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This is what the Speed of Sound sounds like: doc-doc-doc Doctor Beat, it’s the end of an Earned Run Average, or ERA for Ayn Rand’s hippies.

Tipper Gore is a Devil Worshipper, and isn’t, IT!, ironic… Twisted Sister told you so.

Dear, Beto O’Rourke, from the bottom of Chicos Tacos®️ pleased be advised that la próxima telenovela on Telemundo Miami is a synthesis of Los Hijos de Sanchez and Atlas Shrugged.

Open This Gate:

Mr. Putin… Open This {GATE} mooooooo!


Don Leo, el codo de Vinci… narrated by “Knuckle Sandwich” author, Dermont Hoggins

The following is a Mr. Saturday Night Special presentation on the Scale of “Tuesday’s Gone”. This presentation is sponsored by CEMEX and it is rated TV-14 for all of the people in Babylon 2 and by order of The Absolute Leader and FAKE TAN Intellectual erudite from Walmart U, anyone reading this news sketch in an Alec Baldwin voice is w•R•O•N•g. The only allowable Baldwin voice to be invoked in this news sketch is that of his younger (and more talented) brother, McManus, a born–again, God-fearing christian fellow just like the Absolute Leader of the daily press rally propaganda briefings at the White House.

Musical Guest: TWISTERELLA on Your Radio Rides (Again!) Featuring Joe Jackson.


Jesus in a Blink of an Eye

Jesus in the Blink of an Eye .::. A61347BE-C84D-4BC0-B536-4B794BCF84B5 👁 40 years with room to spare.

— Narrator Dermont Hoggins’ voice paints the scene at the lectern of the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room.

https ://cloudatlas .fandom .com /wiki/ Dermot_Hoggins

Special Agent McManus is called after a three-hour diatribe riffed by The Absolute Leader of The United States of America on the occasion of his most colossal fuck-up to date, the COVID – 19 pandemic denial that Donald John Trump used for his re-election campaign benefit during the LUNAR eclipse that ushered in the Chinese New Year of the RAT, and which coincidentally awoke The Werewolf of London, which just happened to have been spotted this past weekend during the Jupiter and Saturn cameo on the Occassion of the PINK MOON in the Southern Mexican state of Chiapas, in a quadrant of the Lacandona Jungle. Chilean news outlets initially spread the rumor that said Werewolf was the infamous “Denis” de Paris, but sources close to El Mundo de Mando on the periphery of Le Monde nixed those reports by confirming D.A.T. “El Lobo Hombre” remains hopelessly in a state of ‘Mhee’ around the quadrants of Saint–Sulpice, Sainte–Genevieve, Saint–Eustache and of course Notre Dame ISIS de Lutèce.   

Meanwhile on Deadline WaWa Land in New York, Nicolle Wallace recovers from Ari Melber’s antenna knockdown from yesterday night. Also, the UNITED states say to Donald Trump to go Fuck himself… CALIFORNIA LEADS THE GÜEY, putos! Over at Curly’s Heilemann’s Kitchen, there’s no evidence of pizza being a factor in that island so, this can only mean one thing, John Heilemann is a fucking Android. And no Johnny boy, you are not fooling anyone with them utility fruits in the backgroung, öüï know that them ORANGES are not Sunkist grade.

Hey, Evry body...

Hey, Evry body! It’s 4 O’clock in New York and Ten p.m. in Hilo, Hawaii .::. AE4A9D01-5BDC-4B91-8EDB-4F45E44302D9 ✍🏼 Subliminal subtext follows, vía the Amazon workers who wish for people to stop ordering dildos on-line, but FOist we [the staff] need to take a motherfucking nap., catch y’all at the “all in”, no pun intended… top of the Chris Hayes hour.

Remus on this [past] weekend Saturday Night “dating game” sketch might disagree with the Amazon fellow below ⤵️

https ://metrotimes .com /news-hits /archives /2020/04/02 /dildos-are-non-essential-amazon-worker-says-as-romulus-facility-protests-conditions-amid-coronavirus-crisis

In local news, the lockdown is extended until the first week of May, which can only mean one thing, our mattress padding will not be delivered for another month and we are running low on LA Semana Que Philippe Labró on the CNEWS matines.

