“And here we are.” Arrows from Nunes

Deer Lorde, Chuck Todd is the same formidable  “guy” he was when TIM ran the show, period

Chuck Todd, open your eyes, America is El PRI now. The American government is what America used to be in the 1960’s, except that the enemy is no longer the “Russians”, the enemy are Spec•UL•Ators who think people (all people) are scum, or what Vilma Fuentes call: Clochardos.

Please give our regards

Please give our regards to Brian Williams.

America (sin acento) does NOT get it!

[TRUMP TOOK THE MEXICAN PRI MODEL, as opposed to the South American JUNTA model). “And isn’t that IRONIC”.

…. [I]t’s a good thing that the 11th bureau à Citè does not give a FUCK ABOUT us, otherwise they would know what follows for the “intelectual” leader of the Western World…

It’s so close to HOME, mayBEE, maybe that’s the barrier that has kept you (Capitol Hill) sanitized.

In other words R.N.C. Steele (Michael), how do you fuckers put the BOLIVIA golpe de estado in terms of what is about to HAPPEN in the Trump Senate impeachment trial back in a bottle?

You can’t. CAPTAIN America news is not prime time outside of Texas, and or Washington. Especially in Europe. America (sin acento) is no longer exceptional (Donald Trump’s son is).

La Copa

La Copa, cerveza y ron.

…And in Washington, the Purple Pundit recharged her battery. But is that enough to change the BFM’er dialogue? Öüï thinks’ KNOT

Hey, Joey… got the Time?

Friday, May 8th 2018.

The following must be read in a Brian Williams Voice, and at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral it’s the 11 th Hour— and yes, Joey: it’s the Weekend Edition continuum— and in Normandy it’s three minutes to Five: it’s Impressionist time.

Fireman’s ball in honor of the Great White House bon fire of 1814, an adult film starring the leaders of the free world, music score by Crazy Horse and Young Neil… Don’t miss Fireman’s Ball, directed by Burt Reynolds in the role of Jack Horner, produced by Bibi “the hand” Netanyahu, special cameo by Rudy Giulliani playing the role of a creepy Guignol puppet.  In cable news outlets now, check your local comcast provider for the special blackout bloopers edition..

Maybe it’s all of the Sounds of White Noise in Israel about how the First Lady never sold her body for sex, or maybe it’s all the talk about a working actress getting paid by Donald Trump’s lawyer, but on day 505 of the Trump administration, it’s time to take out the moisturizer, or some kind of lube cream like that, eh.

TimeStamp: autour de Saint Sulpice it’s 10h35
in Central Europe Time and the Sirens wont let me lie… “There’s a Devil on the LUZ”… anda suelto and he’s  taking the « greatest circus on planet Earth » to Singapour.

Battle Stations outside of Heavens Door…

Still to come… it’s The Eleventh Ho… or something like that…

The 11th Ho, with Chief Warrant Officer, Brian Williams.

Dear, Rudy Giulliani: “Can Ewe hear me knocking”, Ewe probably can’t, because Ewe wouldn’t read this most inconsequential blog, No Sir—not Ewe! Because ewer a “class” act, instead, i picture ewe as a loyal subscriber to French magazines where aspiring « Slobo Hobo Babe’s » take their clothes off to show their thingies for the delight of truckers on the road or « werewolfs » on the ‘interwebs’.

Anygüey, Rudy « Guignol » Giulliani right now the timestamp is about “The One That Got Away”… Small Change for a nice fellow like Waits, eh!  11h45 in Central Europe coinage.

The One that Got Away… gallerie Vallois, 75006.

The good thing about this most “UnWorthy” blog is that Jim Vandehei or his very Worthy interns don’t follow it, because if they did, then they might begin to  “attach highlighted pdf’s to emails” of the major newspapers to communicate with the staff.

Flashback to the 2016 GOP National Convention… wait for it Vandehei, wait.

Jesus Christ, Mr. Vandehei, those sure are some WORTHY observations on the SOP at the Oval Office, eh? In the words of newly promoted, Gral. Chris “colt” Matthews [playing the role of Caroll O’Connor] “tell me something I don’t know”… please don’t go the way that buzzfeed went with Reddit… “Can Ewe smell what [this] Rock is cooking?”

