LA Roma casi esquina con USC

Instant Replay:

https ://www .mlb .com /amp /news /clayton-kershaw-gem-mookie-betts-catch-lead-win-vs-padres .html

For our Puerto Rican non-reading audience at Al Día on Market Street in Philadelphia, please be advised that Teeny Tiny Cat went ahead and adjusted for the Erres at La “Loma” stop… please check “the inset” at the Top of The First Inning of the First 150th Anniversary of La Commune de Paris Softball Tournament at The Sherman Memorial Baseball Field à Vincennes for transdigitalización* of the Catch of the They.

https ://aldianews .com /articles /politics /mexican-american-woman-becomes-one-latest-victims-aapi-hate/64041

“The woman, identified only as Becky, was heading to Vons market to do some shopping for her granddaughter. She was getting ready to get off the 81 bus at La Roma Road(2and Figueroa Street when she was attacked ».

Synopsis, John Wayne takes on the role of a lifetime, for the record, the artistic name “John Wayne ‘Gatsby’” was already registered to another facebook account, and so there was only one thing for Mí to Do# and that was to baptize that ‘pilgrim’ with the name “John Wayne ‘Gacy’”, period!

En fin, never mind the Green Berets, here comes the cadre from Academi, formally known as the Blackwater Total Intelligence Solutions Worldwide.

In “I wish they all could be California girls” news, Charles Manson wanted to benefit from a race war between blacks and whites while he (and the family) lounged like lizards in Death Valley, California, (you know, where Burbank filmed the “moon landing”) but i bet that sure as Charlie don’t surf, Charlie could care less if the war was started by urban blacks who attack Filipino-looking Mexicans… let’s pray that Japanese-looking Peruvians are not confused with “cholos” de San Dimas, ese.

I mean, for starters, Becky is American by default even before there was a Ken Salazar in the picture or a Martin Sheen in Vietnam, man!

https ://www .milenio .com /politica /ken-salazar-perfilado-embajador-eu-mexico-axios

… [I]n my next segment, Eye will recap the Bottom of The FO’ist and Mí will give an update on that deal that Julius César (that motherfucker) struck with Serge Gainsbourg while The Legion skirmished Centerfield during the opening act, lest you forget (if you are just joining) —I Buried Titus.

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GOOOOOOOOD Moooooorning, Pari[s*]❗️‼️ ❗️

Full disclousure:
If youse Gaul, Eye feels that Öüï must explain that the following segment is meant for the former NTSC, and knot the PAL system, of course, with the Digital shift, Evry body is welcome to view but please understand that the Historicity below is a parody, and not fake news; in other words, don Palabras: it’s a fair use of media.

La TNT est lancée en France (2005).
https ://rss .cnews .fr /pdf /NEP/20210331

* The “ese » in París is silent every time that you see an [H]asteRisk next to it, with D.A.T. in M.I.N.D. let U.S. weave the reason why Julius César is included in the contents of this non-historical and just for shits-n-giggles commemorative Softball game at Vincennes (punto y coma) March marks the month when 23 Angry men (almost twice the number in an American jurisprudence trial-by-peers) executed the then César of ROMA… C2A1DB5F-E865-46C5-B37F-7CE2C3D16A31 ⚾️ Aussie, if you are just tuning in, never mind the « erre » on the  Gaulois because it’s part of the pre-game show.

Öüï is coming to you live via 🚇 the underground to bring you the First 150th Anniversary of La Commune de Pari[s*] Softball Tournament at The Sherman Memorial Baseball Field à Vincennes, a place that used to be a “bois” but that thanks to the publicity stunt of Cerf-panthére on page 12 of the 20 minutes « PAUSE » de Aujourd’hui at la Île-de-Sandwich, the Vincennes forest is now a Brazilian drought playground on account of Cerf-panthére’s call to forget about the formula menu to make CEMENT and advocating for the razing of all of the trees there in order to promote the new Way To Make houses in France. YES! Cerf-panthére is solely responsible for the contents of this match between the Historical figures of The Hexagone and today’s French political Angles.

… And, Cousin Joe, are you ready for the next Three-pointer? Check it out, Mr. CongressBama Media Over Lorde:

Voto Latino! — https ://monoaureo .com /2021/03/19 /backyard-patrol/ vía: El Economista… “Claro que vienen con una condición: cerrar mejor nuestra frontera sur, para evitar el paso de centroamericanos a Estados Unidos ».

