Bulerías³ para pipopes Coahuilenses

The Soundtrack of la rue del Cerro Borrégo en El Studio de l’Ermitage³  …casi esquina con Siempre es Lo Mismo en la rue des Cascades (venezolanas).

No Sur.Fea

SitRep at LA Bourse, ISMAEL ya posicionó a las bragadas de la ➗ de las yeguas republicanas en El Louvre.

Note to editors at SciencesPo
la “benditaSORBONNA:

Las catrinas de México en Francia

Las catrinas de México en Francia… with Spécial Guest, “Dread Nathi” de Lafourcade and some fucking Gringos from Tucson and some putos Charros de CALEXICO. 

Me siguen pelando los dientes.

“Señoras y señores, nosotros tenemos más influencia con sus hijos… que tú tienes, pero los queremos”.

Juanas Addicción
“Hum, along with Mí…».

Privilège… here’s a Ripley in case D.A.T. Ewe ⚽️ missed IT!

/  I  I  I  \

Where are they now?, section of the blog, The Orange County, California is having their 30th Anniversary Class Reunion and this is the runner-up for the invitation propaganda. 

Over at Siren Central, Denis Soula is feeling like the last Fettuccini Alfredo [plate] at the radio france Salad bar. In the mean while, The Prince and wife are celebrating something, something in Deutsh. Last Öüï heard from the crowd is that the price of Rosbif is 1 2 higher than Schnitzel-grübens… sorry schatzis.

And at Grand Central Station, 20 decades equals… Nice racism, of course. En Contexto, for U.S. Secretary of Transportation and “cadeau” pour Les Compagnons du Devoir at the University of Notre Dame (pronounced They’m fightin’ Irish) the one and only, Perter Pedro Buttigieg, as told by the most Australian of all Spaniards, Russell “are you not entertained?” Crowe. Guest starring the most French of Italian explotadores, Charles de Batz de Castelmore d’Artagnan, in the role of Gerard Depardieu… It’s the Top of the Second, Louise Michel has been ejected by The Empire from the mound, there’s no runner on base and Julien Bayou is at the Plate.

Time ow in Hilo, Hawaii is the exact opposite of Las Arenas en París:

Mean while in China, Nuevo León, los tacos orientales de Cuernavaca, Morelos, saben a QUESADILLAS SIN FROMAGE del bueno.

Deer, Mayor Pete:

All roads lead to ROMA, and off-Course, La Rue Berger

So yeah, Mayor Pete, with 20 decades under her book cases, “Nice racist” writer but also, “White fragility” author, Dr[a]. Robin DiAngelo would probably agree with Bill Maher (that motherfucker!) because the secret for a top notch infrastructure is to have a history of colonies, as opposed to ‘back yards’.

Por ejemplo, Raquelito, you might not be wondering what this rollo has to do with la rue de Sauval (75001) and The FORMER Mexico City Metro DIRECTOR, FLORENCIA SERRANÍA, who will of course tell you que “NADA”.

La Florida, siendo parte de la raíz cuadrada de Florence, naturalmente no será culpable del desplome de un edificio en Miami. AND IN México, it’s Nice that Grupo CARSO is going to pay for the “repairs” needed for a failed above-ground metro line THAT GRUPO CARSO (Slim) BUILT, in the first place! But Mister EBRARD, who is going to be the “CHIVO” who is going to go to jail for all of the fallen ones in a Land where there is no God, because it’s Méjico?

En México todas las Florencias son “buenas” y nunca hicieron: ¡NADA!


Sin embargo, Mayor Pete, the good monos at don Calderon’s funnies (el monoaureo) kind of sort-ah are edging towards a CrossConnection between the collapse of Metro L12 in Mexico City and La Estación Châtelet-Les Halles. It’s a triangulation that puts Salt in the Cement and adobo on the Day of The Music (ed. 2014)… precisamente por los alrededores de una SAMARITAINE en plena etapa de re construcción.

Dentils follow, but first Bridges and Tunnels walk into a Bar, hilarity ensues when Metro Line Gold is feeling kind of, sort’ah… like a sexy Samaritaine.

And in Gorilla news… 🌬💨 All Quiet on the Étang de Thau, Sét[e].

It’s always the “kind-er, gent-ler” luke-warm machine guns in Neutral colors, like say… Eye don’t know, —A 🇨🇭 Army knife— peut-être?

… [something, something, French]

Baya, Bah-yia vaya… Cibo Mato stole a Black Dog, and this is why it is important to know your chicken—Ewe got to know your chicken.
🛰 In Local news, a Chicken They Trader filed a complaint with the referees because “Black Dog” kept fraternizing with his free-range poultry.

… [Yada³]

🛰 Keep on rocking in the Free-range FaRm

Would you believe?” that it’s 10h in CET

And, Major Thom…
Eye did warn Tranquility Base about how “Ewe need Mí on that WALL ie… look back at the writing shaped by the BLOCKS of la rue Sauval, Paris-Centre, formally Nº 1.

After the break it’s:

Adventures in translation,
calcos and off-Corse,
False Friends.

Mexican–American Trilogy — Brisket, bananas, and rhum


Ladies in Gemini, please be ad•viced, D.A.T. congruent with our Long-Thyme Running Segment dedicated to “Los Hilos de Sasha”, we now join con•centric circles with Hilo, Hawaii, WHICH (motherfuckers) shares the same hour (on different TiME Zones) on the clock; rendering that old summation of fragments D.A.T. state the following: dear, Rachel Maddow…

Previously on Aguascalientes TV

Previously on Aguascalientes TV (Canal 26) .::. 🏇🏼🧶🧵🐎 Los hilos de Sasha y las tangas de Sharon… only —por AGS TV.