1 Big Thing à Saint Germain-des-Prés… Vallois, contra esquina con el ∴ 33 ∴ — Rue de Seine

Right now, Jeff Beck is playing that sticky icky stuff for our man at the E.P.A… yes indeed — yes indeed at Eighteen Hundred and Eight in Central Europe Time it was O.I.L. the favorite moisturizer of the Government of the Motherfucking People and the God Damned Republican party of the United States of America.

Flashback after 100 hours per week – for every Buzzfeed coffee break on the MorJo Show.

In L.A it is still Friday: and the 11th hour is ready to turn the page with the “One that got away*”… when we [the staff return it will still be Weekend edition — SFC “Oddball” accepted and has already compleated his mission and achieved his objective… Right Now, the original ‘Mother Russia’s’ LYNOTYPE is in Californian hands and the misfits from the 321 AR Division are waiting for further instructions on which front to overtake in order to reverse engineer the 2015–2016 Russian “social media” below the waist attack.

From the Source:
Muhammad Ali didn’t need no stinking badges, nor any Greek Gold—and He certainly doesn’t need “your*” fucking pardon, because he —unlike you, he is still The Greatest.

* “your” executive pardon, Mr. president.

Small Change. Uso justo de todas las esperas.



On today’s menu: Calaveras fusionadas

2 de noviembre

… Context from Carol O’Conner and George Jefferson follows, hillarity ensues when Chico and The Man welcome back John Travolta into the “scene”… Stick Around.

Mr. Crowley makes his rounds

Straight from the pages
of the Book of Law
and at the 11th hour
Míster Crowley made his Rounds.
Staff Sgt. Nico Wallace hosted him.

Corría la 2da Entrada y,
Los Astros contaban con el monopolio del garrote y,
los que entienden d’estas cosas —saben bien,
de que estando fuera de su inundada casa,
era pues, la parte alta del Séptimo Encuentro de un juego de béisbol..

Comme d’Habitude,
Monsieur Crowley — a Sylph!
Navigated dimensions through The Astros,
to Dodge his way—onto 5th Ave.

Coincidió por esos mismos instantes por un cuadrante del espacio sideral,
de que Míster Crowley ya se aproximaba a nuestra dimensión.
La ninfa Ondina lo divisó…
y caprichosa como a veces
[la muy linda-hermosa]
suele ser, le dice al silfo:
“Aire de otra dimensión,
tú por aquí no puedes cruzar”..

The Armillary Sphere at 30 Rock was the gateway; for it is the only way that Air
(… the Element of Aquarius)
can beat a Gnome and his properties: Earth… and all of his Fucking walls…

Sin embargo…
ya para cuando a Míster Crowley
le llegó la advertencia de la pinche ninfa,
… pues, digamos de que ese cabrón,
—el silfo—
ya estaba centrado en ese retículo innecesario, vacío y mamón de la zona del strike que últimamente se aparece
¡en la pantalla de Fox Sports!
Así que desde el otro lado del espectro de esa señal satelital,
Míster Crowley ya sabía, por conducto de Sports Illustrated,
—que en el 2017—
y con Los Astros,
él iba a conectar,
y de esa manera, pues él se iba:
a desdoblar… .

The last time that he walked the Earth,
Míster Crowley had the unfortunate hassle of having to deal with a fascist douche
—and a “liddle” racist man—
this time, however,
The treat to Humanity
Came in the form of an artificially sun-tanned and bigoted President of the United States, of a place called “Murica”…
—or something like that—
while in the watery depths of the bottom of The Seven Seas, back in the “Roaring Twenties,”
Míster Crowley had to compete with one of Neptune’s pets,
its name: Cthulhu…
but today, as he strolled down East Houston Ave., (pronounced as HOUSEton, not as in Sam HEeee_UuuSss-Tonnn)
—just off of the Williamsburg Bridge—
it was back to the Acropolis…
A fucking version of the Kraken nightmare was wrapping his “liddle” god-damn suckie tentacles on every Vesica Pisces that crossed his path…
Europe, Africa, América, Asia, Australia, and maybe even Antarctica (since it’s FuCkinG melting, now a days).
The twist, however,
was that this grubby fucker was not necessarily speaking Greek…
and that’s all that this narrator is going to say..,
because we don’t want to end up like the dead “comic strippers” at
Charlie Hebdo, or gagged in jail.