— Narrator Dermont Hoggins voice now returns to Our deer Absolute leader, at The Rose Garden:

Rudolph Giuliani’s independent snoop digging in the Ukraine got wind from a pair of Eastern European clochards who are known to frequent the Maub quadrant of a dame called Vilma, a Mexican Source for the former Minister of Culture of President Emmanuel Macron (code name little Jupiter); according to them Clochards at the maub the scoop is D.A.T. the filthy French were hacking another envoy to meddle, much like that superstore merchant Lafayette did during the American Revolution, but in Today’s affairs of the current self–appointed KING inside of The United States of america. For the record, The former Gotham Mayor had a mighty mighty mole and his name was Special Agent McManus.

They call him Tchao Pantin

The very French call him Tchao Pantin (the « TEA » is silent and, the last name is pronounced PAN–Tan) .::. 39A885F7-A006-4EE3-99E3-374EDE502922 ➿ “Ladies and gentleman, let me tell you how this game of musical chairs is going to be,said the Absolute Leader of “the” porto-lectern of the Daily Presidential Propaganda Show.

— The following is read, verbatim, by The Absolute  Leader of them united states of america, from patio just outside the back section of The West Wing.

I, Donald John Trump, the only ONE that can rule the United States of America, have it on good authority to inform you, my subjects; my peons; my undocumented workers, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera,… D.A.T. the French are planning to wrap a very dangerous SPY inside of the Arc de Triomphe and!!! Send it via the French Poste like some sort of Trojan Unicorn… or something like that! 

To add insult to injury, the dirty French are using —yet— another “Christo” to wrap a pretty pink bow on this “monument” and present it to Öüï the people, as some sort of “gift”, like that “lady liberty floosy” W.H.O. is known to advertise under her skirt!!! No less, with a vacancy sign for the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free. What are we, a beacon of light? more Disturbing, still, was the “manifesto” that our intrepid and beautiful special agent McManus, formally of the Baldwin Clan (those motherfuckers), found attached on the inside of the wrapping paper with which the aforementioned “trojan” Arc was to be wrapped with, right now our decrypting agents from Trump University are hard at work trying to decode the strange language that these sedition instructions are printed in. As i speak to you, MY SUBJECTS; MY PEONS; MY UNDOCUMENTED WORKERS, ETCETERA, ETCETERA, ETCETERA,… special agent mcmanus is trying to reach a “CHARLIE HEBDO” w.h.o. apparently holds the key to the code.


Dolorem Ipsum

DOLOREM IPSUM “The Only Pain öüï Have To Feel, is Pain ITself!” .::. 5CC1BDC7-D53F-4779-A861-E47F9A310802 ➿”Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.”


Get Shorty Season 3; EP6 — Roman Polanski

10h50 in Central Siren knew News
The French, [them people] sure love those affairs“… they just call’em something Else, said Jay Gatsby.

"In the morning don't say you love mí

Faces: In The Morning don’t say you love Mí.:.DAFDE796-795B-4CC9-BA88-C920C14CAF1F •|• “Sit down, get up, get Out“. -_- “…[B]ut then (that bitch) looked mí in the EYE“, said Agent Pettypiece, on the msnbc’s audio mic’s.

Jesus built my car
It's a love affair
Mainly Jesus and my hot rod

Yeah, fuck it!

Ladies in Gemini:
Roman Polanski directs
The Great Gatsby – a new breed

courtesy of Ministrydon’t bee EVIL
🎶🎶Ding a ding a dang
a dong dong ding dong

Every where I go🎶🎶

Mean while, the Great impeachment hearings continue in Reel–Thyme at Capitol Records, [them federales de la oficina] move in like a General Pershing’s perra on the “bad hombres… y hembras”, that the DEA helped to criminally organize in the backyard that [them gringos] call The Merida Plan, o algo así.

