I’m telling y’all it’s SaboTage … It’s a S*C*A*M* Joint

Ladies in Gemini: MICROMÉGAS:

https ://www .radiofrance .fr /fip /podcasts /club-jazzafip … Eye have it on good authority to call this session Au⁷⁹, Gold, Niño Luc! Gold.

Let the record show that this blog, Armando Serrano Prieto, and I can’t speak for Micromégas, are in no way related to El Cerro Prieto, en Mexicali, but if you’re familiar with the Brave New World boys from Tecate, Baja California (norte) then you know that Öüï has been there.

Other than that Jean René, let’s not read what the RUMOROSA 🌬️ relayed… After Midnight follows.


It’s right there on the credits, and Mr. 🌴, that’s quite the list them cats got D.A.R.E., heck Eye reckon that there’s a ghost in that joint. Or is about to start squatting on the Second floor. Pay no attention to that freq., that’s all that ghost is, —pure fucking white noise, but very Réel if you benchmark that signal with The So-called “Havana Syndrome”.

Anyhow, David Romo (Ph.D. from a pretentious Italian University, or maybe it was Dutch, i forgot) talks about  “MetaHussrPhysics” from his ringside seat to a Romance from Durango, y no chingaderas, o algo así… ¡Alló SILVER, kimozabee?

A Caballo Vamo’ Ah Cuéncame, soy segunda generation Ejidatarios… Guajiro in the bay of pigs.


It’s a RéEL SºCºAºMº
It got’s to be!
little mediaBoy is there
With his faggety rolled-up 🗞️ gossip
and Shit.

And, sir, I met Micromégas and that interplanetary nigga’ owes me Five Bucks! Anyhow, Microman, say hello to the MiniMinuteman on the Archeology trip through La Rumorosa. Has anybody brought your inquisitive curiosity up to date, yet? Hace como dos o tres años ma’o menos, se Volarón a Voltaire. Montaigne still keeps his lips sealed 🤐… zipped, Eye tell Ya’!

Preliminary reports point to Florence Cassez, but that lead has been cleared by Ana Anabitarte at, Eye shit’s Ewe KNOT: El Universal de México 🥛✈️… Or maybe it was El Heraldo.