“And here we are.” Arrows from Nunes

Deer Lorde, Chuck Todd is the same formidable  “guy” he was when TIM ran the show, period

Chuck Todd, open your eyes, America is El PRI now. The American government is what America used to be in the 1960’s, except that the enemy is no longer the “Russians”, the enemy are Spec•UL•Ators who think people (all people) are scum, or what Vilma Fuentes call: Clochardos.

Please give our regards

Please give our regards to Brian Williams.

America (sin acento) does NOT get it!

[TRUMP TOOK THE MEXICAN PRI MODEL, as opposed to the South American JUNTA model). “And isn’t that IRONIC”.

…. [I]t’s a good thing that the 11th bureau à Citè does not give a FUCK ABOUT us, otherwise they would know what follows for the “intelectual” leader of the Western World…

It’s so close to HOME, mayBEE, maybe that’s the barrier that has kept you (Capitol Hill) sanitized.

In other words R.N.C. Steele (Michael), how do you fuckers put the BOLIVIA golpe de estado in terms of what is about to HAPPEN in the Trump Senate impeachment trial back in a bottle?

You can’t. CAPTAIN America news is not prime time outside of Texas, and or Washington. Especially in Europe. America (sin acento) is no longer exceptional (Donald Trump’s son is).

La Copa

La Copa, cerveza y ron.

…And in Washington, the Purple Pundit recharged her battery. But is that enough to change the BFM’er dialogue? Öüï thinks’ KNOT

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