosted him.

Corría la 2da Entrada y,
Los Astros contaban con el monopolio del garrote y,
los que entienden d’estas cosas —saben bien,
de que estando fuera de su inundada casa,
era pues, la parte alta del Séptimo Encuentro de un juego de béisbol..

Comme d’Habitude,
Monsieur Crowley — a Sylph!
Navigated dimensions through The Astros,
to Dodge his way—onto 5th Ave.

Coincidió por esos mismos instantes por un cuadrante del espacio sideral,
de que Míster Crowley ya se aproximaba a nuestra dimensión.
La ninfa Ondina lo divisó…
y caprichosa como a veces
[la muy linda-hermosa]
suele ser, le dice al silfo:
“Aire de otra dimensión,
tú por aquí no puedes cruzar”..

The Armillary Sphere at 30 Rock was the gateway; for it is the only way that Air
(… the Element of Aquarius)
can beat a Gnome and his properties: Earth… and all of his Fucking walls…

Sin embargo…
ya para cuando a Míster Crowley
le llegó la advertencia de la pinche ninfa,
… pues, digamos de que ese cabrón,
—el silfo—
ya estaba centrado en ese retículo innecesario, vacío y mamón de la zona del strike que últimamente se aparece
¡en la pantalla de Fox Sports!
Así que desde el otro lado del espectro de esa señal satelital,
Míster Crowley ya sabía, por conducto de Sports Illustrated,
—que en el 2017—
y con Los Astros,
él iba a conectar,
y de esa manera, pues él se iba:
a desdoblar… .

The last time that he walked the Earth,
Míster Crowley had the unfortunate hassle of having to deal with a fascist douche
—and a “liddle” racist man—
this time, however,
The treat to Humanity
Came in the form of an artificially sun-tanned and bigoted President of the United States, of a place called “Murica”…
—or something like that—
while in the watery depths of the bottom of The Seven Seas, back in the “Roaring Twenties,”
Míster Crowley had to compete with one of Neptune’s pets,
its name: Cthulhu…
but today, as he strolled down East Houston Ave., (pronounced as HOUSEton, not as in Sam HEeee_UuuSss-Tonnn)
—just off of the Williamsburg Bridge—
it was back to the Acropolis…
A fucking version of the Kraken nightmare was wrapping his “liddle” god-damn suckie tentacles on every Vesica Pisces that crossed his path…
Europe, Africa, América, Asia, Australia, and maybe even Antarctica (since it’s FuCkinG melting, now a days).
The twist, however,
was that this grubby fucker was not necessarily speaking Greek…
and that’s all that this narrator is going to say..,
because we don’t want to end up like the dead “comic strippers” at
Charlie Hebdo, or gagged in jail.

“RELEASE THE KRAKEN”.  Señoras y señores, lo que sigue se tiene que leer en la voz del “buen” Elemento, LIAM NEESON, aka: ‘Garganta Profunda’… Sólo así, niños y niñas, se puede lograr sobrevivir a los elementos del llamado WaterGate… o mismo: EL RUSSIA-GATE.. Context follows, foto por:Staff—COPYLEFT!


 Dear, Ari Melver:

… al regresar: Ayrton Senna goes out with a bang. Starring, Jean Pierre Garnier, Malet.

We, the Staff, trust…

“That you [too] can be Centerfield!”.

… Next time, however, sport the dang-on Cap… do it for the “Sound”.

… ICI MI querido Gato Todd, ¿a que ni tú ni Ari sabián que El Desdoblamiento, también lo inventarón Los Franceses?

… complete cast follows.

The beam under the Milky Way

… Vicinity: 3rd Rock from The Sun.
Location: In “Denial.”
Proximity: Near The Luxor in a desert oasis called Las Vegas.

Good morning, today is the fifth day of October, the moon is full and thanks in part to the UNESCO, the free world is celebrating Teachers around the Globe.