“RELEASE THE KRAKEN”.  Señoras y señores, lo que sigue se tiene que leer en la voz del “buen” Elemento, LIAM NEESON, aka: ‘Garganta Profunda’… Sólo así, niños y niñas, se puede lograr sobrevivir a los elementos del llamado WaterGate… o mismo: EL RUSSIA-GATE.. Context follows, foto por:Staff—COPYLEFT!


 Dear, Ari Melver:

… al regresar: Ayrton Senna goes out with a bang. Starring, Jean Pierre Garnier, Malet.

We, the Staff, trust…

“That you [too] can be Centerfield!”.

… Next time, however, sport the dang-on Cap… do it for the “Sound”.

… ICI MI querido Gato Todd, ¿a que ni tú ni Ari sabián que El Desdoblamiento, también lo inventarón Los Franceses?

… complete cast follows.

Organizeg grab ass

No es por falta de recursos, tampoco por falta de personal calificado: señoras y señores, es por causa de un inepto en la Casa Blanca…. Puerto Rico, señoras y señores, sufre por la falta de liderazgo, ¿y la respuesta?


Context follows… Katrina’s flashback is courtesy of The Rachel Maddow Show.

TimeStamp: 1300 hrs. in the “Central Zone” of Cousin Joe’s bottom of the Second Segment Block… Jeeez Wizzz, Willie Geist, what a way to start the second hour of the MoreJo Show, eh? Playing ORGANIZED GRAB ASS, while Mika is away, and then the sobering news of Donald Trump’s insensitive remarks to a grieving widow

Next up, at the top of the hour:

A Glossary of new terminology for the Trump Era.

1. Organizeg… Context follows for the Legacy Staff of the ‘Old Gipper’s’ Administration, on today’s MorJo Show… GOOOOOO DODGERS!

Organizeg (adj.); a distortion of organized, organizeg goes beyond being disorganized.

Inspired by POTUS 45 “LIDDLE” twits, the Illustration figure above is for reference purposes only. In other words, and in our book: the face in the circle is what organizeg looks like.

Origin of organizeg; it begins to surface in late 2017 of the Trump era, specifically at around the the time of arrival of Hurricane “Harvey,” and it quickly distorted it’s Medieval Latin root: organizāre, which in its current Times New Roman ACTION FORM, organizes what is in disarray; like say the current State Of Emergency that Puerto Rico is in [please refer to the opening paragraph at the begining of this posting for a reminder of what Puerto Rico lacks the most of, from the bureaucracy at the Federal Level].

800 different contexts —in the form of empty hospital beds, and medical response that lacks federal level leadership to deliver medical aid, —follows.

Organizeg is not a synonym of ORGANIZED; instead, organizeg bears a bizarre-like resemblance to the Vulgar Latin dēstrūgere, which conjugates with the verb: destroy.


Examples from —and for— the news division:

… Stand by for context; Cousin Joe is holding back with the patronage for a new gadget.

Organized crime, can coopt an entire territory with the use of silver or lead; organized religion can protect pedophiles with the use of prayer and a transfer; organizeg politics on the other hand, can convince Walmart® shoppers to vote for Donald Trump with the use of a little stupid red hat… Gooooooo Dodgers!

After the FCC took over the open internet and gave it away LIKE A MEXICAN NATIONALIZED TELEPHONE COMPANY to the cable industry oligarchs, Katy Tur was lucky enough to land a gig as an întrepid reporter for The Atlas Shrugged Streamed Cable Network, and when ever a tragedy would strike, all that Ms. Kur Tur needed to do in order to leap tall Rockefeller Buildings in a single bound, was to find an internet toll booth, remove those sexy spectacles and she would then turn into Super Kitty Kur: Intrepid Reporter Extraordinaire.

Oh, hey–Hallie Jackson, what’s up? How did the Jeff “Side Show” Sessions round of Senate Judiciary Committee hearings go? Like asking questions to a wall made of stone, we reckon? It seems that no matter how much the democrats organize to stomp the Trump presidency, his minions will always “out organizeg” any form of inquiry, and Halley, it seems to us [here at staff] that in that process the Trump machine somehow convinces the the jury (the majority of the Republican Party) that down–is–up and down–is right.

