Happy Bright Monday — Love Spreads from Manchester

Still to come:
Roland Garros walks into a bar…

Hilarity ensues when Teddy Trichinas and Ol’flat Top order a Draft.

Love spreads her arms
Waits there for the nails
I forgive you boy
I will prevail


And Cousin Joe, before we continue on to the bar, AND before you dismiss the theme here, Öüï kindly re-directs you to: 1Pi 3, 4 🏗 and of course, the Church of Saint Sulpice.

Previously on “the bottom of the FO’ist”, Union Boss Honcho and Orthodox Labor crooner, Philippe Martinez, went ahead and wished upon a star for a MAY DAY Celebration like in the ol’Theys… and as yet another FESTIVUS MIRACLE!!! Philippe GOT! And The CGT got it all wrapped up in a pretty little BLACK BLOCK.

Y’a CUNTS*!!!

After Communion is the Death of English (language) and “Nine Nasty Words”, with your host from the Columbia Universe, George Carlin. 

https ://www .msn .com /en-us /news /us /if-you-want-to-know-about-the-nine-nasty-words-theres-a-book-for-that /vi-BB1gjKVx

* By British —not U.S. standards…  you pussies.

Breaking the NEWS!!!

IN WaWa Land, the Brzezinski’s matriarch is the latest Brain-Washed victim of the FRENCH TOUCHÉ virus aka the chain saw wielding Parskeauuu… or something like that.

You know that thing that DEXTER does to Floridians? Well, Emi•lie does to big trees.

Mika is unconsolable. Emilie Benes is now going by the reddit call sign EsKiu (pronounced: Sq… for SeQuoia, on account of Madam Brzezinski’s love of big Woulds.


Pop-up to outer space… Yuri Gagarin catches the foul; count is strike one for Philippe Martinez

“Oh, the humanity »… Herb Morrison.

Oh, “Suffering Succotash »… Cancel culture prevents us from using the 11th letter trice to signal a strike. It’s for the best, so long KAY!

Asked by a very angered Empire why he was going on STRIKE in the middle of a swing, CGT Honcho and mustache hall of famer Philippe Martinez responds:

— You keep screaming in the back of my ears, “STRIKE”… and that’s what I do, man!!! I STRIKE!

— IT’S What I Do.

https ://www .lopinion .fr /edition /economie /philippe-martinez-reve-d-1er-mai-a-l-ancienne-240486

Runners on 1st and 2nd with one out and Louise Michel at the mound is showing quite a command of her signature “Windmill Slider ball”, Martinez swings and it’s Strike Two — Macron takes off trying to steal Third Base but The Emperor behind the plate is already sending a cannon ball to Chuck  De Gaulle and that’s two and one to go, Little Jupiter missed the steal. La tal Marine Perrine Le Pen remains at first and Philippe Martinez goes on Strike…. that motherfucker!!!

In local news, French people have the distinct honor of joining the 100,000 coronavid club, but judging from the new sitting areas that are springing up along the gutters next to bistro bars the devil may care.

Still to come, “El coronel no tiene putas que le escriban”… only on TELEVISA-UNIVISION.

“Quand je serai grand je serai a COMMERCIAL ».

Today’s CGT Strike is being brought to you by the Queen of Great Britain who just sent a KISS-CAM jingle dedicated to Prince Philip who is sitting next to the Military Industrial Complex squad near Third Base, the audio memento arrives in the voice of Adele and her 007 Bond hit: 🎶 Never forget, you work for me. Prince Philip of course takes the message with a smile and a cup of tea, because “Desperation” is so British, güey, and Prince Philip is of course Greek.

Previously on, To Aim… er, is to get High

And, Mr. Martinez (sin acento) Philippe, i know that the following snapshot is going to IRK the fuck out of your co-horts, because they are going to interpret that this post is about You.

And, Mr. Martinez, lemme’Tell you why:

And, Mr. Martinez, i can dig that diamonds are a girl’s best friend (just cross check with Governor Cuomo (D-NY)), but just to level the PAYING field, President Biden, why KNOT ISSUE YOUR FIRST EXECUTIVE ORDER raising the minimum wage to like 10 € per hour and see if the god damn Republicans repeal your John Hancock on that piece of paper, eh! 🎞 Or, Vice-President Harris, the Democrats can drag this issue with Moscow Mitch and waste very important congressional time on pecuniary stamps instead of focusing on the START OF THE BASEBALL SEASON.

1. Because god (a secular god, anyway) forbids that a dumb undocumented American Citizen dares to attempt—ya’hear— ATTEMPT to compare social issues without first applying for a fucking trade union card.


2. Because what better stepping-stone to cement and claim your place at The Beggars’ Banquet table than to instigate an affront against the usual Yank* among Frogs, eh!? Just ask the old Latinamerican faction of the Melenchon ticket of 2011-2012… [R]egurguito, Professor Cohen (IHESS/Casa Poblana à Montreuil-sous-Bois) you must have a “fairy” godfather to be able function as an Independent journalist in “La Commune” del Siglo XXI, and other assorted Left-wings in France.

* En contexto, the term “Yank” is used figuratively on account that, TO THE REGULAR French people, that is You Know the Frogs outside of the political and cultural hemispheres of public relations, a “Yankee” is typically someone that has the looks and the charm of a Bing Crosby, and KNOT the rudimentary ethnicTICITY rose (rub) of ZORBA the Greek.

“Si las cosas que Valen(cia) la pena se pintaran fácilmente, cualquiera las plasmaría »… and if you are a lefty at The Pershing Memorial Baseball Field in Vincennes, then you probably are going to think that (Valen)cia is the code for Laurent Deutsch to write a book about SPYs like EWE! And KNOT one about tags on the boards of Saint-Michel.

https ://forum .wordreference .com /threads /marchepied-figurative .2988323/