“Of course it arrives with one condition (there’s a CATCH): close our (Mexican) southern border more effectively, to avoid the flow of Central Americans to the U.S.”.

… [A]nd, KATTY KAY, all Öüï is sayin’ is that Eye hopes that Los Mossos d’Esquadra don’t go copying the American Way to deport the Brits out of LA COSTA BRAVA.

https ://monoaureo .com /2021/03/19 /backyard-patrol/

1. J’aime Harrison… of The Beatles, he was known as the Quiet one… Harrison is the one that reminded youse about, “All Those Years Ago”.

Here’s an instant replay:

https ://polemon .mx /no-mas-infraestructureichon-pena-nieto-estudia-ingles-en-estados-unidos/

Cinéma Viva México en París (2015) presents: INFRAESTRUCTUREICHON… starring, Le Poinçonneur des Lilas as Mexican President (2012-2018) Enrique de Jesús Peña Nieto 📽 AAA98F2E-688E-45F7-BA4C-85CD47D59C5C 📜 And Mr. Biden, as you embark on your Marshall-ification-structure in The Golden Triangle of TULUM, Öüï certainly hopes that the COVID VACCINES that you incentivized Mexico with, will “let people breath”, especially on this holy day of Redemption in Minneapolis, MN.

Scroll down to the page where Julius César was about to throw the ceremonial first pitch, but instead, Cousin Joe, Vincingetorix circled the legion around the Shortstop section of the Pershing field, but because the Cesar’s Palace was a regular gig for THE WHO Julius César could literally see for Miles, and Miles, and Miles and, —Miles 🎺🎺🎺

And so, by the time that the Umpire was aware of what was happening Julius César already had his ROMA connection on the fringes of Centerfield, where Serge Gainsbourg was busy trying figure out how to put on the fucking glove.

All that the Frenchman could say was:

“Hey, how am I supposed to punch a hole on the ticket with this fucking mitten on!”


It’s Trou, that’s what Charlotte’s dad said, but in French—with a Chilango accent.

🏀 Now pay attention Scarborough because this is where the SWISH hits your blind ears and flashes your deaf eyes:

… [A]nd Reverend Al Sharpton, as the honorary Mexican that you —Sir— are in the unread pages of this most COINCIDENTAL SCROLL, wouldn’t you say that given all of the FRENCH GENDARMERIE TRAINING that the Mexican Police received in exchange of a FILM Festival at Cinema Lilas, among other Private Investments for the extinct PRO-MEXICO, this picture below is one Fucked Up thing for Mr. Marcelo Ebrard to Explain to María Teresa Kumar and the VOTO LATINO CROWD!!!

Sources close to The Secretary of Government in Mexico are checking the time of that Mexican security border guard’s knee on that Central American woman to see if she BROKE GEORGE FLOYD’s record.

🎶🗣 Un laurel para ti de Victoria, etcetera, etcétera, et Set era

Across The Atlantic, Willy Geist is leading The Manhattan Street Band, and if you are just tuning in to the silent symphony of this blog, then the only thing that you need to know is that, 🎶🌬 We’ve taken care of Evry thing • The words you read • The songs you sing • The pictures that give pleasure to your eyes • It’s one for all and all for one… because Willie Geist is more human than human.

Alright now, stay with me because ahora en tiempo Real y « à l’ocassion de l’exposition RougeArt et utopie au pays des Soviets continuamos con el cuadro dedicado al señor arquitecto Leoncio Orellana, semi propietario de la MAL 217 en la calle Saint Germain-des-Près.

And just so you don’t have to scroll down to ketch-up with the question posed to the good architect at the Latin-american Chante*  here’s a replay in the voice of Eva Longoria ⚡️ in the role of little Dora’s mom:

Say D.A.R.E. don Leo, can you tell Mí how to get to Lucien’s Street?

… and the imaginary voice (en tiempo Real) of el buen coordinador de toda cosa q’entra y sale del Chante* mas mestizo en París replies:

1. Just head on down Lille street until you pass the Chante* de la Legion d’honor, (2) from there pay attention to all of the Rucas** that la legión capturó, they are all autochthonous (punto y coma) once you pass thee, just a few steps ahead you will see a different woman…

(3) this particular fémina is cut from a different stock (stalk) and she sports a Sword (punto y coma) let’s call her SOTA and she happens to be flanked by a caveman wearing a big cat like a big hooded cloak, the caveman also sports a knobby cudgel, just to strike-a-pose…

Caballero de bastos.

