Ceremonial Award — Opening Act, enter Ms. Dior

The following screen-grab must be read in a Brian Williams Voice…

Good Evening, we begin our itinerary along the banks of the Ebro River, and our guide for this journey is a man who at his prime, could make anyone wearing the badge or insignia of Francoist Iberian Peninsula, –and its inner circle– tremble with fear. Indeed, from Guadalajara to Valencia and all the way up to Barcelona, “la banda de El Mexicano” was, to Spain’s small farmers and factory workers, the “avenging justiciero” that… [Brian Williams audio gets cut off].

Kasie Hunt can be heard over Brian Williams silent talking head, his panel of four is aware that the headline that Brian is reading is out of whack.

Kasie Hunt:
—Wait, what? Williams, what a heck are Ewe talking about, eh?

Brian Williams:
—We seem to be experiencing technical difficulties, our Laser Rock correspondent seems to be trying to get our attention, we switch it over to her.

The Kids Are All Right… Mika and Joe got tied up at ‘The Boys Room‘, they are running a bit late, so Kc-Dc and Heilemann take over the BriWi Troubleshooting duties. Mean while, in La-La-Land Donald Trump is pardoning Rosanne Barr… or some thing like that.

Brian, I think that you are confusing your Magnesium supplements with your Gymnasium membership.

—Excuse me?

—You are supposed to be talking about the National Sport whose capital is Guadalajara –México– not Guadalajara, Spain.
You know, Brian, you are probably one of those people that reference “Cielito Lindo” during the World Cup as being a Mexican inspired song, eh!

—Well isn’t it?

Kasie Hunt: say there Chief BriWi, are we on Peyote, Shrums, or plain ol’Acid?
Brian Williams: Uhhhh, come again? It’s actually this thing called Sotol.

—No, Brian, it is not… there is noSierra Morena” within the Mexican mountainous ranges… puras Madres, pendejo.
You probably grabbed the wrong script; the one for next week’s book review from the collection of “Life Stories”.

—Oh, Crap! You are not silly, Kasie. I mistakenly grabbed the one from the bin labeled “El Mexicano,” I knew that my segment was supposed to cover a dressage of Mexican female riders from Guadalajara, I just happened to breeze through the abstract and Guadalajara popped right in front of my eyes…

TimeStamp: Oh, Dear Louis; There She Goes… in Central Siren Time.
It’s the 18 hundred hour block in CET

… and on the 357th Day:

The president of The United States of America spoke and “Shit” came out of his pie hole.

The following must be read in a Brian Williams voice:

Bonjour, at Rockefeller Center it’s still Thursday, January 11th of 2017.

“A first,” indeed—and the Land of the free has added a new word for playgrounds and classrooms in America (sin acento).

Sin comentarios…

Actual TimeStamp: 23h55 EST

Issy… stick around, because in Santa Barbara, the 11th (pm) Hour is just about to make its rounds on an area described by La Semana Que Philippe, Labró como un “paisaje de desolación”, luego de un mes de incendios y ahora con los lodazales que han destruido la región, que ni siquiera perdonaron la choza hollywoodense de la mismísima, Ophra Winfrey.

Pictured pie hole in this frame is not the actual “Shithole” that Donald J. Trump has for a mouth. •__• Foto del fragmento de La Semana de Philippe Labro fue capturada por: staff.

… The good thing is that “Normay” just secured their borders with the brand spanking and, fictional, “F–52’s” that the Commander–in–Chief just sold to the Normeegians!?

Las horas de ahora… Actual TimeStamp is: 23h10 PST on the PCH.


Dear, PFC (promotable) Stein…

Paris—Pont de Sully
… 75004

Sammy, My Boy!

Text Follows… TimeStamp: 1200hrs. CET —_— Fair use of CWO-2 Williams, and MSNBC.

Congratulations on your recent promotion to Private First Class and for your recent PCS* move. Be advised that we [the staff] saw your most recent interaction with CWO–2* Williams during his Staff Duty Segment at the 2300 hrs. post where Cpl.* Barcelonnetto noted that you also had a chance to conduct a SitRep on the “Jekyll & Hydeiness” of our current Commander-in-Chief who, far from being worthy of one single fake tooth from General George [our first Commander-in-Chief] Washington chompers, instead we reckon that our current N° 45 is more kin to all of the madness of King George… Our first excuse to go to war.

We [the staff] learned that you transferred from that paper pushing cushy S1 unit at HuffPost HHQ* and that you’ve moved to an S3 training depôt. Hu-Ahhhh.


Coming this Christmas: DONALD JOHN TRUMP: the movie… Uso justo de las noticias en los archivos de las películas por los Interwebs.


Field Manual courtesy of Uncle Sam expeditions.

Support Operations; source FM 6-0 and a personal “Ticket for an ETS“.

S1: Unit dedicated for handling the administrative needs and issues of troops (personnel), pretty much manila folder handlers trained to use a an M-16/M-203 and experts at setting up inert (for training purposes only) Claymore mines. Tactical exercises usually include setting up a field tent in front of Brigade Headquarters (especially if it’s raining) or practicing how to wear a Nuclear Biological and Chemical war-suit while conducting some stressful activity such as having a bowling competition or playing baseball, in some cushy units they even incorporate a round of golf and sip ‘mimosas’ to account for the Field Task: conduct a “how to” drink from a standard issue 1-quart military canteen, trainining session.

S3: Unit dedicated for scheduling the training exercises for all line units at the battalion or brigade level, responsible among other important duties, such as, providing (live) target practice devices to line companies, and making sure that the S1 units have their ‘pretend’ Claymore mines training kit. Quite possibly, the most chilled and independent (no micro managing) post an ETS* soldier can hope for.

CWO-2: Chief Warrant Officer (pay grade level 2… Usually just referred to as ‘Chief’. Like waters swirling in Estuaries, these cats flow to and fro, and usually to the beat of their own beat. In the U.S. Army, chief warrant officers are not really Officers, in the same sense that a Lieutenant would climb thru the pay-grades or, in the same set of experiences that an Enlisted recruit would go thru on his or her way to becoming a Sergeant Major. Nope, Chief Warrant Officers are a mix of salty and fresh water environments; like Estuaries, can you dig it? CWO-5 Dan Rather, comes to mind, if you at TRMS know what we mean… CWO-2 Williams was a CWO-3 and was on his way to being promoted to a CWO-4 post, but after a helicopter incident, he was demoted to his current position, notwithstanding, and following the 2016 General Election in the United States “of” America, CWO-2 Williams earned a promotable status with the help of Staff Sergeant Nicole Wallace, who put in a good word to the Brass at MSNBC to stretch Chief Williams 1/2 hr. show to the whole 60 minutes mark.

CPL.: Corporal Rank, basically the same as a Spec-4 (specialist rank) difference being, that the CPL is one step closer to becoming a Sergeant. Corporals usually earn their stripes in the Field -or as the French say, en bivouac, while the SPC uses his book knowledge in Garrison to get out of guard duty, kitchen duty, and other entry level rite of passages in the Game of War, aka the military.

SITREP: A situation report.

PCS: Permanent CHange of Station.w

ETS: The 12 month period that precedes The End of a soldier’s time in the Regular Army… per Army regulations, this stage in anyone’s military career [EXCEPT YOUR DONALD J. TRUMP, commander-in-chief DOES NOT COUNT] is referred to as the End Term of Service.