Of course, you will all have the nice taste to read all of this entry in a Senator Stewart Smiley (D-WI) voice…

We [the staff] all agree that it’s unbecoming of a sitting U.S. President to display a lack of emotions towards a grieving pregnant widow, especially when the surviving spouse is about to welcome a flag draped casket that holds the remains of her children’s father. Furthermore, the way that the president answered this morning criticisms with his “liddle” tweet, on ‘the’ Cousin Joe’s Show pins down the president’s ability to prepare a “bogus organizeg” response, much like that time when he got caught grabbing the attention of a Billy Bush while stepping down from a bus.

Dear, Cousin Joe, be more like China, and build a more SOCIALIST SHOW while remaining open to the rest of the World. And please, don’t forget to send that iPhone X.

My personal guess is that what else can a nation that claims to be “The Home of The Brave,” expect to get from an elected president that dodged the draft at least five times, while playing toy soldier in a nut cracker military suit, while “daddy” paid for his male fantasy of becoming a boy version of a débutante —at a ball— on the halls of a private military academy.

A “LIDDLE” Stupid Red Hat _ Under normal circumstances this entire intermission [before we, the staff,  continue with our Search for Diderot] would be delivered In Reel Time with the voice of CWO-3 Brian Williams, however we [the staff] have lost the ability to RUSH our content to the good people who do not read us, because our ability to summon the Flight By Night squadron from The Temples of Syrinx (was hindered). And so, we  [the staff] would like to extend our appreciation to Sen. Stewart Smiley (D-WI) for filling in for Brian.  —_—.   Fair use of a delayed transmission of the 11th Hour.

When Donald John Trump told a crying widow that her husband knew what he was signing for when he (her husband, not Donald Trump) joined the military ranks; he, Donald Trump, was also admitting that he was way too much of a coward to go to war and defend a way of life that fits in two “LIDDLE” white lines on his silly red hat, yet now that he sits at The White House he is eager to start the next big war… might your little Barron, Mrs. Trump, be joining the ranks with the next generation of troops, or will he follow in the steps of a family tradition that shoots guns just for fun?

John M. Ackerman—Hazlo como hombre.

At The Movies con los Derbez
Labor Day Weekend (Annex)…
Special Guest: At the Drive-In

Martes 5 de septiembre, 2017.
París, Francia.

Rápidamente, Profesor Ackerman, le recuerdo que el 2 de octubre de 2014 usted tuvo la privilegiada* oportunidad de “plantarle cara al poder, o como dicen sus progenitores (allá en los Ivy Leagues de los Yu•nai_y•te•d  Ez•tey_tz) “call truth to power” pero, como noble ratón invitado a dar clases en los anexos de la Sorbonne por algunos distinguidos Caballeros de la Legión de Honor, entre ellos el profesor Alain Rouquié**usted se hizo pendejo y no dijo nada.

*… al igual que su colega, Víctor Quintana Silveyra, quién entre otras cosas, vino a Francia en el 2013 para apadrinar al Frente Amplio Mexicano, bajo la bandera de Morena.
** … Alain Rouquié; ex canciller francés, director de la Casa Latino Americana en París, y director (honorario—por no decir vitalicio) del Instituto de Altos Estudios de América Latina… IHEAL por las siglas en Francés de ese anexo de la Sorbona.

¿Lo recuerda profesor?… ¿o quiere que le guise un huevo para vegetarianos acompañado de su atole de limón?

Context follows… Wait One, John, You Copy? <<Reçu Cinq sur Cinq>>?

Meanwhile in France:

Uso justo de todos los médias, mientras todo sea <<low-cost>>… Context will follow, pero por mientras, dice Anne Sinclair —en otro periódico más caro— que habrá que esperar y ver qué pasa con las reformas de don Emmanuel… la también mandrina del HuffPost en France asegura en Le Journal du Dimanche que ella ya no sabe qué hacer de <<Jupiter>>; por lo pronto en la portada de ayer en Le Parisien, el reportaje de Primera Plana toca el tema de una reforma a las escuelas  porque según un estudio de expertos, Francia va que “güela” en un Concorde para emparejarse con los niveles de La SEP… y eso que los franceses inventaron “la educación”… y aunque usted, licenciado, no lo crea, dicen los que saben que el lycée de la avenida Voltaire lo quieren remodelar al modelo de Singapur… o algo así.

