Oh, hey BnF — Did i eva’Tell–yA

… [T]hat the Street is my Laboratoire ?

12h20 CET

... but speaking of

… but speaking of PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARIES: Any Güey,…

…[P]reviously on “Victim of Love” at the Hôtel Kalifornia, Stevie [The Janitor] told Saint Lazarus, What?

An sewer:

In this section, Nicolle Wallace will identify the Price in the Vaughn…and yes, this here [motherfuckers] is supposed to bee read in a Brian Sheppard voice.

And Christian Slater tells Veronica Mars:
Martin Venus said hello.

Category… [I]t was Twenty Years Ago, that?

_Armando Álvarez responds:

Oh yeah, all day

What is André [fucking Rene] The Giant became an Icon on the Streets of PaNaMA!!!

ay don't practice

ay don’t practice Santeria… outside of Long Beach.

´cus he gets up in the morning, OBEY donnie deutsch and his Donald Trump ways!!!

— did Ewe catch That?
it is Judo, in French.

and starring as John Oliver

and starring as John Oliver: a fat François Hollande.

Mean while Trump, “Liberty was dependent on…

Welcome, to another edition of Jeopardy,
with your host Alex Trebeck.

Note to Editors, British double agent, Edward Izzard takes on the role of the English Channel franchise version of Alejandro Trebeck: Alexis de Tocquebeck.

… context follows, TimeStamp: 14.20 in CET

[Transmission is already in progress
do not try to adjust your settings].

Armando Álvarez just hit the buzzard for a Daily–Lightning–Double round on the category: The Soul of America.

— Alexis de Tocquebeck:
For $100.
“Liberty itself, meanwhile, was dependent,” on what? According to Machiavelli when it came to matters of governance.

— Armando Álvarez:
What is A very rich daddy and good ol’criminal moxi!!!

[Wrong answer buzzer sound
goes here]

— Alexis de Tocquebeck:
Ohhhhhhh. Sorry about that, the answer is “what is Moral Disposition”, better luck next time, Armando, and remember, Your Government is only as good as the sum of all its “tired, its poor, its huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” and of course its quickly forgotten  sonnets.

TimeStamp: media para llegar a la hora del Jazz.

Intermedio de los pollos

Oh, hey Hallie Jackson…
Just waking up, —say, was that you
doing the cha cha cha de los pollos
con Tito Puente?

Pesh… Arte Semita. Tel Aviv à 3e. }-—-~~~\*>  We [the staff] could swear que eran tú y la Rhule in a mesh of time and space aterrizando luego con un mambo en una pirámide (multi usos) con todo y su río on cada side; just like Pancho Villa con sus dos … bueno, Ewe’all know what we are talkin’ about, eh?

Veinte for the original Stoner song.
Jazz: an American Original, from abroad.

Coming Up:
don’t believe the Hype.

In P.E.T.

That’s “Public Enemy” Time, for all Ewe “g’s” out there.
Anygüey, in the Mean time, we switch it over to Maple Higginmuffin, en directo desde Uruguay; the other side.


Las tres manos… o algo así.

L’Ecriture du Scenario et La Salle de Lecture

AVIS Aux Non-lectures
ce blog

Yesterday’s ramblings were the victim of Gremlins, Rolling Blackouts and the Commuting Rush Hour Rat–Race of Corporate Ladder-Climbers on the “A” Train of the Île–de–France, RER*. FYI: the staff was en-route to turn a very dear, important, and regretfully painful page in Nanterre; 92010 CEDEX.
* Red [ferroviaria] Exprés Regional

}-~~—~\• >

Sabbatical Day X
11 de enero, 2018
Bibliothèque du Cinéma
François Truffaut

La mujer en bici . — . From the collection The Street is My Gallery; the staff is on the look out for the chalk artist that created this Cubism looking treat. When they find it, they’ll let the non-readers of this non-consequential blog know who s/he is. •—!—• Photo: segoviaspixes 2018; Allée Célestin Hennion, 75004 (CEDEX) Cité.

Behind The Scenes

[Voz de mujer
Sarah Silverman]

— We now return to our regular programing.

Analyses de Films
. — .
ISIS & Cie.

Figurer l’inconscient… Freud,  poissons , passions, secrèts . — . Un film • entre el Babel de la ficción de González Iñatirru AND Anger’s Hollywood Babylon • est un film . — . }–~~—\•> ¿En dónde está la biblioteca? Good news for the half empty rack of Mexican cinema literature at the François Truffaut Library inside at The Forum, in Les Halles, –3, Rue du Cinéma, 75001. The good folks at Marie de Paris authorized the addition of a new tome. In the frame above, can you guess which one it is?

[Man’s voice
Jeff Goldblum]

Don’t go away, because when the Lovely Sarah and yours truly return, we are going to reveal the staff’s other favorite movie that starts right of the bat with a masturbation scene. Here’s a Hint: HIMYM closed a season with the closing song in that flick, and no darling, it’s not the melody of “How You Used To Be”.

