Ladies in Gemini: MasterPEACE Jr.

It’s 2040 and The 46th president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, junior, is about to welcome the President of The United States of México, Bernardo Gómez, junior, onto the review stand and the FCC Commissioner, Will Farrel, junior, is ordering cheese for the snapchat.

Freakwhency hopping with

Freakwhency hopping with Gary Sanchez’ mom… Greg TuCuloSeco reports.

Nevermind the Frequency Hops, it’s Derek’s mom wearing tangas on the wire.

Mean, while Donald Trump, senior, is all giddy for the masculinity of a 120mm smooth bore GUN (up his ass) the plot to stop a la naranja mecano from La Victoria en Francia ya estaba muy, pero muy gastada ; and of course, those fucking Canuks were playing second fiddle to a black limousine driver from the Queen’s fleet in Scotland.

El Patrón (template) de Morena en México

The following is an In.K.I.N.D. reminder that:

All EyE need is What France demanded for FLORENCE en Castellano and, of CARLOS en japonés:AC8B88FA-18C9-4A64-9DA4-568C7AF7EC82 •!•  THIS IS THE SAME “patroncito” (template) that MORENA-Francia, etal. (amigos de Javier Sicilia)  utilizaron conmigo a partir del 2011. So, PLEASE think about  what BRONTIS final WASHING OF THE H.A.N.D.S. is going to look like when my entire P.O.R.N. parody is served on a cold silver platter, because you, Marianne, were my NETFLIX… and no Brontis, Eye don’t bite clean hands that feed Mí; these here, Babe, are nuttin’ but the preliminary unfolded c.a.r.d.s. of Ms. Ruhle’s theme dress for her show today… B.T.W. in EST it’s a quarter to the 11th hour with a Declined Transmission of Bri–Wi.

Both of the C.O.U.N.T.r.I.E.s. that, i armando segovia / armando serrano prieto, DECLARED TO YOUR P.r.o.c.e.s.o. OFFICE 1511 at Cité are now E.N.E.M.I.E.S. of the FREE PRESS.

Reception is F.I.N.E. dear:B5213C1E-660A-493B-96DB-939E42D3D450 •!• “Everybody knows the Cards Are Loaded”, and everyone at Staff are aware that “the” DRUNK HISTORY krew* (Season SIX, Episode EIGHT) use my pirate radio lyric bites to spike  I.R.O.N.Y. on the sketch. Eye don’t blame Ewe, Derek; your “Dominos” te tienen denominadamente dominado.

* Gary Sanchez productions

** TELEVISA Santa Monica

AND This, MARIANNE, is why in the tableau or the S.C.O.P.E. of my short N.I.N.E. year journey through your France, I became a Target because of a conflict of interest that involved the Mexican Government and Mister Hollande’s helicopter and g.e.n.d.a.r.m.e.R.I.E. expeditionary S.A.L.E.S. rackets to perpetuate bloodshed in CHIHUAHUA and in Cuernavaca, Morelos, también.

MEMOIRE of LALA LAND:6D4081B2-B364-4E1A-B3A6-5219AFFBA65D

Dear, Stephen T. Colbert, please stand-by for landing.

dot, dot, dot .. ..


Dear Bambi: En El Granma hoy es sábado de Gloria

And, Derek*

[Frame in progress… Orlando Bosch file follows] | Uso Justo de Todos los Medios.

[Frame in progress… Orlando Bosch file follows] | Uso Justo de Todos los Medios.

here’s another One For The Ages
—and not in a good way—
but first, it’s time for a Doble Diario
Bonus Jeopardy Round, con Alejandro Trebek.

They have the distinction of having a direct-to-the-Oval Office hotline for harboring and getting terrorists out of Jail. One of them was a Governor for the Great State of La Florida and the other ran both the Texas Governor’s Mansion and The White House. For 10 dollars, can you name who their father is?

– Who is Poppy Bush.

For the Doble Diario, what is Bush 41’s relation to former Attorney General of the United States, Alberto Gonzales?

– What is the reprive
and/or cancellation
of a federal immigration ruling
against BAMBI.

Correct… Bambi was a Wetback ! Too.