Hoy no hubo noticias, with the exception of…

Joe and Mika are back from Punta Cana, yeah buddy! They spent a week at the Honeymooners sweet.

Along with Faul Macca, a.k.a. “the one and only Billy Shears,” and with bad rock and roll crooner, Jimmy Buffet, the two media darlings returned to Babylon Two… returned to New York City a married couple.

Yes, Indeed, yes indeed! You can put that on the résumé of the GOP’s polishing duo who, among other secret organizations also happen to be favorite among the swinging fellows over at The Council on Foreign Relations and the patrons and alumni of the University of Alabama’s favorite redneck riviera hang-out, “The Fish House”.

Cousin Joe and Mika went to Punta Cana, en La hermana República Dominicana, to spend a week in bed and recreate the X–Rated PORN PARODY Iconic Amsterdam’s Hilton “Lennon–Ono” bed-sittin’, Just–in–Time for the 50th Anniversary release of Charlie Manson’s favorite Beach Boys Album: White Wedding… or something like that.

And Live, From New York:

One of, IF NOT, the Man Responsible for all the covert wars of the U.S. of A. in the past 50 years is Dead.

Yes Indeed, yesssss INDEED.
“Read. My. Lips.”: No New Panama Invations, and No New Cuckolds like Henry Kissinger, who along with Donkey Dick Cheney were in charge of “the Rice” throwing ceremony, but since Susan, the piano player forgot the rice, all that Henry and Dick could throw, since them two had come already, was to throw Pearl Jam from the gobblets of Nirvana as the Garden was filled with Sound from the band that gave you WOULD… wood; Alice, the band that gave Ewe wood, not Alice, the one in Chains, that segment of the imagination was held on Friday, when Very Special Guests, Vladimir Putïn and Mohamme bien Salami were spotted High-fiving Supreme Justice Kavenaugh.


TimeStamp: veinte para las diez CET

Down in a Hole, follows…

Faltan veinte para la Once en Central NATO Times, and Morning Joe, pariente, —starts right Now, with the Red Rocker leading the way. Can you believe that the ol’rusty fucker still can’t ride 55. Oh, the humanity.

El Jaguar y La Perra Maravilla vS. The NisMo®️Clan

Starring: La Hache de Arthur
Location: The House of The Rising Sun, of course!

TimeStamp: 12 hours in Central NATO Time, in New York, Cousin Joe is doing a Keith Olberman tribute to start the show.

El resplandor en Jerusalem… obalgo así— mas que nada.

Breaking the News:
“There Ewe go again,”…
Right now, Cousin Joe is selling a happy Hollywood ending on The Hill. Sin Embargo, ¡Señora! — Que no le digan, que no le cuenten:
Every American Action Couched Hero knows that happy endings happen in or around The San Fernando Valley, not in Hollywood, land of Fallen Angels, por ejemplo, Raquelito; the goddamned “gipper y su chingada Nancy”.

This segment was brought to Ewe by “Good Íntentions, Questionable Beacons”. Y por eso, “a mi, mis faros…”, à la Distancia.

TimeStamp: 14.20 in Central AutoRoute Time in France.

Tras la huella de Diderot 5ª entrada Rachel’s Reciprocal

Dear, Rachel:
Today is national sports day in France, meanwhile, we [the staff] are still on the trail of Mr. Diderot and as a result we are still “accomodating” the “Last Week in History” segment; anyway, we happened to catch your live broadcast early this morning (0300h CET) and found that given Sen. Bob Corker vociferous opinions about POTUS 45, your “Silent Movies” segment was an perfect match for the following “Last Week in History” segment… i call it Rachel’s Reciprocal Property for the news Division (context on that follows, right now i’m late for my Colombian shrink appt.)… Besos.

October 6th, 1927: “The Talkies” are born and it wouldn’t be until 2011, when  “The Artist” a French film, would try to re invent the movie mime mode into films. Although that fad did not caught on, “George Vale” did take 5 Oscars for his  work as a mime. —_— Uso justo del Siglo de Torreón.