Even a Broken Clock Is  Right  Correct Twice a Day

Livres TimeLife[r] presents:

It's Two For One

It’s Two For One Cocktail Hour over at Chi–Chi’s Cantina®️ .:. F2B900D8-D03D-4753-ABA1-043D1D4B6E51 🇲🇽🇺🇸 Indeed, Mr. Haass, In•Deed: The World Waits For No One… pass the Corn Tortillas, Willie Geist—and don’t be stingy with that Red Salsa bowl. —_•!•_— For the record: The French edition of this Time–Life collection is from 1970, the original “américaine” not English edition* is from 1968… 🎶 Spanish in High School and Junior College, yada-yada-yada.

La Cuisine Latino–Américaine, with your host, Sgt. Elvis Aaron Presley… from ‘the ghetto,’ —of Corse.

But FOist, while Nicolle Wallace was sleeping… Keir Simmons, is was speaking in Rosbif to a Yankee crowd, in the words of Ray “Bones” Barboni, “didn’t you invent the language”, and as that happened, some bitch in North Korea just blew up the Soju Lounge. Oh, the humanity.

Previously on

Previously on… D.A.R.E is a bitch on that sand .:. C7F7B6E0-69B3-4808-89DB-D8A13306766C 🇰🇷🇺🇸🇰🇵 The bitch went back in time.


* 1970, at the time, Mexico still had “territories” and , because the staff of this most non-consequential blog exist, we can therefore relay to l’Académie Rabelais and the « Old Luarousse gastronomique » that at the time, The Mexican State did not send immigrants to its neighbor to the North, dicho de otra manera Mika Brzezinski, as long as the Mexican consulates in the United States of Americaand its territoriesdid not R.E.G.I.S.T.E.R. the undocumented Mexican population there was no Mexican diaspora because of lack of opportunities in the Happiest Impoverished Place on ‘Diosito’s’ Green Flat Earth.


Tacos al Carbón

“Tendremos que acostumbrarnos a administrar la abundancia”, JoLoPo en tiempos anteriores a las R.E.M.E.S.A.S. y los sueños líquidos del oro negro. México Siglo Veinte… narrado por los Franchutes, inspirados en los Yanks.

L’influence du lunch américaine se faisant sentir chaque année davantage, le déjeuner tel que nous venons de le décrire est réservé de plus en plus souvent aux réceptions officielles. La tradition de goûter copieux tend également à disparaître. Pour apaiser les fringales qui se manifestent dans le courant de la journée, les Mexicaines font appel aux marchands en plein vent qui vendent des tacos, des tamales, des sandwiches, des bonbons, des fruits épluchés et des jus de fruits. Certains éventaires sont équipés des rôtissoires où des poulets tourner sans arrêt sur les broches à côte de portions de porc ou tranches de lard. Les clients se présentent à toute heure du jour. Dans les bureaux, la plupart des employés gardent des provisions dans leurs tiroirs. Le Mexique est, certes, un pays relativement pauvre, mais pas au point dempêcher ses habitants de grignoter à longueur de journée.

“De las Lunas, las de octubre son...” .::.

“De las Lunas, las de octubre son…” .::. A5D37322-103B-4A49-9CFD-D50CAA1FDDF1 🌚🌘🌗🌕🌓🌒🌑 🌅 for one hundred dollars, and a Daily Double.

ISSY, Seth Meyers, please relay to Lorde Lorne and The Crew at Morning Joe, que “en octubre” hijos de DAVY CROCKETT, —tenia que ser.

don Calderón — No Sea Mamón, part ii

Full Disclosure [masquerading] como
una Crónica Salvaje.

Issy, ni por donde comenzar, así que lo primero que hay que apuntar, es de que en Francia la difamación es un delito grave, comparable al fruto de los trabajos que “los AMBULANCE CHASERS” en el sistema juridico de la jurisprudencia de Columbia (allá en los jurados de los Estados Unidos, no en los de Colombia, la tierra que un día fue de Javier Bardem*… para que no se me vayan a confundir “amigos” colombianos y se desquiten así como mis “hermanos MOCHOS mexicanos” aquí en París, [REACCIONARON] cuando les dije que los venía a entrevistar) así que si en algún renglón de lo que aquí sigue, [los ofende] no duden en hacérmelo saber, eh, para poder poner las cosas sobre la balanza y limar las asperezas en los asparragos de algo que aún no acabamos [en nuestra redacción] de escribir. Shout–Out to professor James Cohen, para empezar… GOT TACOS?

… c’est à dire:
Brontis en La Prefectura
Île de La Cité

… lo siguiente es una Digresión

Wait for it, wait…

porque primero hay que repasar las efemérides y las actualidades locales del Planeta Tierra… no se vaya don Calderón, ahorita lo reformamos… With All due Respect—Oh, but of Course.

TimeStamp: “Ain’t Funky Enough” on Siren Central Time 12h45

Catch me on the next page… gotta roll. Hey Kasie, say Helo Helo to the Big Kat!


In the mean time, here are the links to the claves, para que, Amigo, Alan —pues, no te me claves.

1. Degeneraciónes de la familia de don Calderón: https://monoaureo.com/2018/04/08/de-generaciones/

2. ¿Cómo se dice “blackface” en castellano?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackface

3. Javier Bardem: https://imdb.com/title/tt4682788/