Ladies in Gemini: PURGATORY

But it’s alright, baby
If Eye hurries I can still make CHERNOBYL.

I Am SIRIUS… and you are not.

Instant Karma… In WaWa Land, Chris Haynes turned into The Ukrainian Foreign Minister, DYMTRO KULEBO, and Thee Rachel Maddow Show runs away from L.A. where she was shooting ZOOLANDER.

Shine on, and on, and ON–ON.

… CORRECTIONS DEPARTMENT, we interrupt STANFORD Ewe to relay that THEE RACHEL MADDOW SHOW was not in the process of shooting “A” ZOOLANDER in L.A.; instead, TRMS was SHOOTING A ZOO. Öüï, repeats, TRMS was not shooting a STILLER, Rachel was in L.A. shooting a DAMON.

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