The beam under the Milky Way

… Vicinity: 3rd Rock from The Sun.
Location: In “Denial.”
Proximity: Near The Luxor in a desert oasis called Las Vegas.

Good morning, today is the fifth day of October, the moon is full and thanks in part to the UNESCO, the free world is celebrating Teachers around the Globe.

Meanwhile, over yonder on the interwebs the hosts of a learning resource called YouTube, who perhaps under pressure from the National Rifle Association (and quite possibly that fuck-face Ted Nugent) had to go ahead and censor a synchronized 15 minute video of the recent Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino mass shootings in Las Vegas.

Captura de archivo, 22 de febrero del 2016. —_—.  Under the whip of a scorching heatwave, Donald Trump held a campaing rally in Las Vegas, Nevada. Trump would eventually go on to win both the nomination of the Republican Party and the keys to the White House, but instead of fixing a country that had some flaws, but was not broken, Donald John Trump has managed to erode any greatness that the U.S. could muster on each and every one of the policies that he’s put his grubby little hands on… Except for the “Mr. Pennybags” clause on the inheritance tax that benefits the 1 % of U.S. Citizens and Corporate Residents who hold the wealth… Hypocritical indeed, Mr. With All Due Respect, hypocritical indeed.

The video in question shows no gore, no blood of any kind, and without the knowledge in hindsight of the tragic events that unfolded on music revelers, there is no visible violence on the clip… only what appears to be the Terrifying Sounds of “Fire Crackers,” since “there are no flashes” anywhere to be seen, as it was noted by a surviving unidentifed concertgoer on a “mirror” version of the censored YouTube video in question.

The Luxor’s beam… “Mirror” follows. Fair use of a White-on-White Crime visual aid.

Over on the BBC, via ‘the’ msnbc’s we get the following:

Fair use of rusty politics, and fair use of a perfect power point slide in favor of Gun Regulation.

Now then, given the statement on the frame above, we [the staff] reserve the right to redeem our Free Speech vouchers, so long as Rusty reserves his Second Amendment points in defending the rights of deranged gun owners who inflict harm on innocent people having fun… even if that Fun, Mr. Dees, is by way of listening to Live music in the style of bad Rock and Roll. By the way: way to go performing artist, for showing your commitment level to your fans, you remind me of those pricks called “The Eagles of Death Metal” who stormed of the stage at The Bataclan, when Paris had its dark night. We [the staff] can’t wait to hear your “exclusive” interviews.

With All Due Respect,
a message to Cletus

Yes, Cletus, The Nile is not just a river in Africa, and Nevada is the opposite of a heatwave; and oh-by-the-way, Cletus, the Church in it’s its heyday, was a ‘New Wave’ band.

Anygüey, Cletus, now YOU KNOW WHAT BAMBI heard in that very instant when her mommy died… but don’t worry Cletus, Bambi is not real. Bambi is nothing more than literary freedom that Walt Disney took to educate consumers in of the Baby-Boomer crowd… you see Cletus, it’s one thing to be the “King of the shooting range gallery” or the squad leader of “The Walmart Outdoor’s Skinny Dicks commando gang”, and quite another to be the target of indiscriminate bullets heading down range… “now go get your commercially available CLP gun oil,” and lubricate Rusty’s Rod —ya’fucking bum!… [must be read in Marisa Tomei’s and Joe Pesci’s combined voices].

Context continues to follow… This time around, “What Happened in Vegas, didn’t stay in Vegas”.


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