¡Salud! Ah–Shoo, tu padre Ah–Sneeze says Aloha

Based on a George Clooney story.

“I saw your bait, Tyrone Biggums, at the quai… before the Lebanese place, outside the McDo’s street-level deck when the employee was closing there. I saw Tyrone before you even got up this morning”…


Recruiting S.O.U.L.

So, back to Esteban’s introduction to Uncle Venn’s Diagrams.

At The Time, all of our non-readers might recall that our content monkees were beginning to frame the run-up to our non-observation of the American General Election from abroad. Eye cites LOREM IPSUM as exhibit one…

Why is this important, because the quickest way to explain to a systems and programming analyst how to READ this most non-consequential blog was as a PaNoRaMA with pieces of L R.E.M. i.p.Σ strategically scattered as commentary or criticism of a handful of sources that the research chimps of our Hoy No Hubo Jazz have been BENCHMARKING for at least a DECADE… yeah, Buddy.


Nigga please… Eye knows your name is Pedro Cerrano, that’s Serrano with a “see” because youse Dominican, pappi! Don’t wait for Mí to Exhale, man!!! Eye told you it was un Toqueknot un chapeau: Let’s Play Jeopardy!

[And John Bronco beats Armando Álvarez to the buzzer]

— What is Major League.

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