#Chingue-A-su-MADRE: “AlbertoAntonioDLM”

Hey, Donaldcan Ewe please Google: INTERMISSION.

ISSY… a la llamada 4ta Transformación de don AMLO todavía le cuelgan algunos meses para que dé arranque y aunque el equipo de transición presidencial de MORENA va que vuela para los pinos, o donde sea que AMLO decida sentarse, “la CosmoVisión” ecológica va a un Paso de Tortuga… por decir. }—~~~\*> Y antes de que [al staff] se nos olvide: QUE CHINGUE A SU MADRE ALBERTOANTONIODLM y toda la concurrencia en La Isla Salmedina de los arrecifes de Veracruz.

de bote-lerdo, doña Tati, cuándo y en dónde le perdió usted la fe al próximo presidente constitucional de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, el puesto en la sub Secretaría de Gobernación le quedaba a usted la medida, allí es en dónde se le puede comenzar a poner fin a la corrupción y a la impunidad, en el congreso lo único que sabén hacer bien es jugar “ORGANIZED GRAB-ASS*“. En fin; a base de puras putas “buenas vibras” y méndigas “buenas ondas” seguro se van a erradicar a los pinches ALBERTO ANTONIOs DLM de los paisajes mexicanos… ¿a poco no?

* …jugar al: tienta-culos institucionalizado.

Anygüey, doña Tati.. ¡Descubra la Creatividad de Alberto Antonio DLM! ALUMNO CIBEFo algo así; lo cierto es de que su estilo pinta derechito para los cubiculos de PROMéxico, pinche bola de godínez (privilegiados) institucionalizados. ISSY, Bola de Putos, todavía no sabemos, ni queremos [aquí en el staff] poner acentos.

… ¡Descubre tu creatividad!, compartimos el trabajo de @albertoantoniodlm #AlumnoCIBEF del taller #RetratoExperimental




Organizeg grab ass

No es por falta de recursos, tampoco por falta de personal calificado: señoras y señores, es por causa de un inepto en la Casa Blanca…. Puerto Rico, señoras y señores, sufre por la falta de liderazgo, ¿y la respuesta?


Context follows… Katrina’s flashback is courtesy of The Rachel Maddow Show.

TimeStamp: 1300 hrs. in the “Central Zone” of Cousin Joe’s bottom of the Second Segment Block… Jeeez Wizzz, Willie Geist, what a way to start the second hour of the MoreJo Show, eh? Playing ORGANIZED GRAB ASS, while Mika is away, and then the sobering news of Donald Trump’s insensitive remarks to a grieving widow

Next up, at the top of the hour:

A Glossary of new terminology for the Trump Era.

1. Organizeg… Context follows for the Legacy Staff of the ‘Old Gipper’s’ Administration, on today’s MorJo Show… GOOOOOO DODGERS!

Organizeg (adj.); a distortion of organized, organizeg goes beyond being disorganized.

Inspired by POTUS 45 “LIDDLE” twits, the Illustration figure above is for reference purposes only. In other words, and in our book: the face in the circle is what organizeg looks like.

Origin of organizeg; it begins to surface in late 2017 of the Trump era, specifically at around the the time of arrival of Hurricane “Harvey,” and it quickly distorted it’s Medieval Latin root: organizāre, which in its current Times New Roman ACTION FORM, organizes what is in disarray; like say the current State Of Emergency that Puerto Rico is in [please refer to the opening paragraph at the begining of this posting for a reminder of what Puerto Rico lacks the most of, from the bureaucracy at the Federal Level].

800 different contexts —in the form of empty hospital beds, and medical response that lacks federal level leadership to deliver medical aid, —follows.

Organizeg is not a synonym of ORGANIZED; instead, organizeg bears a bizarre-like resemblance to the Vulgar Latin dēstrūgere, which conjugates with the verb: destroy.


Examples from —and for— the news division:

… Stand by for context; Cousin Joe is holding back with the patronage for a new gadget.

Organized crime, can coopt an entire territory with the use of silver or lead; organized religion can protect pedophiles with the use of prayer and a transfer; organizeg politics on the other hand, can convince Walmart® shoppers to vote for Donald Trump with the use of a little stupid red hat… Gooooooo Dodgers!

After the FCC took over the open internet and gave it away LIKE A MEXICAN NATIONALIZED TELEPHONE COMPANY to the cable industry oligarchs, Katy Tur was lucky enough to land a gig as an întrepid reporter for The Atlas Shrugged Streamed Cable Network, and when ever a tragedy would strike, all that Ms. Kur Tur needed to do in order to leap tall Rockefeller Buildings in a single bound, was to find an internet toll booth, remove those sexy spectacles and she would then turn into Super Kitty Kur: Intrepid Reporter Extraordinaire.

Oh, hey–Hallie Jackson, what’s up? How did the Jeff “Side Show” Sessions round of Senate Judiciary Committee hearings go? Like asking questions to a wall made of stone, we reckon? It seems that no matter how much the democrats organize to stomp the Trump presidency, his minions will always “out organizeg” any form of inquiry, and Halley, it seems to us [here at staff] that in that process the Trump machine somehow convinces the the jury (the majority of the Republican Party) that down–is–up and down–is right.

