Inter•net•Work — no Gy’ores por Mí Jimmy Carter

Cambalache vía Joumanna 🇬🇧 BercetChé 🇦🇷 on the Anarcho-CNBC beat of the Why Is This Happening Show.

In time-delayed news, the Boston Nationalist Party just secured an Import/Export agreement for tea-baggers with La Argentina, provided first, that former bigoted President, Donald John Trump, gets elected into the History of The World pages, —again.


… for the record, and out of respect to Ivo on the wall next to the monitors, let it be known that I, Armando Segovia, opted for not framing another shelf on that stand.

Context follows, to drunk too fingerbang a smartphone screen.

… That lienzo is nuttin’ but a Disco pelo, that’s clearly a rug on that cuadro.

Any how, Roger Pérez, te dire que esto es un proceso, nothing’s gonna change cautiverio.