Hola, Mano… I’m leaving Vega’s Archives

“Just the facts Ma’am.”

The pad spells, IT!, right out, period!

The instruction reads:

¡Escribe a mano aquí!

and so Eye, did… ¡Hola Mano!

Amarillo no me pongo.

Based on a Rupestres Rodantes album titled, “Paint it, Black”

Eye Rememb’ah, the fucking Masons, it was THE MASON.

Starring Nick Cage as the Enemy of The NATIONAL Archives… at The Georges Pompidou National Art Museum… WITH Alice Cooper in the role of the fuckin’ Mason and The Librarian as The FILING ENEMY³.


³~. Patti Smith stars as THE VOICE of the MASKED FILING CABINET.

This Film Has Not Yet Been Rated.

… After the break, it’s « To The Moon, Alicia! To The MOON!! ».

The Dark Side of Mr. Pink 🦹🌒

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