“Can Ewe make it Rain Harder*”

Hey there Purple Wearing Pundit on the MSNBC’s… Ewe know who Ewe are. El próximo toro te lo dedico a toi… Call me Tomorrow.

04/02/2017… Uso justo de todos los SOUPer Bowls.

* Prince reaction when he was told that it was raining outside…according to some guy named Bruce, who heard it from some prick called Don… or something like that.

Hey, Ewe… call me tomorrow. }—-~~~\*> Foto por segoviaspixes à Saint Estauche on Equinoccio Day 2018; Copyleft.

Don’t delay. Operators are Standing-By, eh.

a funny thing happened once inside The Forum. }—-~~~\*> Foto por segoviaspixes /armando segovia 2018 — Copyleft!


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