“Y ya no seas tan puta*”, aconseja cónsul a mexicana agredida en Qatar

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Behold, fuckers!
It’s another edition of Coq Fight’s at Emmaüs…
Sponsored by THEE Melle. PITCH AWARDS in Châtelet.

https ://www .marianne .net /politique /gouvernement /gerald-darmanin-veut-revoquer-le-policier-qui-a-insulte-une-victime-dune-agression-sexuelle


Smoke Alarm at Gallieni

At 17h40 in CET, THE Bel Est métro stop {M3} decided to take a Smoke break.

Meanwhile at the daily Mexican presidential State of the Union address, Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a known baseball fanatic, touched on the 100 lashes and 7-year prison sentence which TAINTED the “carrera” of a career-professional in THE INSTITUTION:

El cónsul Luis Ancona is TONE-DEAF… but throws a heck of a PITCH, which is why he is at the MOUND in BOLIVIA.

You probably think that Eye selects the themes of the THEY… and AVI VELSHI, nevermind what the Random Penguin and his little banned book says, worry about the books that will never be …

https ://saladeprensa .sre .gob .mx /index .php /comunicados-de-sala-de-prensa-global /4313 -embamex-fra

https ://wradio .com .mx /programa /2022/02/16 /el_weso /1644987854_599316 .html

I did tell you all that they don’t care. Now, to be fair, I can’t be for certain that, el Serenísimo cónsul mexicano en Qatar, Luis Ancona, le HAYA dicho eso allá, a Paola Schietekat, pero viéndolo desde mi cobertura EXCLUSIVA del Segundo Congreso de Mexicanos en Europa (2014) no me queda la menor duda que los diplomáticos DE CARRERA en México se conporten de otra manera, en sus mentes LA SECRETARIA DE RELACIONES EXTERIORES es independiente “del pueblo”, ellos son DE CARRERA por el nepotismo aristocrático que los mantiene rotando posiciones en LA ONU, LA OCDE, la unesco, y por supesto, en LA PREFECTURA DE PARIS.

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