Military Factory

Military Factory.:.2DC79A82-A52F-4172-996F-1D3EED3CC2F4 •|• Over at the Newest Border in the World (Turkish/Syrian) Agent Angle could not confirm the nationality of that D.A.R.E. bird with fire throwing capabilities; was it an Airbus « Super Puma »? Perhaps a Canadian “Freedom Fighter”? Or maybe a Lockheed Martin “Fighting Falcon”… or was it a Phantom too?

Now to be fair, one cannot serioulsy compare the General Pershing punitive incursion into la Sierra de Chihuahua in 1916, with the “consigliere” role of the F.B.I. in 2019.

Por ejemplo, Raquelito, if a Doroteo Arango surged from the betrayed ranks of the U.S.- Kurdish Strategic Allience, would you really hold it against them? The Kurds, not us

Perrita Mongrel de la OEA

Perrita Mongrel de la OEA.:.582EEB74-9FFD-41B5-B07A-D8379BEE096A •|• 6° of canine breeding; it pretty much happens when a Breeder takes “un perro mezcla” and “a pure breed” and lets them two fuck for giggles, the resulting “perritos”, or “crías” cannot be determined until the day that “los cachorros” arrive. SOURCE: “von~ferriz~haus . com”, Metodología para la Crianza Canina.

Entonces, pues, Cousin Joe, it’s not as if the Mormon family of Galeana, [Chihuahua] of 2019 has anything to do with the Mormon splinter cell of San Diego [California] of 1972. Two different matters, completamente. Now then, is the Fi.Bi.Is. presence in Mexico justified and  within the scope of a nations so-called sovereignty? The answer Willie Geist rests upon a single message heard in 2016, it goes like this and it must be read in an Alec Baldwin (Jack Ryan) voice:

Russia, if you’re listening…

because if “the” president extends the invitation then it’s not a blunder, o como dicen los franceses, un faux pas.

Over at the MoJo Show:

Vexed  by agent Haass yesterday, and left rickety baffled by the current soul of America [sin acento] TODAY, Mika’s decorative statue outside of 30 Rock shrugged, “it seems that Erdogan and the Kurds have a Love Affair in the Way That Jesus built my Hot Rod,” explained in a digression, Gibby Haynes outside of Capitol Records.

May Day! May Day!… Col. Matthews: VIVA LA RedEd Rebellion!

Arizona, West Verginia… Oklahoma, they know whats up: It’s International Fiesta Day.

“Flip the channel, see what how the other guy is doing it!”, Chris Matthews, host of Hardball with Chris Matthews, on ‘the’ msnbc’s during a recent Washington Journal interview on C-SPAN.

… context on the Washington Hardball Journal, follows.

TimeStamp: 14h15 in Central Europe Time.

Local dance news…  under a Parisian black sky

Moments after our break, a line dance performance between a dozen or so brigades of the CRS (National Police Reserves) and give or take around 1200 “Black Bloc” anti-fascists locally known à la Sorbonne as the « Siamo tutti antifascisti » who staged the time honored production of « we are going to break and destroy everything in our path » (who says the Spirit of Loki and the vikings is not vibrant in–around—and—over the Seine, eh?).

Les black bloc, algo así como hooligans e inchas ultra de la selección de fútbol rusa. Como langostas en Egipto destruyen todo lo que tocan a su paso. Nosotros en el staff hemos observado a través de los seis años que asistimos a la marcha del 1 de mayo, que esta pinche bola de ojetes tiene un odio particular por los hospitales de niños o las asociaciones benevolas como Emmaüs. Para esta edición, el staff decidió no participar—ni cubrir esa fiesta. Para esta edición de esa Fiesta, el Staff decidió mejor tomarse una pinche SIESTA d’esas que son épicas como las que La Pantera Rosa se receta hasta por una duración de 4 HORAS, eh! }-—-~~~\*> Foto es cortesía de Marie Dallomo #FBPE, @Manifou TimeStamp: 1 mai, 2018 — 16h17 CET

Sadly, the “stage performance” of « the line dance » bottlenecked the REAL manifestation (the procession with the labor unions) at the vicinity of the Left Bank on the Bridge of Austerlitz. As of this update we [the staff] are not aware if the CGT (The workers’ union leading the cortège) finally made it to La Place de l’Italie, where the final Bal for the night was to be held.

