Intermedio — Tribute to Reddit

You lucky devil.

What about this guy

Teeny Tiny Cat

And now, Ladies in Gemini, to welcome–Inn the First of Twelve Animals in the Chinese Zodiac to Our [Thing] à La Cosa Nostra Hotel & Casino at Tranquility Base is THE Metal RAT…

Please don’t Let Mí bee MissUnderstood

Thing Two on the Freddo Files

Thing Two on the Freddophiles follows .:. 8508A607-4348-4F80-B4C6-543B74785280 🌊 “…[‘C]us Eye is just a S.O.U.L. whose intentions W.E.R.E. good ». Motherfuckers.

Reserve GNOW! Opening Show is on January 25, at 03 hundred hours in Zulu Thyme. In the mean time, while human K.I.N.D. auto destructs and clears the way for a G.N.E.W. Era, here’s a little “Light-hearted” fire starter from Judd Apatow’s non-consequential Generation ✖️, enjoy, —motherfuckers!!!

Strategize D.A.T., Elrod.


Moving on, meet u.s. on the next post (or / not), it’s time for another edition of: Link Goes Here.

It's a Win — Güinn situation

Invest Gnow!!!

Deer, Katty Kay: Scratch D.A.T.!
Adventures in Transliterated Strategies follow.

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