Dear, President Macron… may i have a private Louvre tour?

Pleased to meet you .:. 2AFAF168-120B-44C4-99FB-28B1E8D79C53 🗿By the numbers, context follows for Mediapart.

Pretty please! Come on, Mr. Macron, you can explain it to doña Vilma Fuentes as a “riderexpenditure to the OCDE 60th Anniversary tribute to THE TWILIGHT ZONE.

« C’est un cadeau (du Louvre) à l’Humanité”, a déclaré l’ancien maire de l’Indiana, adding, « just like that fucking cathedral with Le Coq de Le Duc on top… long live La Concha de Catherine Deneuve!!! », period!

https ://www .dailymail .co .uk /news /article-9050121 /National-Security-Advisor-taking-wife-romantic-tour-Europe-pandemic .html

In Local Motion News, French President Emmanuel Macron proposed a referendum (AMLO’s* favorite political tool) to declare the Environment (and the development of said environment) a French patent, donc, the public questionnaire seeks to place The Environment right next to The Humanity on Marianne’s read the Rules of the house —how to documents— version 5.0.

The political strategy arrives after Proposition 24¹ and, in TWUE* American fashion, The French marching Republicans (band) slipped a sneaky little overture on that same referendum asking of the Very French, if they would like to see FRENCH BASHING² become a punishable crime at The Opéra House between Garnier  y La Bastille.

* Pronounced with the French “hole” sound it’s « trou ! ».

Coïncidence? Only if you believe that the leader of the band’s name (ALICE, with or without Chains) is today’s Sainte du Jour on page 31 of 33 in Defendente Génolini’s Direct Matin on CNEWS with Felipe “el labrador” Labro.

In French Zodíaco news, Les voleurs de Voltaire jouissent toujours de l’anonymat de la criminalité, et n’est-ce pas ironique, Mayor Pete, that the statue robbers would censor the authorities by not issuing a ransom note‽ Indeed, Mayor Pete, WHO is going to speak on behalf of “el vuelo de Voltaire”, —en el 6eme?… Nobody, DAT’s WHO.


1_ The don’t Click the camera Snap button on the porc law.

And this is where Agent Angle comes into the picture, Leslie Jones, and here’s why:
one cannot just go uppity invoking Santa Catarina Deneuve without merit, because if the « clocher » is good enough for the cock, then it also good for “La Concha de Cecily Strong”, period… and point that Bitch WEST!

2_ French bashing is the equivalent of a good old fashion roast on the Comedy channel.

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