Of course, you will all have the nice taste to read all of this entry in a Senator Stewart Smiley (D-WI) voice…

We [the staff] all agree that it’s unbecoming of a sitting U.S. President to display a lack of emotions towards a grieving pregnant widow, especially when the surviving spouse is about to welcome a flag draped casket that holds the remains of her children’s father. Furthermore, the way that the president answered this morning criticisms with his “liddle” tweet, on ‘the’ Cousin Joe’s Show pins down the president’s ability to prepare a “bogus organizeg” response, much like that time when he got caught grabbing the attention of a Billy Bush while stepping down from a bus.

Dear, Cousin Joe, be more like China, and build a more SOCIALIST SHOW while remaining open to the rest of the World. And please, don’t forget to send that iPhone X.

My personal guess is that what else can a nation that claims to be “The Home of The Brave,” expect to get from an elected president that dodged the draft at least five times, while playing toy soldier in a nut cracker military suit, while “daddy” paid for his male fantasy of becoming a boy version of a débutante —at a ball— on the halls of a private military academy.

A “LIDDLE” Stupid Red Hat _ Under normal circumstances this entire intermission [before we, the staff,  continue with our Search for Diderot] would be delivered In Reel Time with the voice of CWO-3 Brian Williams, however we [the staff] have lost the ability to RUSH our content to the good people who do not read us, because our ability to summon the Flight By Night squadron from The Temples of Syrinx (was hindered). And so, we  [the staff] would like to extend our appreciation to Sen. Stewart Smiley (D-WI) for filling in for Brian.  —_—.   Fair use of a delayed transmission of the 11th Hour.

When Donald John Trump told a crying widow that her husband knew what he was signing for when he (her husband, not Donald Trump) joined the military ranks; he, Donald Trump, was also admitting that he was way too much of a coward to go to war and defend a way of life that fits in two “LIDDLE” white lines on his silly red hat, yet now that he sits at The White House he is eager to start the next big war… might your little Barron, Mrs. Trump, be joining the ranks with the next generation of troops, or will he follow in the steps of a family tradition that shoots guns just for fun?

Skateboarding and The Missionary

context follows… yet, still fuckers: The Street Is My Gallery.

Monday, July 31st 2017
Gare de Châtelet – Les Halles

Conveying between

The Seine and The Forum.

Carmella Soprano meets Paris… context and credits follow.

Hello, we [the staff] dive head first onto a new week and hope to not, —we repeat— to not belly-flop the plunge [on the way down] as we say goodbye to the last day in Julius, in order to welcome Augustus.

Anyway, during a recent “push to host the 2024 games“, the French Olympic Committee transformed (1) a section of lthe moving liquid part of The Seine, and a tram of it’s solid Left Bank into a spectacular olympic teaser park where a mini-version of most of the sporting events, which are featured during the Summer Games, got some ‘prime’ outdoor real estate square footage, or rather, square meterage in order to set up a temporary assortment of ball courts, a floating race track that doubled as a philharmonic stage, a diving platform on the bridge (1.1) that ‘Carmela Soprano‘ made famous for all the HBO crowd [just before The Game of Thrones conquered the American Series shares] and, you wont believe this: a skateboard park… the only thing missing was a portable wave generator to surf up The Seine… anyway.

context from the Plant Garden follows.,.

Did you know that the French invented that thing called “the” Evolution.

Strategically placed image fragment is courtesy of El WaPo and some guy at the AFP (via) Getty Images named Etienne Laurent.

Yes, we didn’t know it at the time, and as a matter of fact, it came to us much in the same fashion like that time that we learnt that Frankie’s, Paul Anka rendition of “I did it my way,” was the brainchild of Radio France Nostalgie version (3) of Raphael’s interpretation of Juan Gabrielanygüey, it was during that very early Sunday morning stroll along The Seine that we learned that the French invented —in all of their radical might— skateboarding.

Yup, motherfuckers, the sons and daughtersof Gral. Charles de Gaulle, and the nephews of Sarkozy and Asterix invented skateboarding. We shit you not!

We, however, are not sure if the Land of Cheese & Wine can claim ‘roller blading’ as well, but we can confirm that they are pretty happy and gay about that activity once the sun goes down; anygüey… de cualquier manera, what’s important here is that during our Sunday morning stroll we learned that “Skateboarding Is Not A Crime”, and that come 2020 in Japan (4), a skilled and talented bunch are going to snatch the first ever Olympic medals for that new sport, which by-the-way once upon a time (in L.A.—of all motherfucking places) was considered a crime… or some bogus rent-a-cop “get out of my mall, “shit like that.

Mean-while… “these dreams of you”

But speaking of malls and pretty panties … swim suit sales. For the first time in over three years our resident infrastructure correspondent [at-large] Catalonio Barcelonnetto de Peralvillo was able catch a ride on the moving walkways that connect lines 11 and 7 from the rest of the rails at La Gare de Châtelet – Les Halles.