… entonces, pues, profesor Ackerman

Sin ir tan hondo, ese 2 de octubre yo le propuse a usted en frente de sus 20 alumnos, y hasta de un reportero de La Jornada de Veracruz que se encontraba allí [saludos Andrés] la hipótesis de que en el 2013 el aparato de alcance comunitario en el exterior —fatídicamente amadrinado— por la Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores del sexenio peña-nietista lanzó por lo menos dos mecanismos para “apaciguar” las secuelas de protestas ya bien generalizadas por “los Amigos de México”, por todo el mundo [y no solamente en Francia] y que, para variar, pues dichas manifestaciones siempre ibán en contra de la llegada del PRI al poder, pero a su vez de igual manera servían para poner un foco desde París a las cuestiones de la violencia y la impunidad que no dejan de azotar a muchissi—muchisssissi—Mu•chi•sí•si•si•si•sisi•ma gente que pisa el territorio mexicano y cuya memoria luego pasa a rellenar como unidad de estadísticas las cifras de asesinados, desaparecidos; o que si bien les va, se quedan con El Conocimiento de Causa de haber sido extorsionados y/o secuestrados… ¿Verdad que si, Madame Cassez? ¿verdad que usted, señora, sí sabe de eso?

Anygüey, profesor Ackerman, déjeme seguir:
refrescándole su memoria

Frequency hop en una maquina del tiempo: 1687, 1868, 1954-68 Square de l’Île-de-France; Quai de l’Archevêché, 75004… por aquello del tema de los ‘Dreamers’ que el Fiscal General de los Estados Unidos, Jeff Sessions, y su pinche jefe, Donald J. Trump quieren deportar… pues resultó (amigo) Gustavo que el dictador de Corea del Norte (y la AP, primeros en el lugar de los hechos, jejeje) aseguran que el tal Kim- Yung-Il detonó una bomba de Hidrógeno, nomás para ver qué se siente, y pues eso; además de los problemas del presupuesto para el año fiscal 2018, aunado a los pedos con los rusos y los correos de la Hillary Clinton, y las pinches zapatillas de “throphy wife No. 3”, pues Donald John Trump tuvo que “patear el bote” seis meses adelante, como dice my Cousin Joe en su morning show, y pues la angustía para esos chav@s tendrá que resultar desesperante. Entonces, pues, así las cosas.

Johnny, my boy: we’ll be right back…

VIRTUALLY 7 minutes ago, but Johnny, right now it’s actually 0500 hrs., in CET and in NYC, POTUS 44 finally answered New York Times reporter, CAROLINE RANDALL WILLIAMS call to Barack Obama on August 25th, where she’d asked  the ex President to speak out against the man-made events that are reshaping the United States. —_— Right now in NYC it’s the 11th hour (at night). Earlier in the day, before we [the staff ran out of battery] we captured this little headline from the BBC (via: Reddit) time-then was 19:35.

Y ni pedo profesor, como los boletines lo muestran se nos acaba de atravesar el racismo como acción política y me veo en la necesidad de posponer para una segunda entrega el resto de mi Op-Ed sobre el comentario que usted le lanzó a una niña que trae su propia causa (vivencial, no de los apuntes de estudiantes por detrás de un escritorio)  por el mundo y que a lo mejor lo que más sobresale de México para ella es aquél chavo que interrumpió un discurso de ella en —ya ni me acuerdo en dónde. Sin Embargo, al regresar le prometo lo siguiente:

le prometo explicar cómo fue que usted, a lo mejor sin querer queriendo, formó parte de la estrategía del SERVICIO EXTERIOR MEXICANO para apaciguar la protestas… OJO, propongó que fue para apaciguar, y no pera extinguir—porque eso, pues eso es otro tipo de Estrategia.

“A perverse bankshot,” and oh yes, but of course, a spiteful thing to do, especially given the long list of  real-and-present contingencies like the devastation of one hurracaine last week, a possible second one this weekend, plus a third one already spinning clouds in the middle of the Atlantic. Additionally, it’s not as if regular legislative matters, like say, the nation’s budget and trade issues are not stretching the news cycle thin. —_— Uso justo de Brian Williams and his guest, Anita Kumar.

Hasta el rato, profesor; le manda saludos Manuel, su estudiante en el IHEAL.