What’s the point, o cómo dijo Poniatowska³

³~. ¿Para qué‽ ⌨️

Cookie Monster!

_ If Jamal Khashoggi had a “Red Privada” then Manuel Buendía would most definitely have had a Middle East Eye.


What’s good for the Saudis is good for the Young Turks:

https ://www .reuters .com /world /europe /sweden-distance-itself-kurdish-groups-bid-join-nato-swedish-radio-2022-11-05/

Mexican President is first to congratulate Roma

Do K.not try to adjust your settings, The Fall is in session, Silen.Zi.Oh!!!



Fig.uratively… Benito Mussolini was, according to mister Andrés Manuel López Obrador, named after Bomberito 🔥 Juárez.

Yada, yada, this is a draft, not a joke. This is, as Morning Maddow mention, “proof of concept for planetary defense purposes”, or something like that.


… to Ill.ustrate

Lit.erally …

Manuel “el loco” Valdés nearly lost Veronica Castro for making a mockery of Benito Juárez.

Le Journal de 18H par Dutilh VIGNEAU — SANTUARIO del CRISTO ROTO

Deer, Open Noticias de Jazz, sorry if Mr. Bourdain misspelt your nomenclature.

Pedro Pablo Ruben’s à la belge.

Saturation, really? That’s how France Musique is going to Close tonight’s “Chord of The Weak?”… Open Sesame seeds, pues—PUAS🥊👊🏽:

Fruits of a feather are like Fruits de Mer. Ask y’er mère.

Goya’s Ghost Song in San José de GRACIA, Michoacán… casi esquina with FREDDY CATS in Montreuil-sous-les-jupes de La Embajada de Ebrard.

Future Stride? En ReM‽ Take over ZIMMERMAN {and} let Jimi sweep-up D.A.T. Yello’Brick Rhode Island. Key of F, Jimi, the most optimist of them Chords.

And, Smith’s at the Bpi, don’t get Mí, started with Symétries, especially the strange ones.

And, Geoffrey Pleyers… FUCK YOU TOO, in the KEY of EF on PSALM 150 with Luc FREJUS.

https ://puedjs .unam .mx /quienes-somos/

Previously on The Rock that shaded Mars

Deer, Chris Rock:



Take a closer look, Sir… you know what else ne marche pas le mardi?

— Bars in France.

To which a bunch of Rosbifs (and some Scots) suggested that they change (convert) the name of all Frog dives to P.S.I..

This has BEAN a CaramBAR joke.


What would Jimmy do?

Efeméride para Juan Pablo

Efeméride para Juan Pablo — IT’s an Ideology, not a CULT  .:. 88EA0399-B879-4FE7-8965-EB5FB0333EEC 🎥 D.A.T. D.A.R.E. is quite a COIN•Sí•DANCE, Rolo Lamire, what’s D.A.T.? Last Tango on your Wall‽

It was 40 years ago, the show that asks Mika Brzezinski what the 39th President of the United States would do if instead of a Pole, a Gaucho had visited Washington, “all those years ago”.

Misheard quotes over the known news.

Maybe I’m a muse”, said Donald John Trump upon learning that Jimmy Page is immune to any copyright lawsuit.

— COINcidently on that STAIRWAY (which now has been named after Herr Goebbles) to the Truman Balcony, at “the peoples house” in Washington, D.C., and where Donald gave the entire Universe a Masters Class in Propaganda, “There’s a (first) Lady WHOs sure, all that glitters is Gold,” and she SURE IS fighting The COVID’s on account that if she goes, she’s not getting anywhere near the gates of heaven… Yeah Buddy.

And Kasie DC, must öüï remind thee that Zeppelin goes here‽.

Y En Chiapas

Y En Chiapas .:. BFC54581-857F-491A-9A08-015A75F6A183 👞🥾👟👠🥿👡 Los ZAPATIsTAS se ponen flamencos con La Unión Europea.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /ultimas /politica /2020/10/06 /iremos-a-europa-a-encontrar-lo-que-nos-hace-iguales-ezln -7445 .html

[COINcidence, Cousin Joe?… only if it’s Joe Cuba, from el barrio, just ask our Left–of–CNBC representative in the eastern part of the Bronx, portions of northcentral Queens, and Rikers Island in New York City]


With D.A.T. in mind, öüï now return to the FT’s accurate assessment of Latin America’s newest strongarm. But to be fair, the proposal for a referendum that asks the Mexican electorate if past presidents of “the backyard”, as “the company” calls Tamaulipas and the rest of the federation that makes up “El Plan Mérida” and other assorted “dirty wars”, should be subject to accountability under a Mexican court of law, —which, by that güey— in the case of Mexico that particular referendum is not necessarily a despot’s move, again, in the case of México, what was strange about that whole incentive was the wording concocted by John Mill Ackerman and delivered by Andrés Manuel López Obrador, WHO, by that güey happens to be the Ackerman household maternal unit’s spiritual leader and, boss…