(4) once you see these two—pivot right on rue Poitiers until you hit la rue Verneuil, pivot Left and head on straight until you spot what could pass as your average unoccupied building turned into a squat, and there you will find Lucien’s place. If you miss it, just look for Number 3.

* chante = house
** ruca = woman, in this context young women, not old lady.

It’s funny how things line up de La Noche a La Mañana (Jour et Nuit), but one thing is for sure, every motherfucking thing begins with a draft (🌬) o un borrador, for lack of a better take. And Siren, the timestamp is either a ¼ after Nine or 9:16, da’fuck is “a quarter past Nine plus one (little) minute”, but hey, WHO am i to argue with the makers of Four Twenties plus Ten to arrive to the motherfucking 90’s, eh!?

59 antes del 10

Witt That in Mind, Jean-Pierre Melville, can one man be an island? —And Mr. Melville reaches over across Mr. François Truffaut book-section and replies:

— Listen, cabrón, I don’t know about a man, but Charlote most definitely is.

Now then, mis damas con alas (Classic Siren) the Valencian duo, PichiAvo, or their entourage will and cannot let me tell a lie here because, the first rótulo with the presentation of their work of Art arrived from the printshop with some gobbledygook in the opening adverb “Dans le cadre…” and at the end of that introductory paragraph (punto y coma) i know, because that early Sunday morning Three Weeks ago i removed the “chicanada***” used to hastily cover the typo 🤝… C’mon GROUPRAMA, you had one job!!! 👨🏼‍🎨

*** ask a Mexican del Borderplex (915) or from Tijuana (lada sin costo).

LMC*: Los naipes de Isela Vega** y los abuelitos de Ch. G.*** meet Don Palabras^

Quick recap… earlier on the references of this scroll (rollo) i highlighted Gerard Depardieu’s Mexican production of “La Chèvre”, and if you’ve ever heard of a guy by the name of Kevin Bacon, then you have probably read or heard about “The 6 degrees of yada, yada, yada”, right? WELL, hunny bunny, it’s not one of those, Isela Vega was more than just ARBAL‘s (Jorge Luke) “affair”, but you can read all about that–somewhere else, in this section she is forever MISS MARCH… yeah, Buddy.

Victoria, according to the Nordic (wink-wink) part of La Argentina… of course, as Evry body knows, Victoria without wings holds a laurel wreath not a fucking sword, but hey, it was the “crazy 20’s” and Hitler on Ice was all the rage… and, Nicolle Wallace, i could have walked to capture that snapshot, but i thought that for once, just once i might be Canadian, —get it? It’s like RAIN on your wedding day, or a free ride once you are already there.

https ://www .abc .es /play /cine /noticias /abci-muere-isela-vega-gran-actriz-mexicana-y-primera-latina-posar-para-playboy-202103102029_noticia .html

Right now, however, i am going to continue with Las Fuentes de doña Vilma y el muchacho feo, de la rue Verneuil, o sea el hijo de los abuelitos de Charlotte Gainsbourg, period!

https ://mobile .twitter .com /lajornadaonline /status /1369797718206521344

*** Ch. G. = Charlotte Gainsbourg
^ Don Palabras ≠ the one writing this blog

En fin, dicen que preguntando se llega a Viena, un antro d’esos donde sirven pulque y otras bebidas exóticas sin Bacardi 🦇… and if you are just joining our exclusive coverage of The 150 Year Anniversary La Commune de Paris Softball Tournament at the Sherman Memorial Baseball Field à Vincennes, you might be wondering who that is covering Second Base, well Rugby fan, that’s none other than Joseph Napoléon The Third, and over at the plate Marine Le Pen is 4th in the batting order, so far in the line-up we’ve got, — Mayor Higalgo, President Macron, CGT Union Leader Philippe (sin tilde) Martinez, and Extreme Right Rep Marine Le Pen… fielding the PITCH-er’s Mound is Louise Michel, and on second base is Napoléon III. 🌬 For those seeking directions to get to Serge Gainsbourg Street, the plaque in brass is the starting point, NEXT TO IT, is el Rey de Bastos, but we’ll leave that for another segment of our exclusive Softball Tournament celebrating the “Communards” of La Butte Aux Cailles.