Well, where should I start… let’s see, let me start by agreeing with you first and then offering an “Opposing Viewpoints” style —Digression… of course, since you (Sir) are never going to read this blog, the staff is going to continue with our stroll far away from the riots and the legit manifestants. }-—-~~~\*> BTW Col. Matthews, since you do have priviledge access to the NBC files: THIS SCREEN GRAB IS A FAIR USE OF ALL MEDIA, even the one that comes out of Mr. Peacock’s feather duster tail, eh!



On Friday, March 13th 2018, we [the staff] noted that there are three bridges in Paris where motorized vehicles are not allowed, and even though Fenster the Copy-editor was not part of the staff yet, he just reminded us that we [the Staff] missed at least another three… we [the staff] forgot to count the most musical of ‘em all, Le Pont de Saint–Louis, La Passerelle Debilly and, La Passerelle—Charenton.

The other three are La Passerelle Simone-de Beauvoir, Le Pont–des–Arts, and the one that connects Thomas Jefferson’s bronze ass with Le Jardin des Tuileries, aka as La Passerelle Léopold Sédar Senghor.

One thing’s for sure, it’s best to correct your mistakes or ommissions on foot and in real time, this correction is probably the most pictoresque that the staff has ever had the pleasure of fixing, if, however we [the staff] missed or ommited another passerelle, let us know, we’d love to take another midnight to sunset stroll to confirm it.


We now return to our regular programming:

Le LibertyClub Prive }-—-~~~\*>. Yeah… interesting call you got there on Sunday morning , Col. Matthews (Sir) from Michael  —in Houston, Texas— at about the 15 minute mark of the Washington Journal, [quote] It seems now with the consolidation of the news media, by a few very Powerful Conglomerates [unquote]… LIBERTY is becoming more and more of a PRIVATE CLUB… [quote] With target marketing introduced and the national audiences (sic) were sliced … [unquote] … Mike, from Houston, was interrupted by the host of The Washington Journal, Mike Scully, “let me stop you right now, you brought up an interesting point,” yada yada yada, Mike’s original thought got derailed.


May Day, COUSIN JOE, is international anti-Corporate Egotism day, so Cousin Joe, please find a bundle of Lily’s of the Valley and place’em on the heels of Atlas outside your bosses door facing Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, eh! because that’s what the Individual States are doing to the teachers when they pay’em Jack–Diddley-squat; the individual states are stepping all over the flowers that are supposed to make the American Experience, a beautiful thing, instead, well instead you’all are heading closer and closer to Richie Tenembaum’s, IDIOCRACY, eh!:


2. The Washington Journal, April, 29th 2018:

Organizeg grab ass

No es por falta de recursos, tampoco por falta de personal calificado: señoras y señores, es por causa de un inepto en la Casa Blanca…. Puerto Rico, señoras y señores, sufre por la falta de liderazgo, ¿y la respuesta?


Context follows… Katrina’s flashback is courtesy of The Rachel Maddow Show.

TimeStamp: 1300 hrs. in the “Central Zone” of Cousin Joe’s bottom of the Second Segment Block… Jeeez Wizzz, Willie Geist, what a way to start the second hour of the MoreJo Show, eh? Playing ORGANIZED GRAB ASS, while Mika is away, and then the sobering news of Donald Trump’s insensitive remarks to a grieving widow

Next up, at the top of the hour:

A Glossary of new terminology for the Trump Era.

1. Organizeg… Context follows for the Legacy Staff of the ‘Old Gipper’s’ Administration, on today’s MorJo Show… GOOOOOO DODGERS!

Organizeg (adj.); a distortion of organized, organizeg goes beyond being disorganized.

Inspired by POTUS 45 “LIDDLE” twits, the Illustration figure above is for reference purposes only. In other words, and in our book: the face in the circle is what organizeg looks like.