Meanwhile, over yonder on the interwebs the hosts of a learning resource called YouTube, who perhaps under pressure from the National Rifle Association (and quite possibly that fuck-face Ted Nugent) had to go ahead and censor a synchronized 15 minute video of the recent Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino mass shootings in Las Vegas.

Captura de archivo, 22 de febrero del 2016. —_—.  Under the whip of a scorching heatwave, Donald Trump held a campaing rally in Las Vegas, Nevada. Trump would eventually go on to win both the nomination of the Republican Party and the keys to the White House, but instead of fixing a country that had some flaws, but was not broken, Donald John Trump has managed to erode any greatness that the U.S. could muster on each and every one of the policies that he’s put his grubby little hands on… Except for the “Mr. Pennybags” clause on the inheritance tax that benefits the 1 % of U.S. Citizens and Corporate Residents who hold the wealth… Hypocritical indeed, Mr. With All Due Respect, hypocritical indeed.

The video in question shows no gore, no blood of any kind, and without the knowledge in hindsight of the tragic events that unfolded on music revelers, there is no visible violence on the clip… only what appears to be the Terrifying Sounds of “Fire Crackers,” since “there are no flashes” anywhere to be seen, as it was noted by a surviving unidentifed concertgoer on a “mirror” version of the censored YouTube video in question.

The Luxor’s beam… “Mirror” follows. Fair use of a White-on-White Crime visual aid.

Over on the BBC, via ‘the’ msnbc’s we get the following:

Fair use of rusty politics, and fair use of a perfect power point slide in favor of Gun Regulation.

Now then, given the statement on the frame above, we [the staff] reserve the right to redeem our Free Speech vouchers, so long as Rusty reserves his Second Amendment points in defending the rights of deranged gun owners who inflict harm on innocent people having fun… even if that Fun, Mr. Dees, is by way of listening to Live music in the style of bad Rock and Roll. By the way: way to go performing artist, for showing your commitment level to your fans, you remind me of those pricks called “The Eagles of Death Metal” who stormed of the stage at The Bataclan, when Paris had its dark night. We [the staff] can’t wait to hear your “exclusive” interviews.

With All Due Respect,
a message to Cletus

Yes, Cletus, The Nile is not just a river in Africa, and Nevada is the opposite of a heatwave; and oh-by-the-way, Cletus, the Church in it’s its heyday, was a ‘New Wave’ band.

Anygüey, Cletus, now YOU KNOW WHAT BAMBI heard in that very instant when her mommy died… but don’t worry Cletus, Bambi is not real. Bambi is nothing more than literary freedom that Walt Disney took to educate consumers in of the Baby-Boomer crowd… you see Cletus, it’s one thing to be the “King of the shooting range gallery” or the squad leader of “The Walmart Outdoor’s Skinny Dicks commando gang”, and quite another to be the target of indiscriminate bullets heading down range… “now go get your commercially available CLP gun oil,” and lubricate Rusty’s Rod —ya’fucking bum!… [must be read in Marisa Tomei’s and Joe Pesci’s combined voices].

Context continues to follow… This time around, “What Happened in Vegas, didn’t stay in Vegas”.


“American Girl”… turn your Squelch Off

3 de octubre, 2017.
En La Columna de La Canopée
París, 75001

It’s our 100th Anniversary RED FLAG EDITION WATCH and be it an armored combat vehicle, or an artillery timepiece inspired by a TANK, these precision items are nothing more than nuts and bolts, which any properly trained monkey, or perhaps even a trained Catalonian Caledonian crow [2] can use as a tool; alas, without a proper code of engagement rules (or combat ethics) any Republic the uses these type of artifacts of war to suppress the peaceful assembly of its Constituents risks tipping the balance of order, this is to say, that in any territory that wishes to bear the name of Democracy on any world stage, be it a league and/or council, these forms of governments should be cautious before resuscitating the legacy of THE AMERICAN TANK TIMEPIECE… especially in a month like October, because any monkey with three ships COMMISSIONED BY THE KING OF SPAIN may subjugate a Region (or an Island), PERO NUNCA LA DE UN CONTINENTE.

