Previously on Lune (p.435) — who are “the” Watchmen?

— When they have those Sunday afternoon jam sessions, with Chuck Todd.

Live from The Penthouse

… [D]ispensers. Eye loves PEZ®️ dispensaries and M.A.S.H. Units. .:. 77F74D2F-E182-4C83-B24F-045206252D79 •|• Live from the Puget Sound (radio) Penthouse.

They have 500 hundred 82 million 322 billion Saxophones wailing at one time [on the Hollywood Bowl].

… we now return to our Local Tour Guide, at la rue Lune:


Rótulos… .:. E1D01862-D771-4F06-8ABC-E230250EC8EC •|• So, Moon Street in Paris, France, was not necessarily named after our very own NatSat, which The All–In Guy from ChiKAgo, openly despises, (look it up, it’s in the Archives –p.44) but rather for the sign on top of one of TWO establishments, which the Very French call in a Speak–Easy tone, “Tolerance House” for the lonely hearts club band. Not to be confused with Heartbreak Hotel, which happens to be located located on page 517. Anygüey, la rue Lune existe en Paris, desde 1632.

It’s the year of the Woman,
y para
El Recuerdo de mis viejas putas“…
o algo así; la cosa fue de que:
a prostitute got her wings
—today in France.

In just a few days

In just a few days” .:. 598AA542-3762-4AA8-AE9D-B4329952AA03 •€• The last paragraph on this particular news-byte states that, “in just a few days a now motherless 3–year old who will be celebrating his 4th birthday.” •|• Meanwhile, at the Second Congress of Mexican Associations in Europe (2015) there is a TAPE where the Mexican Consul belittled and poked fun at women with similar circumstances as the victim of this screen-grab. Look it up!

PAGE 606…
However, dearest Marianne
before Eye continues,
that we [the staff] do not,
Eye repeats, DO NOT
select « des Rues »
öüï just walk the streets
and lay the trajectory as
we see it dealt.

Impasse Putigneux

Page 606, Impasse Putigneux, a un costado de El Memorial de La Shoah .:. 39CD85C5-ECB3-4528-9BDD-2D2B6518B1FD _–•¡•–_ PUTI•GNEUX es una contracción de PUTA y TIÑOSO o AGRESIVO, según las disculpas de Mr. Bernard Stéphane en el diccionario de las calles de París (Éditions Mengès), dos palabras que designaran “perfectamente” la actividad más vista en ese lugar en el siglo XIV, cabe mencionar, agrega Mr. Stéphane que hoy en día, el callejón Putigneux no es frecuentado más que por pura gente que “La Moral Oficial” califica de respetables.

Va por ti, amigo
Ramón Quintana “Woodstock”…
“Si yo fuera Mujer”
Patxi Andión
(Muerte al violador
premio a la infidelidad)


La Cage Aux Folles:
https ://www .proceso

https: //en .wikipedia .org/wiki/ Memories_of_My_Melancholy_Whores

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