And, Pedro Alejandro… no pun intended, but


Kier Simmons reveals that an animal escaped with the Corona virus from Wuhan, China… The WHO is asking who or what stole the Germ from christmas?

Deer, Andrew Yang… Sir, let me be your FREDDY ROACH, i will draw a smile on you that knot even Justin Beiber fans [those motherfuckers] be able to erase… on any METRO. IZIWEY… HAPPY Asian American and SAMOA ISLANDER’s They!!!

AND IN SAMOA: Judges actually get off of their asses and parade their pretty parlamentarían wigs on to the STRIP!!!

Asked by Jonathan D’Aussi, how Samoa was felling to They, a big motherfucker from a neighboring island identified only as PHAT PHREDY drop the mic on the Trumpet of Miles and relayed that, “Samoa was on Stand-By,” adding that those motherfuckers are feeling Dead with a lower-case of democracy inside but ready to Riot on the outside. Öüï hopes that Things don’t escalate to that.

As a model/nomenclature setup Adán En Todo suena medio Sueños Liquidos, no cree usted, marchantita?

My next doG will be named 🐎 Ferrari ⛽️ Pura 🏎Sangre 🛴, or maybe Eye will keep it simple and just go with Napoleón.

With that in mind, i direct your not paying attention to the Reverend Doctor Al Sharpton, Ph.M. (honoris causa) for the follow-up to the Sermon at Saint Eustache (Annunciation They).

Alternative media, the breakfast of Nostradamus… this is how that Frog stayed ahead of the “mode”

And, Willie Geist, please relay to Cousin Joe (that SumBitch) that the Ph.M after the good reverend stands for Phat Me•Hee•Ka, pronounced with an ese accent.

But FO’ist… The ANSWER IS CHÂTELET-less-Jales, ALWAYS, Mr. Yang… All Güeys! It does Knot Matter if it’s Babylon 2 or, Mexico City, but never\never\ever—ever that Waterloo stop on the BoobTube.

Tranquility Base, the President relays that he’s got One Mo’change to make, please stand-by as JFK reclaims his initials… And CDG, please hold for UN GRAN logistical pedo on your Eastern “Friendly” Skys; STATE-Sponsored Piracy is in full effect.


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