Stick around… context on “Monster–Nieto’s” replacement follows. Monster–Nieto is a Brozo the Shady Clown Registered TM.

La tiza y El gis

Con su permiso don Denis, esto es un Intermedio, ahorita al rato le seguimos de nuevo a usted su huella.

The Street Is My Gallery… Trabajo en tiza anónimo, foto por armando segovia / segoviaspixes 2017 —CopyLeft.

En San José de Las Panochas, municipio de La Zona del Silencio, la tiza tenía una connotación desviada. La tiza era de color azul, azul como suelen ser los cielos despejados en los inviernos de la Europa central. Azul intenso sin llegar a ser marino y, sin embargo; azul cargado así como con un tono pegándole a café acaramelado como un buen café con leche.

The Street Is My Gallery… De todos los trabajos de arte callejero que hay, o que yo he visto, el gis o la tiza son mis favoritos…. artista psicodélico es anónimo; la captura digital es por armando segovia / segoviaspixes 2017—CopyLeft.

El gis por lo regular es blanco. Los hay de otros colores, ¿pero quién recuerda las tablas de multiplicación escritas en un pizarrón, en un tono anaranjado o verde limón?

A lo mejor es por la fragilidad de sus propiedades que mismo pueden ser borradas por la más mínima llovizna, o por lo efímero que puede ser ante ‘el dedazo’ de algún ojete que no entiende lo que ve en frente de él o de ella…. USO JUSTO DE TODOS LOS MUROS.

La tiza, allá en San José de Las Panochas, incita a las yemas de tus dedos a que se acoplen en las dimensiones de un cubo en el cual una de sus caras tiene una depresión; lo que en términos de electricidad —si tuviese conductividad— haría de la tiza un enchufe hembra, y se extingue con cada entrada de un taco, o el instrumento para meter las bolas en las canastas de una mesa de billar.

I love Paris every moment Every moment of the year … Because my love is here. https ://youtube .com /watch?v =WF_yN1R2b5M

A el gis lo sacan de su caja —por lo general— con la punta de las yemas del índice y el pulgar, su forma es cilíndrica —y para gastarlo— hay que oprimirlo ante una superficie como si fuera un objeto para rayar o escribir, y pues tal vez para aquellos que tienen ese don, pues, lo van rebajando al dibujar.

El gis y la tiza.


Dear non-reader, if what you see in the image below is the back of a utility truck… You Might Be Suffering from pareidolia, or something like that. Please seek immediate help!!!

…  ↓↓↓ …

Context follows… Hey Cousin Joe! D’ya wanna go to the movies? We [the staff] found a new one that we bet, —you and Willie are going to like. Please stand-by for transmission. —_— …  from the collection: The Street is My Gallery; art concept by: Nicolas Barrome Forgues (apparently)… Foto por armando segovia / segoviaspixes; that’s for sure… CopyLeft.

Good morning, it’s Friday, September 22nd of 2017, and it’s time for another edition of… Weekend Edition.

Pinchi Charlie!… Uso justo de Charlie.

In Paris, yesterday–today–and–tommorrow it is National Sports Day. Starting at 1400 hrs., le equipe de La France Insoumise (formally le Front de Gauche) is taking on le CRS and the National Gendarmerie.

That’s right Cousin Joe, 30 Rock is clearing that space at the Plaza and jinggling up the Square in order to welcome Donal Trump’s first ever Christmas, as the mothefucking “potus”… JoJoJo… De cualquier manera; el [staff] los invita al cine; it’s in French, so ask Katty Kay to bring Eddie Izzard so that he —may translate… Besos y abrazos a todos.

Dear, Stephie Ruhle, sorry about the “Frida” spin… we [the staff] felt your heart breaking on screen; pero, Corazón you can’t say that we didn’t warn you in reel-time. On the level, though, the MILENIO “set-up” also broke our hearts because much like in Pue’lto ‘Lico, over in the Mexican Tri-State area where the tremors hit, there are plenty of little villages that have “real” Fridas and Siofías, and Pedros and Juanes, and maybe one or two little Armanditos and Amandititititas who also need that media spotlight given by the likes of Mr. Carlos Marín and Milenio Televisión. ¡VIVA MéXICO!

Warning: if your heart initially broke when Milenio Television first mentioned the name “Frida” in the context of school children trapped under the rubble of a major Mexican epicenter earthquake, and then;  you associated the name “Frida” with a mexican iconic painter, then you might be suffering from Apophenia.  But dont worry, it happens all of us, at least since the time when the French invented ‘evolution’… Apophenia, as opposed to Pareidolia, is part of our EVOLVED survival mechanism; it’s what has allowed us to be top-predator on ‘God’s Green Earth’. —_— … from the collection: The Street is My Gallery, ficha Nº 45. —_— Foto por armando segovia / segoviaspixes … con especial dedicatoría para Milenio Televisión.