Still to come: 5.4 million French public servants are called (to go on strike) by their respective workers union, this according according to Le Monde. The last time a match like this took holds of the streets was in 2007, according to Canal Plus morning news.

TimeStamp: 2300h CET

Los franceses y ‘ese’ su poder de adquisición… —_~. Uso justo de Anne Sinclair.

Mientras tanto allá en los Estados Unidos, Puerto Rico va de mal en peor, y mientras ese territorio se colapsa, Donald Trump se la pasa jugando golf.

En California, la región al norte de San Francisco, así como que yendo a Napa Valley; y también en Anaheim, la situación literalmente: arde.

Y esta semana, ¡por fin! se confirma lo que Barack Obama sabía, cuando él todavía era el presidente de los Estados Unidos: que Facebook es un peligro para la nación; pero a lo mejor igual como con los bancos y con Wall Street, esa industria es muy importante, influyente o grande como para dejarla colapsar. O explíquenos, Raquelito, de que otra manera se puede explicar que no exista un proceso en contra de Mark Zuckerberg y el resto de Silicon Valley, que colaboró con los rusos para convencer a las legiones de lectores del genero ‘fake news’ a que votaran por Donald Trump.

Sadly, as much as we would like to get angry about the whole Google -Facebook – Breitbart fake news debacle in the Rusian Gate swamp, we can’t; it’s just a bitter pill to swallow, our guess is that Sen. Sanders must feel the same way. He, (Mr. Sanders) didn’t stand a chance against the stubborn desire to get the first woman as president into the White House, even if it meant weeding out the best candidate (Bernie) who could take who could have taken back a good chunk of undecided Donald Trump votes. So now, even with all them great AFTER ACTION REVIEWS from The Daily Beast and the WaPo’s findings about google’s involvement in the Circus of an Election of 2016, it’s too late. If it’s not, why then is Trump not in jail yet?

So Now Rachel, we just have to wait “un momentito” and see on which side of the face all of them 56 cards on the deck are going to land, because Donald Trump’s second act of treason was when he called on the Russian president to use all of his intelligence resources to bring Hillary Clinton’s emails —into the open.

Question: If the past administration KNEW, that Mark Zuckerberg’s platform was being used to DUPE “innocent racists” and “closeted biggots” of the “Make America Great” bumper sticker consumer crowd, why exactly was it that the former FBI director, James Comey, didn’t spring into action in the same fashion that he did during the last stretch of the election, like he did with the “Carlos Danger*” connection with Mrs. Clinton?

* Former Congressman (NYC) Anthony Weiner

It’s too bad Rachel, that from Nov. 2015 to Oct. 2016 no one read my blog, except of course, the Donald Trump machinery, because sweetie i can humbly write that throughout that time I was your the anti-Breitbart syrup and Cousin’s Joe Super-Beta-political pundit Donald Trump eliminator… i just couldn’t compete with Your Fuck’n distant cousins, The Buzzfeed’s.

In hindsight, Cousin Joe, stop being a tight wad and send that new iPhone. There’s a Mexican election coming and this guy nicknamed “El Bronco” wants to be Donald Trump’s “hombre-cuete” and play measure–my–wee-wee with Trump, come 2018.

En el marco del licenciado Brozo, el actual gobernador del Estado más norteño de México (Monterrey, con 2 “erres”, Willie Guiest) Jaime Rodríguez Cordero.

And now: the Rachel Reciprocal of the the news Division.

1. TRMS [over] Donald’s Words = a Silent Film.

Donald’s Pathological behavior [over] Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) comments = a logically upset U.S. Senator… so:

Frame is presented for educational purposes.

