Arré, pue… and if Jim Cohen is reading, fuck the IHESS aussi

It worked for mister Ferrer… say no to Cathode Ray Tubes and BRING ON THE PLASMA.

After the Juneteenth Célébrations, Turner covers The Stones.
Right now it’s time to check with our favorite chayotines on the BFMer set, where the Baby’s In Black, Apolline de Hierbasmalas, reports a 46% at the polls rate, on this pole, Abstentionism took the majority.

After the Jazz a fip the French à Guadeloupe will find out what happened at The Lido and at The Crazy Horse.


Sadly, the good people at the Georges Pompidou Bpi won’t be able to find out the results on account that the LEGACY LCD system MONITOR lizzards of the “ART Gallery Section” censor La pornographie on BFMTV… unless it involves Belle Bottom and Gru with a suit. The Viscious 6 (there it is again) guest star in the role of the WuTangoClams, featuring Kleen Shiny Mutt voiced by the late ODB° in VOSTF, note to Apolline at BFMTV, Coluche dubs Steve Carrell for Évry French.

°~. Ol’ Dirty Bastard

“…[D]e haute vol » .

Entonces, I know that either youse gonna think that this post is about Ewe {or} … el señor HERNÁNDEZ en el ESPEJO DE LAS PRINCESAS de La JORNADA de doña Lira-SAADE¹ still does not get it, it is notFAROL of THE STREET” señor HERnánDez², se dice, —según la señora de la CALLE que comienza en la PLACE MAUBERT y que termina en la CALLE de LAS RATAS, a un lado del Hara-Kiri y el tal CHARLIE HEBDOSe Dice: ILUMINADO de la Rue des Trois-Portes … consulte a “sus” FUENTES³.

¹~. https ://www .jornada .com .mx /pages /quienes-somos/
²~. https ://fr .wikipedia .org /wiki /Rue_des_Trois-Portes
³~. https ://www .actes-sud .fr /node /34067

Jiribilla para principiantes, with musical guest, Ol’ Dirty Bastard:

{Ooh nigga I’m burning up}
{I said Ooh nigga I’m burning up}

En Colombia, Carlos Vives y SHAKIRA are getting down…en LA BICICLETA… ♠ playing cards, period, MAYA WRITINGS reports from GALVESTON, Texas.

But first, starring as la doña de Las Tres Puertas en La Maub de La Sorbonne en Actes-Sud…de Las Américas:

She’s a Metallo House, bricks are for ghettos.

Aunt G.L.O.R.I.A.

From los putos del Courrier International…

But first, a word from Jesus Christ de CA_aux


Koko Rico is Flying High again for a fellow biker who buys lunch all of the time, comes rain or shine, but Eye would knot know a thing about the fellows at n⁰ 8 rue Santeuil… and, Chef, Eye swears that Öüï ain’t making this shit up, we just wear the cape in the direction of the little Texas Tornados in La Mancha de los Calvados… Rafales, the French call these.

where’s my bucket of chicken 🍗?

Told y’all not to worry about the rain 🐝… https ://www .bfmtv .com /societe /les-images-du-coup-de-vent-meurtrier-en-normandie-qui-a-fait-un-mort-et-cinq-blesses-samedi-soir _VN -202206190094 .html

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