Hoy no hubo impeachment — Call me mañana

Oh, Hey Halie Jackson, so Steph lost the coin toss, eh! Why is Katy Kur looking like a hitperson? Who’s the target?

Oh, fip… you shouldn’t have. You Sentimental bitch.

Any how, non-readers, if you think that i lost my marbles, you are knot far from my canicas, and because the only crime punishable by death in France is “la calumnia”, I can guarantee you Chuck Todd that the previous post was not one of those. Ask Brontis at the Prefecture de Paris (Book One; una comedia de enredos/a funny thing happened on the way to the Forum).

The previous post was a sort of kind of shorthand version of the past ten years in France, and here is the reason why, the first time around (Book One) i EXPLICITLY INFORMED the proper authorities (French Consulate in L.A., CA 2010; Paris prefecture 2012-2015) that before the start of the 2018 Mexican Presidential Race, THAT I COULD NOT, i repeat, could not begin writing anything about my research, FOR ONE REASON, and one reason only, it’s on the prefecture’s notes (provided that Bruno, the supervisor of Stephanie Meneau, is trained in de-briefing procedures), i did not want to influence the Mexican media with what i was finding out. Por Ejemplo, PRESIDENT MACRON, if you should want to run for a second term, your Mexican counter-part (if you beat Anne Hidalgo) might very well be Professor John Mill Ackerman’s wife.

Still to come:
Young Voltaire was a fag!
According to france
info 105.5 fm

I reckon.

Now this time around, Chuck Todd, if you factor in that the MONOPRIX/Police incident investigation will not be reviewed before MARCH 2021 (according to the Paris Tribunal) and since there is a 10-year clause for residence, well… you know, i might stick a little while longer (until the MAN permits) because i really-really really like and enjoy being a fucking pariah in Paris and wondering what in the fuck that feeling of dignity feels like (anymore), but for that i first need to establish, as stated before, a trail of who i was with, way back when Mexico was a special guest in France.

It’s nothing personal. Happy Valentine’s They.

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