As a case of long-term study, or a comparative analysis with the people who build roads in Queretaro, it took the bidding construction companies here in France just a little over the SIX years to complete “le chantier”, which (2) they had promised to finish and deliver before the 2017 election beared fruit in France; so not bad (we guess) minus a few squirts of cosmetic caulking and cable ties along the runway that still remain to be set—once that is knockedout, the project will all be done. Again,  not bad, considering that the ‘frogs’ are working inside of an milennial ‘socavón’… just sayin’ Mr. Esparza; just saying.

In other news, and to tangent our way back to the Summer Games still to come, Catalonio got a rather subliminal sneak peek preview at the “tentative pictograms” featured at  the Châtelet — Les Halles corridor. Below you will see some of the “alternative” competitions that Parisians will probably have in store when the Summer Olympics delegations set their Olympic Village in town:

1. Freestyle hoboing. 2. Tag team luggage snatching. 3. Missionary Position Marathon Trials. 4. Organized Grab-Ass and Synchronized Bubble Speech. 4. Free Fall Suicide. 5. Open Door Manifesting. 5. Étrangères Open-Door Policy push the door Tug-of-War.

In any case scenario, it’s been nearly 100 days (5) since En Marche and its founding father took over as “the boss” of all French military forces (both Foreign and Domestic), however all that we can note from our perimeter is that as a strategic move: ‘The Best is Yet to Come‘.

Text fragment courtesy of El WaPo, and News Flash reporter James —The flash— McAuley… The news fragment is Fair Use of Media and it is being placed here in order to complement EM’s intentions for the  “Dawning of the Age of  Aquarius,”  and to remind the Tea-Bagging “Don’t Thread on Me” crowd, that your precious “Amo’rica” is no longer the leader of Western Values, except of course: Western style rodeo clowns, because that’s the only Western imagery that the American electorate evokes in the eyes of Occidental democracies… Do keep that thought, because in the next entry Paco Calderón has a rather particular scope on them kind of “funnies”.

In the mean-time, August is just a few minutes away (happy birthday Dj) … and despite all of the signs that read that “all of the roads lead to Rome…” Merdé!. Va de nuez, we meant to input that, even if all the new roads seem to lead to France —or, Paname— one thing’s for sure, during the month of August: all of the itineraries lead to some exotic spot, or at least out of the built up ruins of Ol’ Lutece, because  the frogs don’t fuck around come vacation time.

The tail-end of the “funnies,” as viewed by “El Reformista” don Calderón, Paco —one_Each—… context follows. Uso justo del MonoAureo; y de otros medios —oficialistas también.

So, if you want to hear what a Fat Labor Lady sounds like, you’ll have to wait until October and bathe on Selene’s moonlight as the Hunter’s rays (6) make their first cycle around… Do take advantage, ‘cus come Columbus Day, we reckon it’ll all be dark.

Ahora, para variar un poco:

Los funnies de El Reformista:
don Calderón, Paco

Fair use of a fragment of all MonoAureo . com updates, and of course; de los moneros del cotidiano mexicano Reforma.   Via: https ://monoaureo .com /2017 /07 /30 /westeros-en-cueros/

1. The Kayaking Mayor at the Bridge of “The Sopranos”… Via: Reuters. http ://www .reuters .com /article /us-olympics-2024-paris-idUSKBN19E1DP —_— and —_— https ://m .youtube .com /watch?v =0BgnT9SSqyc

2. Renovations and taxes well spent: https ://en .m .wikipedia .org /wiki /Gare_de_Châtelet_–_Les_Halles #Renovation

3. Clo-Clo meets Frankie and the MOB: Via, The Independent… http ://www .independent .co .uk /news /world /europe /the-mystery-of-cloclo-did-he-write-my-way-and-was-he-killed-while-changing-a-lightbulb-793985 .html

3a. Raphael… “Como yo te amo”… http ://uncyclopedia .wikia .com /wiki /Raphael _(singer)

Si conduce, por el amor de la Virgen de La Macarena y de San Fermín, se lo suplicamos… no le haga al “divo” y absténgase de cantar como Raphael… “Sobre Aviso No Hay Engaño”: esto es un uso justo de todos los medios.

3b. Juan Gabriel… “Hasta que te conocí”… http ://www .newyorker .com /culture /culture-desk/postscript-the-festive-genius-of-juan-gabriel-1950-2016

… de la colección: La Calle es Mi Galería. Foto No. 909; capturada en la fachada de un superette francés enfrente del Museo de Las Minas en los Jardines de Luxemburgo, 75006 — París… Dibujo por el artista que firmó su marca en el muro;  foto por: segoviaspixes / armando segovia. —_— CreativeCommons and all that good stuff; ShareAlike and CopyLeft… Besos ;… )

4. California Skate Parks and the Park of the Rising Sun: http ://californiaskateparks .com /2016 /08 /skateboarding-officially-olympic-sport-japan-2020/

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Special El Wapo Daily Double Edition… sources follow: https ://www .washingtonpost .com /news /answer-sheet /wp /2015 /10 /11 /why-is-columbus-day-still-a-u-s-federal-holiday /?utm_term= .e03a233c9475