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Ari Melver and French filoso-FO,  Bernie-Quique Levi{s}, head over to N⁰ 10 Downing Street to tag the Prime Minister’s Door with the initials FEL

³.~ StaDeFrance

Sandra Larue y su reporte del Tiempo follows. Over on The Riverboat Princesse episode, Bret introduces Bart to the former governor of Perros Bravos, Nuevo León, Jaime Heliodoro Rodríguez, mejor conocido como Lucky Luc en el ITESM.

The Feast — Día de San José…El Equilibrio de Los Jaguares

And, Baby Blue, never mind The Oscars®, The Turtles, and other assorted farm animals [in Villahermosa] which, coincidentally, is just down below The Louisiana on that “Bain Marie” called The Gulf of Mexico (punto y coma), this is:


Ay, que por ti me muero,
por ti me dejo
Caer desnudo sobre las llamas

https ://www .usnews .com /news /world /articles /2022-03-18 /hot-polesantarcticaarctic70-and-50degrees-above-normal

Se me quema la conciencia,
no importa si me muero…

Page Tú 

From The Producers* WHO brought Ewe, “The New York Times”, comes a story from the “New York Post”… or something like that.

In Budapest, Tom Morello joined the Avi Velshi gang, no word if Évry body got stoned, but those within the territorial outer limits of Ivre-sur-Seine received a Limited Edition * cachucha encabronada *

In local motion news, it’s another editon of:

National Sports Day

Los exprimidores de BFM’er TV

Today is “hug your neighbor” they.
For the occassion, The WAR of The Roses sent a pocket full of OLD CENTS.

https ://www .ladepeche .fr /2022/03/19 /guerre-en-ukrainele-tag-de-bernard-henri-levy-a-odessa-suscite-lhilarite-des-internautes -10180859 .php

Katy Kayyyyyyy!!! — Now if I was to tell you that la Güera del Clima is straight out of The Street (la rue), you would probably say that I am lying or that LAS COINCIDENCIAS are like “belly buttons“.

In French Exeptionalism Today:
A fellow from the Ari Melver Institute in Puyallup, Washington; just below THEE Crystal Mountain and The Green River, followed in the steps of Old Gringo, and embarked on an Ego Trip to Odesa. Sources close to Ari Melber relay that unlike Ambrose Bierce, BHL did not ride a horse, instead, the philosoper pretended to be ‘ghetto’ {and} wrote some weird letters in French on a bunker or some shit like that 🧏🏻‍♂️

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