“De París a Valencia”, o algo así 🔁.

Now before we switch it over to our Amigos valencianos en La rue “Aie Confiance” casi esquina con Le Petit Cluny, be advised that i, Armando Segovia, do not select the first coating of any fondo, let alone someone else’s drafts.

DICHOsos los poetas pobres
D’ell@s será El Reino de Los Suelos… 448E66F3-15B8-4712-B96B-DF2DBD778B63 🎷

Now the reason i write this is for no other reason than to touch base with The Elements of Style of Mr. S. & W. mentioned yesterday when i cleared what might have/could/perhaps be interpreted as a redundancy in the already saturated Covid-19 update for the Hex de France.

Asi que con colores o SIN, Blah, blah, blah = Palabras, palabras, palabras (for the record, armando no es otra cosa que un Verbo en acción, dicho de otra manera don Pichi y don Avo, lo que se conoce como un GERUNDIO, punto!)… o como dice Rachel Maddow: Wacha lo que hacen no lo que dicen.

🗣 Cierto día Don Palabras
Me contó una extraña historia
De cómo nacen las cosas
Cada vez que uno las nombra (eh) 🎷🎷🎷

LMC*: Los naipes de Isela Vega** y los abuelitos de Charlotte Gainsbourg

https ://journal .20minutes .fr /data /523 /reader /reader .html#!preferred /0 /package /523 /pub /410 /page/15

* LMC = Las Más Cabronas
** Naipes = Playing Card of The Spanish Shuffle, (to shuffle is to barajear).

First signs of a progress, i guess. .:. AED6EF5B-8A11-4BFC-A0F9-092A5F57D21A .:. De cualquier forma, i now continue with Yesterday’s ketch-up of Last Week To They but KNOT before checking out the process over on rue Serpent (75006) where our Amigos valencianos began the first draft of el fondo layered two weeks ago, now if you are just KNOT tuning in to this silent groove you might think that this post is about PICHIAVO, which happens to be the duo spraying the board. And lemme’tell y’all that as SEYB and MANYAK are my witnesses-ese in the 93100 (Montreuil) TEN YEARS AGO to-the-tee i was covering their Apocalyptic vision on a 50 meter wall. So relax, this is not about the artists—it’s about the motherfucking process and the local events that are re-interpreted through the éphémère in Saint-Michel (75006), which up until the end of last week was about “el chisme de una Nereida a Neptuno”, hereafter referred to as: NaN, period!

In Local news, Paris hospitals began sending the excess covid-19 medical^ patients to other hospitals within the Departmental structure network of the Hexagone… meanwhile at La Seine, Poseidon allowed for the first scenic boats to do the rounds. I am not a doctor, but you get the fucking idea, Katty Kay.

^ because there also happens to be covid-19 morgue departures, so no, medical patients is not redundant in this context Mr. STRUNK & WHITE… it’s just my style.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /The_Elements_of_Style

Context in the process continues to develop, and the good thing about this blog is that los Amigos de Valencia no leen como este rollo unfolds… yeah, Buddy.

— Continued from Sunday, March 14, 2021…

Previously on the early morning edition of franceinfo, a card-carrying member of the spectacles guild in Paris was bitching about his Culture Minister not showing up to a conference to discuss strategies for the SURVIVAL OF THAT GUILD, in the words of that exasperated union representative, paraphrased of course:

“The Minister (Roselyne Bachelot) is everywhere (punto y coma) she is on RTL, she is on TFI, on BFM (tv), she is on rfi—but not in the meeting where all of the live event workforce is discussing the challenges imposed by the pandemic on us »…  for a more accurate re-interpretation of this rendition please head over to the franceinfo web area and search for the 8 o’Clock podcast from Sunday, March 14th 2021.

https ://www .france24 .com /en /france /20210311 –france-alarmed-by-despicable-death-of-teenage-girl-who-drowned-in-seine

Don’t be shocked after the fact, especially if what i overheard along the FM waves is true. And don’t blame the media and the violent content in some of its many formats, that scapeGOAT has been served before, and it did not digest well.

Across the Seine, in Argenteuil, franceinfo reported the sighting of one of the 50 river muses that Neptune relies on for information in that domain, sadly for the theme of the Amigos valencianos à Saint–Michel, the news are not good ones.  Please don’t shoot the Messenger, and my name is not Harambe, —caramba!

