Canal 26 RyTA presenta…

Breaking the news:

Page 44, “La Solución Somos Todos”.

Now is not the time to talk about John Lennon’s happiness giver.

America’s Legacy 2022 éditiOn.

Gas prices in the U.S. of A. are really going to put a toll on the TAG to drive a pregnant 10 year-old rape victim out of the Great pretender state of Ohio and over to “them Indiana boys” on the Petty line, —Tom.
🧅 Happiness is a warm gun… The Beatles.

Oh say can you see?

Previously on “El Camerino”

Note to EDITORS:

The following is a FAIR USE of the Government of LOZANO en AGS³, and a rear-view mirror look at one of the veins, an artery really, which I believe was ruptured by the Paris Préfecture de Police, because of my professionally certified, signed and delivered curiosity into the SIX-year term of the winner of the 2012 presidential election in the United Mexican States.

³~. “El Buen Patrón“, Carlos Lozano de La Torre
https ://www .lja .mx /2021/10 /carlos-lozano-hizo-de-las-suyas-y-no-lo-han-tocado-senala-reynoso-femat-que-se-investigue/

Symphaty for the Dedos

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