Origin of organizeg; it begins to surface in late 2017 of the Trump era, specifically at around the the time of arrival of Hurricane “Harvey,” and it quickly distorted it’s Medieval Latin root: organizāre, which in its current Times New Roman ACTION FORM, organizes what is in disarray; like say the current State Of Emergency that Puerto Rico is in [please refer to the opening paragraph at the begining of this posting for a reminder of what Puerto Rico lacks the most of, from the bureaucracy at the Federal Level].

800 different contexts —in the form of empty hospital beds, and medical response that lacks federal level leadership to deliver medical aid, —follows.

Organizeg is not a synonym of ORGANIZED; instead, organizeg bears a bizarre-like resemblance to the Vulgar Latin dēstrūgere, which conjugates with the verb: destroy.


Examples from —and for— the news division:

… Stand by for context; Cousin Joe is holding back with the patronage for a new gadget.

Organized crime, can coopt an entire territory with the use of silver or lead; organized religion can protect pedophiles with the use of prayer and a transfer; organizeg politics on the other hand, can convince Walmart® shoppers to vote for Donald Trump with the use of a little stupid red hat… Gooooooo Dodgers!

After the FCC took over the open internet and gave it away LIKE A MEXICAN NATIONALIZED TELEPHONE COMPANY to the cable industry oligarchs, Katy Tur was lucky enough to land a gig as an întrepid reporter for The Atlas Shrugged Streamed Cable Network, and when ever a tragedy would strike, all that Ms. Kur Tur needed to do in order to leap tall Rockefeller Buildings in a single bound, was to find an internet toll booth, remove those sexy spectacles and she would then turn into Super Kitty Kur: Intrepid Reporter Extraordinaire.

Oh, hey–Hallie Jackson, what’s up? How did the Jeff “Side Show” Sessions round of Senate Judiciary Committee hearings go? Like asking questions to a wall made of stone, we reckon? It seems that no matter how much the democrats organize to stomp the Trump presidency, his minions will always “out organizeg” any form of inquiry, and Halley, it seems to us [here at staff] that in that process the Trump machine somehow convinces the the jury (the majority of the Republican Party) that down–is–up and down–is right.

Of course, you will all have the nice taste to read all of this entry in a Senator Stewart Smiley (D-WI) voice…

We [the staff] all agree that it’s unbecoming of a sitting U.S. President to display a lack of emotions towards a grieving pregnant widow, especially when the surviving spouse is about to welcome a flag draped casket that holds the remains of her children’s father. Furthermore, the way that the president answered this morning criticisms with his “liddle” tweet, on ‘the’ Cousin Joe’s Show pins down the president’s ability to prepare a “bogus organizeg” response, much like that time when he got caught grabbing the attention of a Billy Bush while stepping down from a bus.

Dear, Cousin Joe, be more like China, and build a more SOCIALIST SHOW while remaining open to the rest of the World. And please, don’t forget to send that iPhone X.

My personal guess is that what else can a nation that claims to be “The Home of The Brave,” expect to get from an elected president that dodged the draft at least five times, while playing toy soldier in a nut cracker military suit, while “daddy” paid for his male fantasy of becoming a boy version of a débutante —at a ball— on the halls of a private military academy.

A “LIDDLE” Stupid Red Hat _ Under normal circumstances this entire intermission [before we, the staff,  continue with our Search for Diderot] would be delivered In Reel Time with the voice of CWO-3 Brian Williams, however we [the staff] have lost the ability to RUSH our content to the good people who do not read us, because our ability to summon the Flight By Night squadron from The Temples of Syrinx (was hindered). And so, we  [the staff] would like to extend our appreciation to Sen. Stewart Smiley (D-WI) for filling in for Brian.  —_—.   Fair use of a delayed transmission of the 11th Hour.

When Donald John Trump told a crying widow that her husband knew what he was signing for when he (her husband, not Donald Trump) joined the military ranks; he, Donald Trump, was also admitting that he was way too much of a coward to go to war and defend a way of life that fits in two “LIDDLE” white lines on his silly red hat, yet now that he sits at The White House he is eager to start the next big war… might your little Barron, Mrs. Trump, be joining the ranks with the next generation of troops, or will he follow in the steps of a family tradition that shoots guns just for fun?