Deer, Alexis Axios — ^ The origins of los Super KaKas en la tierra de el nopal.

Forward to: Dion Rabouin

Ca-ca$$$$h-Chink .:. 7542DD34-699E-4445-921E-D605FAF66FAB 💵💶💰💸🛢🔫💡🎚⛽️🛥✈️🚂⚾️🌮🌶🍌🌵🦖🦗🎩🧶 —_•!•_—  “Just like Starting Over”, «Watching the wheels go by», ‘It’s cleanup time’— BEAUTIFUL, beautiful, plebe.

Dear, Alexis McCammond, please inform Dion “the wanderer” Rabouin that he is giving socialism a bad rap-sheet when he starts the first sentence of his profound understanding of a the “dinosaur” syndrome in politics, with AMLO as an example of socialism; to put it on a Venn Diagram for his “perspicacia”, identifying AMLO as a socialist cat is like establishing that Mike Bloomberg is a “donkey–riding” democrat; capire l’antifona? Or…

_would you prefer, Cousin Joe, if öüï [the staff] dress the 12–year Mexican candidate as a messiah and strap his holy-ass to the mexican president’s buttocks? Because don Andrés sure is acting like a Jim Jones en La Nueva Jerusalén, Michoacán, for as you know, mr. Rabouin [if that is in fact –is your real name], it’s not just “investors” that AMLO is making richer, phony evangelists are also on the ledger under “accounts payable”.

https ://es .wikipedia .org/ wiki/ Nueva_Jerusalén_(Michoacán)

Hey, Joey… got the Time?

Friday, May 8th 2018.

The following must be read in a Brian Williams Voice, and at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral it’s the 11 th Hour— and yes, Joey: it’s the Weekend Edition continuum— and in Normandy it’s three minutes to Five: it’s Impressionist time.

Fireman’s ball in honor of the Great White House bon fire of 1814, an adult film starring the leaders of the free world, music score by Crazy Horse and Young Neil… Don’t miss Fireman’s Ball, directed by Burt Reynolds in the role of Jack Horner, produced by Bibi “the hand” Netanyahu, special cameo by Rudy Giulliani playing the role of a creepy Guignol puppet.  In cable news outlets now, check your local comcast provider for the special blackout bloopers edition..

Maybe it’s all of the Sounds of White Noise in Israel about how the First Lady never sold her body for sex, or maybe it’s all the talk about a working actress getting paid by Donald Trump’s lawyer, but on day 505 of the Trump administration, it’s time to take out the moisturizer, or some kind of lube cream like that, eh.

TimeStamp: autour de Saint Sulpice it’s 10h35
in Central Europe Time and the Sirens wont let me lie… “There’s a Devil on the LUZ”… anda suelto and he’s  taking the « greatest circus on planet Earth » to Singapour.

Battle Stations outside of Heavens Door…

Still to come… it’s The Eleventh Ho… or something like that…

The 11th Ho, with Chief Warrant Officer, Brian Williams.

Dear, Rudy Giulliani: “Can Ewe hear me knocking”, Ewe probably can’t, because Ewe wouldn’t read this most inconsequential blog, No Sir—not Ewe! Because ewer a “class” act, instead, i picture ewe as a loyal subscriber to French magazines where aspiring « Slobo Hobo Babe’s » take their clothes off to show their thingies for the delight of truckers on the road or « werewolfs » on the ‘interwebs’.

Anygüey, Rudy « Guignol » Giulliani right now the timestamp is about “The One That Got Away”… Small Change for a nice fellow like Waits, eh!  11h45 in Central Europe coinage.

The One that Got Away… gallerie Vallois, 75006.

The good thing about this most “UnWorthy” blog is that Jim Vandehei or his very Worthy interns don’t follow it, because if they did, then they might begin to  “attach highlighted pdf’s to emails” of the major newspapers to communicate with the staff.

Flashback to the 2016 GOP National Convention… wait for it Vandehei, wait.

Jesus Christ, Mr. Vandehei, those sure are some WORTHY observations on the SOP at the Oval Office, eh? In the words of newly promoted, Gral. Chris “colt” Matthews [playing the role of Caroll O’Connor] “tell me something I don’t know”… please don’t go the way that buzzfeed went with Reddit… “Can Ewe smell what [this] Rock is cooking?”

1 Big Thing à Saint Germain-des-Prés… Vallois, contra esquina con el ∴ 33 ∴ — Rue de Seine

Right now, Jeff Beck is playing that sticky icky stuff for our man at the E.P.A… yes indeed — yes indeed at Eighteen Hundred and Eight in Central Europe Time it was O.I.L. the favorite moisturizer of the Government of the Motherfucking People and the God Damned Republican party of the United States of America.

Flashback after 100 hours per week – for every Buzzfeed coffee break on the MorJo Show.

In L.A it is still Friday: and the 11th hour is ready to turn the page with the “One that got away*”… when we [the staff return it will still be Weekend edition — SFC “Oddball” accepted and has already compleated his mission and achieved his objective… Right Now, the original ‘Mother Russia’s’ LYNOTYPE is in Californian hands and the misfits from the 321 AR Division are waiting for further instructions on which front to overtake in order to reverse engineer the 2015–2016 Russian “social media” below the waist attack.

From the Source:
Muhammad Ali didn’t need no stinking badges, nor any Greek Gold—and He certainly doesn’t need “your*” fucking pardon, because he —unlike you, he is still The Greatest.

* “your” executive pardon, Mr. president.

Small Change. Uso justo de todas las esperas.