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Fact check on las fuentes de doña Vilma follows…

🎶 Get off! .:. 98D51C49-67A9-44FE-AD3E-49ABCBFF18B6 📎 El próximo cuadro va dedicado virtualmente a mi Amiga valenciana (mabm) y, en tiempo real al señor arquitecto Leoncio Orellana, sub director de la Casa latinoamericana en Saint Germaine–des–Prés, casi esquina con la rue de Poitiers y La Legión de Honor (punto y coma)… but you are going to have to wait until los Hilos de Sasha (en Hawaii) catches up with the Central Europe Time, on Sunday, 14 de marzo del 2021. Once the DateLine is crossed, i am going to head over to La ARGENTINA in an attempt to show doña Vilma Fuentes y a los monitos de La Jornada en Madrid, “How to get to Serge Gainsbourg street.” In the meantime, “Oh, £ord, Please don’t let Mí Bee misunderstood.”

Al tomar la discreta calle de Verneuil, con o sus altos edificios silenciosos, uno y otro se verán sorprendidos por un largo muro que aúlla secretos, de un solo piso, pintarrajeado de grafitis coloreados, selva de frases donde no cabe una letra más ».

Gainsbourg el hombre convencido de ser feo,
por Vilma Fuentes para La Jornada

Amigo valenciano, per our brief conversation earlier today, as i walked by your obra, TE COMENTO que lo que sigue es una conversación re interpretada entre tu “NEREIDA y POSEIDÓN », en Saint-Michel casi esquina con El Unicornio del Cluny (look it up) 🔱 EA337033-A608-4D43-97D0-394A5FEA2C0B 🌬 Indeed, what “La Nereida” is relaying to Poseidon on the mural of your work-in-progress is that his Olympic ass might rule all of the ships and vessels that sail or submerge into the depths of his precious domaines, but can you imagine what would happen if little ol’Aquarius stopped carrying the WaWa for his stupid ass? Neptune’s oceans, and his rivers, his lakes and even his charcos, —Amigo valenciano— would dry the fuck up… yeah, Buddy, not to mention all of his fucking animalitos that would also perish into the dry Sands… de REBOTE, on your lienzo de plywood, Poseidón can only think of one thing, and that’s the BUS sign on his mouth; and that my Spanish friend, is what The POLICE call “Synchronicity”… unfortunately, i don’t have a La Unión card to explain, ⚡️the rest of the story.

Knot gonna lie. I first ran into N° 3 rue de Verneuil while searching for Alexis de Tocqueville’s chante on Lille street way back when FUKUSHIMA’s sushi was safe to eat^, and Eye gets the hyperbole about how that front-façade’s saturation with tags that pay homage to the son of Russian immigrants to France can’t fit another iota on its wall; i really do get it, but what her limited columna prevents doña Vilma from stating is that ese lienzo de enjarre (mal emplastado, por cierto Charlotte) is a constant draft (por no llamarlo un borrador) of tributes from Gainsbourg’s fan base. Dicho d’otra puta manera, hay quienes ven ese muro como un muro medio pintado—y luego hay quienes ven ese muro medio saturado.

^ You might recall how Neptune’s Trident struck that nuclear plant, —shall Öüï say— the wrong way…)

🎶 Sunny Days…
Can you tell Mí how to get—How To Get to Serge Gainsbourg Street? Y como bien de seguro no lo verá usted, doña Vilma, ya ve como aún queda espacio para el número de la humanidad (plus guest) y hasta para Lázaro y Ziggy Stardust! And in case you are Knot wondering, that’s Mí in the corner.

Serge Gainsbourg was a fag… but more than that, Charlotte’s dad is playing Centerfield on the Commune’s Softball Tournament à Vincennes, where Louise Michel is getting ready to strike a pose at the mound while Trade Union Honcho and mustache model, Philippe Martinez, is performing tricks with the bat while we all wait for the singing of the National anthem, “Aux armes”, etcetera.

Valencia… en La Universidad de Texas en Austin, esos murciélagos se transforman en, “mariposas amarillas, Mauricio Babilonia.”

Ahora bien, Amigo valenciano, ay’te va otra: me vas a negar que el blasón de Valencia no lleva un murciélago en la cima? Pues majo, That D.A.R.E. is Philippe Martinez playing TRICKS with* a BAT.