Psycho Chicken update : The Atlantic Heist

After the Cornwall Address, an update on “Se volaron a Voltaire”.

But FO’ist! In Hilo Hawaii it’s 5 pm and in Boston it’s the 11 Hour of Thursday — in Paris it’s Vaccine Day Friday at a Place Where Evry body knows your name.

And aren’t we all bunch of lucky so-and-sos, Öüï gets to have a second dose, in four weeks.

ASÍ que, “eh, Puuuuuuthhhhoponte la vacuna así con la misma puta pasión con la que te pones La Verde, o mismo la camiseta de cualquier nación (regurguito) “Puuuuuuuthhhhho“.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/06/10 /cultura /para-mi-componer-tiene-mucho-de-juego-silvio-rodriguez/

With that in mind:

The American Embargo is the ORIGINAL “Havana syndrome”, punto y coma.

Dear, Courtney Kube, Q-vo? As in, ¿qué hubo con aquél pedo en La Havana? It’s only as confusing as figuring “The Alien” headlines from last week, ‘member them? —_!_— But seriously Nicolle Wallace, [you sexy mother… of a pre-tween boy] has the State Department CONSIDERED lifting the embargo on Cuba? Perhaps, the best doctors in the world can solve the issue of “The Havana Syndrome” and maybe, just MAYBE, figure out just what the in the Fuck is up with all them worthless Lightning Cables from *🍏 Apple Corp. 🍎* Anyhow, here’s Silvio’s take on IT!, and Pundit, if you don’t Know Mí by nowyou will never-ever know that artists are the last persons whose opinions Öüï values, but for Silvio, Eye will use an Exceptionalism Exception card:
“In the United States, anti-Castroism is an old business that finances RADIO and TELEVISION stations, programs, campaigns and artists who believe in it. I have no doubt that there are people paid to flood us [Cubans] with bad opinions.”

Dear, Representative Val Demings (FLA), congratulations on last night‘s announcement on The JoyAnne Reid Show, with that in mind. Here is what the world wants to know on this PROPOSITION:

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /notas /2021/06/10 /mundo /critica-eurocamara-que-dialogo-ue-cuba-no-diera-resultado-positivo/

In local sports news from VINCENNES:

Up in the Sky! “Qu’est-ce que c’est ? »

1. Cocorico
2. Cock-a-Doodle Do
3. O, simplemente, Ki-qui Ri-Qui

And in Paris, the Prefecture de Police (yada yada yada) issued an alert to be on the lookout for a Chicken holding the “mini Mí” version of The Statue of Liberty inside of a bucket of KFC. The chief of The Police, a Gordo who goes by Sullivan relays that the he Saw Her (the statue) Standing There, at the corner opposite to La Gaité Lyrique, KATTY corner with Temple and Metro Line 3 (the green line). Special agent Groot is on the lead.

Note to editors:
Must i dot every fucking tee for y’all to see the crossing Eye?

Trou Story… in the 4th Dimension Jimbo became a horse race fan and that motherfucker just went ahead and “acquired” the famed SECRETARIAT from Peter who was strapped for cash and wanted to pay Paul, —that motherfucker.

Lorem IpSum: It would have done a lot of good to Erin Naire, in the role of a young Kasie Hunt if she had been paying a little bit more attention to the battle happening in ReeL TimE on The Dark Side of The Moon, —the Moon, Susana PUBeda! The Moon 🌙

[Cutline for a young Kasie Hunt goes here…]

In an effort to Show, Knot Tale, i like to remind the Way Too Early producers (those dumb Suns-of_bitches) that Eye gave you plenty of warning for the Eclipse that just reached its perfect juxtaposition on La Rue de La Lune… check the dentils on Colonialism, from Yesterday, —Knot To They.

Weekend Update… ⚱️3 from California and coincidences

Dear, Leslie Jones, ‘member that Egyptian vase D.A.T. Eye asked you to place behind burner N° Three? Well, Shugga, one of them well paid experts on the msnbc’s just plotted the graph with the Arab Spring (that fellow called IT!, “the Egyptian Spring”) and what is happening right now in The Commonwealth of Kentucky, Aussi, A.M. Joy, Cousin Joe checked the date and properly went ahead and sent a salute to the Normandy coastline. So, that there [Mr. Meyers] is the FOist of the Double Jeopardies on this segment of the blog. And do remember, Lesley Jones, that in HiLo, Hawaii it is still Friday, so go get Them Ice-Cubes from the Pheonix ITT Technical Institute.

Note to editors: what are the odds that the Detroit Police Chief would make of IT!, a point to Brian Williams that 70% of the arrests are from out of town with three of ’em hailing from Rachel Maddow’s home state, that is you know tune in to hear El WaPo’s Ashley Parker describe D.A.T. the original BLUEprints and final result of the District of Columbia’s street plan were designed for Circus Maximus performance… or something in that realm. And you are not fooling anybody Andy García, stop pretending that you are Prof. Della Volpe.

Sweet Dreams are made of this

Dear, Congresswoman Bass (D–CA), obviously you, Madam, didn’t tune in to the Chris Hayes Show, eh? STOP CALLING BAD COPS, apples. So, Representative Bass, come Monday morning, and with all due respect, and of course Shugga on Top—please STRIP the “cute” language from a “mortal” situation created by bad politics and worst policing methods.

Hellooooo, General MacArthur! Please relay to Gral. McCarthy that it is the TOO o’Clock hour in Central Nato Times:

How I won the War

Anyhow, A.M. Joy, we [the staff] are going to have to give up on cycling through your bike lane, for you see, now that Metro Line 4, and both of the A & B RER tracks are at normal operating hours, Eddie Currents are now at full magnetic force and disrupting the signal that allows u.s. to hear What you said. So we’ll catch you at another time-slot, por mientras, what’s up with the bathrobe, Shugga? C’mon, Now! 🎶 Baby, I wanna know now — Sing me one more time, D.A.T.’s what Eye say 🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹🎹

Racial Intelligence formula

Racial Intelligence formula… you are welcome, Joshua Johnson.

http ://crdl .usg .edu /events /watts_riots/?Welcome

… now, if Eye could only have a way to by–pass those Dang–On eddy currents, Eye would have a güey to listen to Black Spy .:. (therefore) .:. i’d have a person to Hyde my Egyptian (⚱️) coincidence Vase with; and this here, Negrita, is a cue to play Double Jeopardy with your HOST:

Dr. Adrian Mallory, from The Space Force, —off course— of CORSE.

But, Brian Williams sent the SIGNAL just a few hours ago when he summoned the Ænema of Romanian strong-arm president, Nicolae Ceaușescu, of course, THE MISFITS sang it best in their Masterpiece Theater opera manga: DON’T OPEN ‘TIL DOOMSDAY… Katty Kay is in the thick of, IT! http ://www .bbc .com /earth /story /20150904-the-bizarre-beasts-living-in-romanias-poison-cave

For the record, Seth Meyers called IT!, an underrated narrative (movie) but, öüï went ahead and pointed out the Brain behind the “bugs”, and just to Drive The Point, the image below ⬇️ is a Time–Delayed “initiation”:

File screen-grab

File Screen–Grab of Attorney General of Donald John Trump, William Barr.

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Practice Safe Gatherings

Practice Safe Gatherings .:. F06A66C5-CCB4-42BD-B422-6EBBF9A1505D 🦠