In the back-burner… this is an InterMission


https ://podcasts .google .com /feed / Day 1215 Trump Claims He’s Taking Hydroxychloroquine as U.S. Tops 91,000 DeathsChilling details about how bugs get behind THE BLACK MIRROR, with Edward Snowden and some fellow across THE ATLANTIC.

Because Evry body from the people inside “the house”, friends invited into the house, and of course the Good People at the Paris Prefecture, the Mexican Foreign Service in France and the “ipsec” monkeys at Morning Joe, seem to know more details about my life (than Eye will ever know) Thank you Buzzfeed, and do say hello to Black Spy; ISSY, öüï sure miss them “hamburgers in paradise”.

Adventures in Nepotism

Adventures in nepotisim, sectarian politics, and the cult of “el pueblo bueno“… que odia, hace chapuza, y otras cositas que aquí, en este tan intrascendente blog no nos queda (al staff) espacio ni tiempo para (explotar) trabajar .::. 002E34E5-81A3-4869-9651-AFE850D5390D 🚂🦠✈️🇲🇽 Fourth Paragraph of Prof. John Mill Ackerman’s propaganda for his boss, the President of the Mexican United States: “We [the 4th Transformation] now allocate the support(s) for well-being starting from the base of the Social Pyramid and from D.A.R.E. towards its summit… donc, aquí se está tratando con el Volumen de apoyos repartidos, (.:.) öüï must first know how to arrive to figuring out the volume of said “support allocations” in order to then figure out what “El Moche” for every tier of la susodicha pirámide de la abundancia will be, but D.AT. in and of itself is achieved with a different formula (punto y coma) for all intentions and proportions focus on a cuadrilateral base, as the TROPE of don Andrés is a “Cuarta transformación”, not a triangle one (So), guide your layout with this formulario: V = 1/3 A(of  the base) multiplied by h _ “queremos construir la modernidad desde abajo, entre todos y sin excluir a nadie”, dice el Dr. Ackerman, que dijo su patrón.

https ://www .jornada .com .mx /2020/05/18 /opinion /018a1pol

As a warning

If Allowed, Donald John Trump would put a patent on the Sun and direct all sunlight to his golf club [houses] and bed bug infested hotels around the globe. North Korea would of course receive Sunshine Units* as well. 

* Just like Hiroshima and Nagasaki did in the final days of WWII.

The Hollywood land zombies

Reeky good news, Mr. Meyer(s)… .::. 8E806BB1-B36A-4D3D-A669-9CD228DA397C 🌫 What she said. Αnd, Seth, don’t listen to CARL,it’s all in your head,” Gorillaz sang it best, pero sí: Eye gots SUNSHINE, or something like D.A.T..

Note to editors: Brian Williams, just called it, in Babylon Two it’s The 11th Hour on the pm dial of a Monday night experiment; in Paris (Babylon One) it’s Oh Five Hundred hours and there are 168 days before Donald John Trump can stop taking his PLACEBO pill to save face for sponsoring a drug that can kill “mortally obese” people like “his” excellency… AUSSI, “mice were not consulted”, in a glimmer of hope study for a life-saving vaccine. D.A.T. BriWi, always the zinger advocate.

Over at the justice department…

“Right about now,” any legal eagle who kissed the current Attorney General of them united states ass, should sleep comfortably knowing that you (motherfuckers) served as an « escalón » for that sonofavich’s daycare matriarch condescending way of speaking to taxpayers… William Barr is such a cunt.

This District is missing an Erre

This District is missing an Erre, Carmel(o) .::. 518F510B-537C-40E5-98AD-F5F486BD0856 🇲🇽 … just like El Nopal y los animalitos peleando.

Any how, mr. Stanton, wanna know how to spice a bland door like the one that you choose as background on the B.E.A.T… add Basil and Olive Oil if you can’t stand “picante”, not necessary Tabasco or Harissa from Carthage… Colombia, (la hache es muda).


Must show work section of the Intermission:

Exclusive File Photo of Attorney General Barr and his alternate universe nazi SciOps handler. Exhibit A:

The Pledge

William Barr’s initiation ceremony .::. 3A0612F1-CFAB-4950-9A68-10111FF92BD1 💉 Circa 1997. Buena Park, California.

… Hey, Ari Melver, whatcha know about fireplaces? Eye know that you just didn’t go D.A.R.E.! Lucky for you, counselor, öüï just got back the footage of that trip to Bill Gates chimney, so don’t go questioning the relief moulding on a “gas powered” chimney. Whatcha got against Art Nouveau, Willis! Here’s a chimney, Mr. Melver, that should be down wind from your Sound:

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It was 40 Years Ago today… yada, yada, yada.

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