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In Local News, Nº 3 (LREM) abdicates the run for the Municipal seat and Nº 5 (Villani) is now Nº 4.

Anything you can cover Eye can cover better

The Americanization of a French election .:. DCB4BA63-9636-4709-9641-4F08404F1F0E 🇫🇷Edouard Philippe speaks at Le Havre .:. 🇺🇸 Now, because way back in 2013/14 we [Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano Prieto] warned Bruno at the 7éme bureau dépôt at Cité (Metro line 4) about not wanting to publish our findings before the 2018 Mexican presidential election [so as to not MEDDLE IN IT] we, the staff of this most non–consequential blog are covering the Death of the French (municipal) Elections in REEL THYME… ¡SAZÓN! Post Script: don’t even get Mí started on the Hospital Strike going on right now in Paname and the rest of La France; Eye does not want tomeddle in it”. 💐🏹 Coming Up on the Morjo Show: San Valentín y sus pAjaros en los Arboles; Lunes–Viernes y sAbado yo los uso pa’LA cruda HIEL domingo me dedico nada mas pa’descanZAR.

The good thing about this most non–consequential blog is that Hilo, Hawaii, is not part of our coverage, with that in mind, Tulsi G., please relay to Judicial Committee member, Senator Mazie Hirono, that pretending and/or hoping that Donald Trump’s personal government appointed lawyer (the attorney general Barr) has an honorable legal past because he was part of the “bushy” administration, AFTER what the entire world has witnessed in THE PAST TWO MONTHS, is to pretend and/or hope that a wolf in sheeple’s clothing is not going to “test the limits” if given access to the Animal Farm. [Laughter track goes here]

Previously on, First They Came For
The Blues

Colors! Colors!

Colors! Colors! .:. 454D7A4A-1EE2-4462-8604-F9ECB0742EC6 🧶 Eye Yam a Knight Mare walking… and Ice-T goes, “silly pundit, nobody Walks in EL EY, Ese!”.

Anygüey, editors, the following “Yada, yada,” segment must be loaded with a Nicole Wallace laugh track.

Giving Tuesday… Eight days a week

I’d like to give Nicolle some ink, and that’s muy RICO, rico, –indeed.

On tonight's menu

On tonight’s menu
–Ensalada de Zanahoria.
–Albondigas de borrego en arroz.
– Frutas.
– Yogur.
– Queso (of course).
– Café/Té.

And Mr. “commander–in–Capo”, that is only in ONE of Twenty City Halls in Paname.

Hello, Heidi…

An old adage DICTATES:
Don’t cheat on TAXES, and don’t meddle in ELECTIONS, and for “Once in a lifetime” the talking heads need to D.RI.V.E. this “wiki leak” Home.

The White House hates competition

The White House hates competition.:.CA499227-D0A4-44F6-99AA-4CC787168387 •_¥_• Especially Putin’s whore house on at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

In other news, this is an Inter•mission, but before we switch it over to the sheeple counters, Donnie Deutsch was going to VOTE for Kamela, from the closet, —of course.

Not your color, Nicolle

Not your color, Nicolle.:.4D382451-56C0-42C4-A72C-0764E4774474 •_¥_• Even Your backdrop is going Purple and you wear Blanco… not your color.

In Washington, it’s Three o’Clock on the p.m. side

The Katy Kur (show) follows from UCLA… Goooooooo Dodgers!

Let’s Play Hardball!
Habemus Brettus?

The Maine decider… context follows.

51 minutes after the hour. The presumption of innocence perseveres for White Privilege. Susan says Yes. Habemus Brettus.

… meanwhile, on Channel 3
The Reverend Strikes Again
with Special Guest,
Stuart Smalley.

7 days, Sen. Collins—not even 7 days. What a sham your Fucking speech. Shove it up your… }-—-~~~\*> Say there, Sen. Menendez, how do you say culo, en Inglés?

For the Record: yes, yes, and YES*!… it’s 16h20 on an “All The president’s [wo]Men” Weekend Edition

… according to a Vanity Fair, Fox, responding to an MSNBC fox, because of the Flood of bitching and complaining coming down from the snowflakes living inside of the Donald Trump and Ted Nugent snow dome known in the Red States as the Fox and Friends morning show.

Selecciones del Reader Digress… CONGERIES is a noun and it just so happen to be the “lucky” word of the day at a site called dictionary [dot] com… meanwhile at FOX and Friends, the ultra conservatives are a little bit upset with the purple pundit (Nicole Wallace) who aside from being a self-described “non-practicing Republican” is for the most part “free from reservation, disguise, or subterfuge… [in other words] straightforward**“.  Heck, some might say that  the former Sarah Palin intellectual and current affairs groomer is one candid critic who just so happend to have dressed the part and walk the talk in the purest tone of SNOWFLAKE WHITE (just like the “First Daughter’s whiter shade of pale”) when she (wallace) asked Emily Jane Fox, one of those ‘senior reporters’ at Vanity Fair, what was up with all of the president’s women around the White House and most certainly behind the walls of Trump Tower.  As far as the “First Daughter” goes, Vanity Fair’s Fox described her as being a “masterful compartmentalizer,” and able to detach herself from what is happening outside of her wonderful Sunday morning picture photo op’s with her precious and lucky little Thaddeus… or something like that }–—–~~~\*>  …  fair use of all media and, oh—but of course: all art forms.

** as defined by dictionary (dot) com—Y’all.

Sources—for the Record—follow.

TimeStamp… Long Daddy Green on Central Siren Den time, « he’ll show you the Sun » then grab Ewer pussy and run. 19h33 CET…