It’s vintage, y’know: Rue des Vieilles-Étuves

Ya-tú_ves Kasie Hunt!!! Accept no imitations, all of a sudden Evry body wants to be on the Blizzard of Ozz album cover.

But FO’ist:

Ooh Lord
Hikky-burr burr
Ooh lord…


CUALesQUIERA SEA EL PARECIDO with the French Talents and Skills Visa (2011- Öüï don’t NEED no stinking badges…)* es ❗️ Pura y ‼️ con SAL 🔆

There’s only one Crowley, mister.

🔆 LAS noc ¡¡ 🔧 aruP ¡ se

In National local news, the statue of a pyromaniac lady that went missing from the front yard of a known trade school in Temple (M Line3) was spotted as a StowAway in a container near a known Frog hangout in front of Central Park, upon arrival, it was discovered that the Statue of Voltaire (abducted from The College of France) was stuffed inside “Lady Liberty” like a petty Russian doll.

Upon careful inspection the stowaway  “incident” at Frog Central U.S.A. threw a monkey wrench on “A city That never Sleeps” election count, and thus making New York City look like the “ancienne New Amsterdam” of The Hudson Riviera bar and grill.

And Katty Kay… that’s Mí in the corner •,  and Cousin Joe, your ancestors can’t be more than 20 decades in the Big Melting Pot* (hundreds of years my Arse), “can’t be more than a 114°

*Pots and pans if you are a Mexican Cinema writer like this Jason Wood fellow from Televisa Présenta:

From Anthology Tú:
A They in the Life
“Dub the mic on the piano quite low this…
Just keeping it like maracas, you know
You know those old pianos.”

The Faber Book of Mexican Cinema

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