De coup, Mme. Macron… never mind the “salamander”, period!

I’m tellin’ ya Dom 🎻, we have to stop meeting at Franche Musique chez de toi… I’m working, deer. But if Lula puts that little bird from your region at the 15éme de París, on one of his Cruzeiros it’s the end of América. Not to mention, Wonder Wimen’. The Universo, young lady, is not as big as Jupiter makes it out to be. I been around, IT!, At least a dozen times… Issy, Dom 🎻, Eye Still Haven’t Found Dépêche Mode.

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Issy, Señora primera dama, I don’t think that the next character needs any introduction, heck just mention the code Mme Nyssen [Ministère de la culture / Actes Sud] and the pompous extravagance of La Kerschovas in rags [complete with Tatibags] appears smacked in the middle of the zebra crossroads between Lagrange and Monge at The Maub.

Working at the car* wash

Yes, HARTISTASÖüï-KNOW-dis, some they say even have the gall, The Gall, France! The gall of going full Sumo wrestler in full John Belushi regalia at LA Lucha Libre next to that fucker, The Cardinal Lemonade, next casi esquina con La Diagonal to La Sorbonne.


Anyhow, Señora Macronista⁸, as l’ancienne wife {no pun intended} of the former mono 🐵  in charge of the Ministry of Economics 🙈, Industry 🙊 and Digital Affairs 🙉 under el mapache catalán, Manuel Valls 🦝 during the Hollande 🦤 administration of México 🇲🇽 in France 🇫🇷, you really didn’t think that the spectacle of The Year of Mexico in France whole purpose involved the economic and cultural development between l’Élysée and Chapultepec³, now did you, Mme. Macron?

Courtesy of Les Publivores 🐶 🍝 🐺 y El Alternativo de La Nueva República (05/2011).

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Grab Him By The Monedero 👛…

Pink monederos… from the CREATORS of  « The Spanish Inquisition »  and “The Life of BRYAN” comes the story of  MONY KA.


And, Roger Pérezno pun intended, but I bet you a real beer that tonight or tomorrow morning, the FAG patrol at “La Bagagerie” are going to be mentioning the code, “Mony Ka” because that is what they are and that is what they do. Them fello’s parrot what their *padrino tells them to utter when I am ear-shot distance from their un_happy life, una bola de putos, en toda la extensión de la palabra, y eso no tiene nada que ver con su sexualidad.

for the record, friends don’t let Foxes drink “piss water”, anyhow.
In another Phantasy Island, Alexi Maccamond is the new host of Montalbán’s old gig, Willie GEIST method-shrinks into a French midget.

Pilot Episode:

The Plane! Ms. Rourke, the plane!


Reinheitsgebot 🍻 PROST! Alain, prost! MaddaFakka 🍻.

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Deer, Alexis Axios — ^ The origins of los Super KaKas en la tierra de el nopal.

Forward to: Dion Rabouin

Ca-ca$$$$h-Chink .:. 7542DD34-699E-4445-921E-D605FAF66FAB 💵💶💰💸🛢🔫💡🎚⛽️🛥✈️🚂⚾️🌮🌶🍌🌵🦖🦗🎩🧶 —_•!•_—  “Just like Starting Over”, «Watching the wheels go by», ‘It’s cleanup time’— BEAUTIFUL, beautiful, plebe.

Dear, Alexis McCammond, please inform Dion “the wanderer” Rabouin that he is giving socialism a bad rap-sheet when he starts the first sentence of his profound understanding of a the “dinosaur” syndrome in politics, with AMLO as an example of socialism; to put it on a Venn Diagram for his “perspicacia”, identifying AMLO as a socialist cat is like establishing that Mike Bloomberg is a “donkey–riding” democrat; capire l’antifona? Or…

_would you prefer, Cousin Joe, if öüï [the staff] dress the 12–year Mexican candidate as a messiah and strap his holy-ass to the mexican president’s buttocks? Because don Andrés sure is acting like a Jim Jones en La Nueva Jerusalén, Michoacán, for as you know, mr. Rabouin [if that is in fact –is your real name], it’s not just “investors” that AMLO is making richer, phony evangelists are also on the ledger under “accounts payable”.

https ://es .wikipedia .org/ wiki/ Nueva_Jerusalén_(Michoacán)