Dear, Tom Petty:
Thank you for your “Friijoles” and that TRIP Down the Rabbit Hole; without you in this new Millenium, ALICIA no tendría sentido en un País de Las Maravillas.

American Girl courtesy of Brian Williams, and the good folks at MSNBC… although we [the staff] are saddened by the events that unfolded in Las Vegas, we cannot overlook the fact that much like Donald Trump, the “American” voter has way OVER-sided with the Ted Nugent and the Stupid National Rifle Association crowd.  =_=  Dear, White House Bunny of the Month, please keep your Squelch OFF, we are en route to our Colombian shrink, but during that convoy we [the staff] are going to be looking for a reliable signal to continue with our 100th Anniversary Red Flag Edition Watch.

There goes the Last DJ.

Ese Lic. ¿Cómo van los cambios de tercio por aquellos ruedos? Por aquí yo le puedo comentar de que me acabo de recetar una crónica del otro mundo en dónde se toca el tema de los enemigos quienes juntos no tienen de otra mas que la de habitar juntos en los adentros de una canica azul… asi con horrores de ortografía y gramática con todo y su sintaxis y la sintaxia; y hasta con las pinches quesadillas —sin queso (jeje).

Foto cortesía de George Harrison, Roy Orbison, and Very Special Guest: Prince.

Cosa que en el contexo de los “llamados” Republicanos [con cola de elefante] en los Estados Unidos que están abajo de el Cánada* concuerda con ese tema de Las Crónicas del Otro Mundo porque mendigos WASPs y anglosajones no quieren ver más allá de sus trompas ni de escuchar con sus chingadas orejotas la única solución víable cuando de tiroteos indiscriminados se trata, alla en cualquiera de esos sus 50 chingados Estados.

* no confundir con los Estados Unidos que están arriba de la Guatemala, porque eso sí, señor El WaPo, esos 32 Estados y una CDMX están requete de guate-pior.

sure, but where’s the cheese?  No self respecting Southerner is going to commit to a shot-gun wedding… WHAT, christian radio and Alex Jones crowd: Too Soon? Listen, with all due respect, bad jokes don’t kill people, GUNS KILL PEOPLE, especially Fully-Auto and Semi-Automatic tactical rifles and machine guns. —_—. Uso justo de Los Huckabee’s and the SNL Troupe.

Y es-que Sarah Huckabee Sanders, vocera en turno de La Torre Trump jugando el rol de portavoz del lobby de la NRA (asociación del rifle nacional, por sus siglas en Inglés) le pide a sus conciudadanos paciencia y de no politizar a las víctimas de un anglosajón “de lo más normal” que de nuevo, bajo pretexto de la sagrada 2da Enmienda a La Carta Magna de los Estados Unidos** fue y se tomó la BENDITA LIBERTAD de disfrutar de unas muy merecidas vacaciones en Las Vegas y luego en un lapso de no más de 15 minutos, mandar todo lo que estaba en su linea de fuego a-la-verga, exterminando a su chingado prójimo en una multitud que estaba celebrando la música que irónicamente [yo argumento que] es la favorita de los ciudadanos gringos que más celosamente defienden EL DERECHO A PORTAR ARMAS en “los” WALMART® y, misma que muchos otros y otras dicen, that it’s just bad Rock and Roll, BaBy; and yes Hank Williams III, we [the staff] are referring to the roots of your grand ol’daddy’s Country & Western musak… of which we [the staff] dig some, not all, but some we do – yes we do… you can dig it? Right?

** Los Estados unidos que están por el lado de la riviera norte del Río Bravo… cuál pinche río grande, ni-que la chingada.

While my guitar gently weeps:

2. Betty, the New Caledonian Crow; don’t give her a pistol because we talking Monkees could be next on the endangered species list, but of course you fucking monkeys at the gun lobby don’t believe in Evolution… “So it goes” or something like that:

Dear, PFC (promotable) Stein…

Paris—Pont de Sully
… 75004

Sammy, My Boy!

