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Mayor DiBlasio* Agrees:

Chapter One: reframing reality¹, why does this blog support the campaign for President of the College of SDF’s of DiMíTru.

* The name of The Big Apple Mayor has been changed to save face for Mayor Hidalgo. And Witt D.A.T. in M.I.N.D. the most unread blog at MSNBC, CNEWS matin-es, and 20 minutes from BFM’er TV (by Taxi—24 horas if you walk) takes a break from the normal politics of every THEY life and Öüï takes some time off in order to deconstruct the Myth of a man called DiMíTru, and that is because a picture can say a thousand words, pero pues para eso está, el ya mencionado donPalabras”.

DiMíTru for President of the College of SDF-es, ese!

Now listen (with your eyes) and re-envision with your ears, DiMíTru’s platform as President of the College of Los “llamados” Sin Techo might strike certain people WHO Know, as a bit repetitive and i am not about to get into the specificity of daily recurrences and parallelisms that fit into an overarching narrative pattern which is perfectly symmetrical (Frank, p.46) at the afore mentioned place where Evry body knows your name, especially when it comes to the electorate that concerns this particular election which Eye might add, concerns re-unites a particular group of peoples (with an ese at the end) living on the streets. And which of course Öüï wants to satirize (if you are reading this with a gringo accent) or satirise (if you happened to have been Brexited)..

Silly Swedes, don’t-cha know that le government hates competition! .:. 918B4031-BCC9-4176-88FF-5DEA2DBAC31A .:. And, Grupo Grouprama… you probably thought that the NIKE Spring Break advertisement was about los Amigos de Valencia (punto y coma) silly Wabbits— it was Always about La Marsellesa de Serge Gainsbourg interpreted by Joãn Manuel Serrat, which in Catalan transliterates to “El Carrusel del furo”

Las fuentes para —¡híjole!!!— doña Chavelita Allende… i feel like Alfonso Arau in Romancing The Stone when he opened the door to my teenage fantasy, Joan Wilder.

But FO’ist! If you are part of the electorate at a Very Exclusively open Place Where Evry Body Knows Your Name, well Buddy—the correct choice for President of the College for the Sans Domicile Fixe is, of course: DiMíTru. Vote DiMíTru.

1. For further reading on Chapter one of this motherfucking blog, please check out Alison Frank’s, “Reframing Reality”, o como dice François Truffaut: The Æstetics of the Surrealist Object in French and Czech Cinema, published by intellect Bristol, UK / … and Öüï can only assume, by a bunch of boobs [like Mí] in Chicago, USA ; 2013.

Pablo Pueblo no me va’dejar mentir—la querella no contó por haber estado escrita en Francés. And now you know how Florence Cassez got out of Jail… yeah, Buddy! De haber estado traducida al Español del bueno (Florencia Quiebran) ahorita la que hoy es Secretaría de Gobernación, estaría en Acapulco echando siesta, o algo así.

Je casse, Tu casses Il/Elle/On casse, Nous cassons, Vous Cassez, Ils/Elles cassent

2. boobs = goof, simpleton, you know—a Bum like Dean Martin (King of The Road) — https ://www .thelocal .fr /20210322 /arrests-after-6000-people-gather-for-illegal-carnival-in-marseille /?amp

3. Research in France, it’s KNOT that it is losing ground, it is simply a symptom of IT! [the Frog research] having to have to be written in Anglais del bueno, así mismo como pasa en México con los políticos DE TODOS LOS PARTIDOS Y COLORES que primero tienen que venir a Francia, and learn French Civilization Classes, antes de ser “distinguidos” ciudadanos y, valga la comparación: beneméritos de la nación.

4. For the record, Raphael Moran (rfi) did recommend that i give all of my sources from 2010-2015 to the Prefect of Police… as Le Government had requested from me in order to have my first long-stay visa renewed…   https ://www .rfi .fr /en /france /20210322 –ikea-france-goes-on-trial-for-allegedly-spying-on-staff-customers

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