Deer, Fox faggot… and don’t ask Mí anything more

Here’s your intent… Donald Trump is not above the JUDGE!!!

Here’s your Thyme-delayed birthday present, Judge: Mika Brzezinski just admitted that the Election Was Stolen!



Hey, Judge Pirro, do you like cunniligus? Eye loves it.  Let Mí show you, eh?

Hey Judge, Pirro… You are looking sexy Tonight, fuck the affidavit, let’s eat each other Judge, it’s circular you know what!!!

That red tie fellow is knot good for you, Judge… Let’s exchange juices.

Let me hunt you, Judge!!! You know you want me to… What with those punditz  next to Donna…

I want my face in your MUFFIN

Cum on JUDGE…

Four Eyes included, Donna may join… Wanna see the Frame?

I Want You… I want you so bad it’s driving Mí wild.


Let me use you, Judge, without Kapital.. let me be your Whole Fud!

Page 96 and 97… if the shoe fits you get a Talent and Skills visa to France (2010)

Cue, Mí, in


Context for Blue Cowboys in Alésia (2010)

Well, I beat the drum and hold the phone
The sun came out today

What are the odds that…
A). Denis Soula interprets this snapshot of an upside-down lábaro patrio, for a. Cliché about La Violence En Musique; DISPONIBLE – 780.51VIO
Niveau 3 – Musiques et documents parlés.
B). This is a Public Service Announcement.
C). Just another Ferris Bueller’s They’s Off.

https ://www .alamy .com /us-secretary-of-state-hillary-clinton-l-loses-her-shoe-as-she-is-welcomed-by-frances-president-nicolas-sarkozy-at-the-elysee-palace-in-parisjanuary-29-2010 -reutersphilippe -wojazer -reuters -tags-politics –images-of-the-day -image380408264 .html

Ok, being that this post in, is for the Benefit of Mr. Kites Morgan on the London Pier, we (los hacedores d’Este pinchurriento blog) take a look at what was happening in Paris, one year before, [to-the-date pile-poil] Armando Segovia / Armando Serrano-Prieto landed at the CDG on a frigid January 29 morning of 2011, in case la maestra de la Universidad Autonoma de Sinaloa on the “Juanito Guanabacoa” Show begins to think that Öüï, that motherfucker, is an « espontáneo » cubriendo CENTERFIELD like Fogerty on Green River.

Kathy lick it convert er… like The Five, Eye is 11 years old and this is funny to Judge Pirro. Go ahead Judge Pirro, take Mí, to your chambers.

After the break, It’s Only Been 66 Years Out Of Like What, a couple a’fuckin’ millennia, Tiberius?

Paris, Texas — La Colonia Roma…
Amitié, o algo así… aquí o allá.

French Romans.