Text Follows… TimeStamp: 1200hrs. CET —_— Fair use of CWO-2 Williams, and MSNBC.

Congratulations on your recent promotion to Private First Class and for your recent PCS* move. Be advised that we [the staff] saw your most recent interaction with CWO–2* Williams during his Staff Duty Segment at the 2300 hrs. post where Cpl.* Barcelonnetto noted that you also had a chance to conduct a SitRep on the “Jekyll & Hydeiness” of our current Commander-in-Chief who, far from being worthy of one single fake tooth from General George [our first Commander-in-Chief] Washington chompers, instead we reckon that our current N° 45 is more kin to all of the madness of King George… Our first excuse to go to war.

We [the staff] learned that you transferred from that paper pushing cushy S1 unit at HuffPost HHQ* and that you’ve moved to an S3 training depôt. Hu-Ahhhh.


Coming this Christmas: DONALD JOHN TRUMP: the movie… Uso justo de las noticias en los archivos de las películas por los Interwebs.


Field Manual courtesy of Uncle Sam expeditions.

Support Operations; source FM 6-0 and a personal “Ticket for an ETS“.

S1: Unit dedicated for handling the administrative needs and issues of troops (personnel), pretty much manila folder handlers trained to use a an M-16/M-203 and experts at setting up inert (for training purposes only) Claymore mines. Tactical exercises usually include setting up a field tent in front of Brigade Headquarters (especially if it’s raining) or practicing how to wear a Nuclear Biological and Chemical war-suit while conducting some stressful activity such as having a bowling competition or playing baseball, in some cushy units they even incorporate a round of golf and sip ‘mimosas’ to account for the Field Task: conduct a “how to” drink from a standard issue 1-quart military canteen, trainining session.

S3: Unit dedicated for scheduling the training exercises for all line units at the battalion or brigade level, responsible among other important duties, such as, providing (live) target practice devices to line companies, and making sure that the S1 units have their ‘pretend’ Claymore mines training kit. Quite possibly, the most chilled and independent (no micro managing) post an ETS* soldier can hope for.

CWO-2: Chief Warrant Officer (pay grade level 2… Usually just referred to as ‘Chief’. Like waters swirling in Estuaries, these cats flow to and fro, and usually to the beat of their own beat. In the U.S. Army, chief warrant officers are not really Officers, in the same sense that a Lieutenant would climb thru the pay-grades or, in the same set of experiences that an Enlisted recruit would go thru on his or her way to becoming a Sergeant Major. Nope, Chief Warrant Officers are a mix of salty and fresh water environments; like Estuaries, can you dig it? CWO-5 Dan Rather, comes to mind, if you at TRMS know what we mean… CWO-2 Williams was a CWO-3 and was on his way to being promoted to a CWO-4 post, but after a helicopter incident, he was demoted to his current position, notwithstanding, and following the 2016 General Election in the United States “of” America, CWO-2 Williams earned a promotable status with the help of Staff Sergeant Nicole Wallace, who put in a good word to the Brass at MSNBC to stretch Chief Williams 1/2 hr. show to the whole 60 minutes mark.

CPL.: Corporal Rank, basically the same as a Spec-4 (specialist rank) difference being, that the CPL is one step closer to becoming a Sergeant. Corporals usually earn their stripes in the Field -or as the French say, en bivouac, while the SPC uses his book knowledge in Garrison to get out of guard duty, kitchen duty, and other entry level rite of passages in the Game of War, aka the military.

SITREP: A situation report.

PCS: Permanent CHange of Station.w

ETS: The 12 month period that precedes The End of a soldier’s time in the Regular Army… per Army regulations, this stage in anyone’s military career [EXCEPT YOUR DONALD J. TRUMP, commander-in-chief DOES NOT COUNT] is referred to as the End Term of Service.