TRMS / DWords ➗ DPathos / Sen. CorkerComments [use standard division reciprocal property] and you get:

2. TRMS / DWords ✖️ Sen. CorkerComments / DPathos = any George Carlin “TALKIE” recording at Madison Square Garden. NOW Rachel, don’t forget to use this  “HUBRIS” reference marker of A Day Like Today, but in 2002, to “account for your known unknowns”.

HUBRIS… starring Donald Rumsfeld.

Yours Truly,

armando segovia.

Coming Up: Thanksgiving Watch

The countdown just crossed the 12 o’Clock mid-day edition of EL Heraldo de CHIHUA g ü i t a… Alex Trebek and Agent Angle morph into Francis Bacon because it’s TIME to [surprise!!!] Play Jeopardy: DESIERTO edition.

[Morphing is now in progress…] Uso justo de los newSStands.

[Morphing is now in progress…] Uso justo de los newSStands. Foto por armando segovia / segoviaspixes (2011—2016). Creative Commons—te regalo una captura de nuestro FreeJack ride.

EN FRANCIA, a sabiendas de que EN MéXICO la periodista CARMEN ARISTEGUI fue fustigada legalmente por una corte mexicana, el staff entiende que hacer paralelos entre LAS RAICES DEL POPULISMO AMERICANO y las de los movimientos socio-politicos—y—culturales de las comunidades mexicanas en Paris, pues son pura coincidencia, y nada más. A continuación el recorte, que abajo de esta obra en curso sigue, nos cuenta la historia del Ratón Vaquero; la del Primo del Torero, y luego la de MORENA-Francia y los Yo-soy_132-academicos-con_hashTags-en_EL REFORMA DE PARIS…. Saludos a las Asociaciónes Paco Bosques y a también a la de Gilberto Calderón. ATTE: un californio.

Lucha en Relevos Australianos

El Raton Vaquero, El Primo del Torero, y el colectivo: MoReNa-Francia y los Yo-soy_132-academicos-con_hashTags-en_El Reforma de París. […breath, Rachel_breath]



Hello Moto… te invito un Whisky Escocés allí mero en un Pub Irlandés, si tú gustas puede ser ese que se encuentra a un costado del Circo Eléctrico, directamente enfrente del Jardín de don Sergio Gainsbourg… [Metro, Porte des Lilas.]. | Uso justo de todos los medios… y de un reloj.

Hello Moto… te invito un Whisky Escocés allí mero en un Pub Irlandés, si tú gustas puede ser ese que se encuentra a un costado del Circo Eléctrico, directamente enfrente del Jardín de don Sergio Gainsbourg… [Metro, Porte des Lilas.]. | Uso justo de todos los medios… y de un reloj.

Good morning.  Earlier in the transmission the second half of the 3 a.m. rounds of “the” CSPAN-like related news, was in effect. CSPAN [of course] is the acronym in New Mexico for Cable Shows and Punditry in American News.

[internet fluff and fillers follow]

In Europe, it’s 68 days before the next Turkey-day judge is sworn into office. Journalist, protestors, civil right leaders and this blog wait for Naomi Klein to make the morning shows. Please invite Paul Krugman to sit next to her…
in the meantime, Agent Angle is next. [note to self… Richard Engel is just doing his job, and in 2016 reporting is not a Crime; in 2017—who knows.]

[Context should follow] Fair Use of all Media.

[Context should follow] Fair Use of all Media… and by BOLD, of course we mean Aljazeera; Shout-out to Willie Geist!!!

[Note to self… remind Cousin Joe that there was a time when some experts (at General Electric) got all giddy when they heard Bernie Sanders introduced as “The jUNIOR sENATOR fROM Vermont”… [context should follow. In the meantime the staff remains sited on a dirt floor —band aid supplies ran-out a_Long-Long-Long_Time-aGO].

[Note to SELF]:
around the world, breaking the news to Americans
usually arrives at the 0300 hours,
regardless of Parallels…
and oh_By-the_Wey:
Did the STAFF happened to mention
that we are Fans of “Ramones” everywhere?