The Best People — Genie Jeannie out of the bottle

… [B]ueno, to be fair, the bottle was more of an Egyptian flower vase, the catch–when–rubbing the side of dicho florero, a French femme named Florence and, in the role of “My Favorite Jeannie”, Lætitia Casta.

Well would you look at D.A.T.

Well would you look at D.A.T. .::. 1A39C695-04B5-4183-934A-4FFDB5E6C8A3 🇫🇷⚖️🇲🇽 Now, S.I.R.E.N.E., if you wish to reference Bubble I and Bubble II, you will have to cross reference the entries for El Instituto Cervantes and Eli Guerra/Julieta Venegas at La Maison de la Amérique latine, and El País de Ana Anabitarte, respectably on the “tags” of this most non–consequential blog.

Now if you are wondering what the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador (assigned on 9 December 2016) Lætitia Casta is doing on this week’s edition of:

Well, Frank*, Ain’t D.A.T. a motherfucking coincidence D.A.R.E. on that gate? Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t!

https ://asegovia3 .com /2014 /10 /03 /octubre-tenia-que-ser/

One thing that we [the staff] can promise you is that back in October of 2014, and then again at a later date at the gate below the fémina fronting the old Justice Palace —at Cité— was your pretty client’s mug, you may check paragraph 3, which archives that particular instant in REAL TIME, also Aussie at Axios, please relay to Chris Hayes and The Nation that further down that rabbit TRAIL not a rabbit Hole, from paragraphs 22 to 29 they may also reference the arrival of the two lovebirds on don Calderon’s “Johnny Chistos” stinker-toon, which i, armando segovia, chronicled a year later aussi, —fuckers. You are welcome.

https ://asegovia3 .com /2015 /09 /29 /29-de-septiembre-segundo-acto/

* Frank BRETON, Attorney for Mme. Cassez.

https ://www .animalpolitico .com /2014 /10 / florence-cassez-presenta-una-demanda-contra-los-autores-de-su-detencion/


Ponte al día

Ponte al día… at the time, in the summer of 2008 i, armando segovia, skipped a meal with the publisher and the rest of the U.T.E.P. summer internship program at a weekly that catered to the Latin American community of Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey, —you know— the kind that are readily available where people gather, like say, a metro station, a nightclub or at a shopping center, anyway, Frank*, the Unicef Goodwill ambassador on the gate above was, at the time [probably] celebrating the very story that I was about to cover. At that particular time I was on my way back to the office, before i left the shack at the International University dorms, i happened to notice on the screen that Ingrid Betancourt had just been released from her captivity in Colombia 🇪🇨 Now, hear me out Frank*, because with the aid of a 1600 cc Kawasaki parked next door, at a hotel’s parking lot, it was quicker for me to hit the Northside, snap a few photos and get a few quotes from the Colombian diaspora regarding the release of Ingrid and be back next to City Hall before anybody noticed that i was in–and-out of the building, you know, because “that’s what reporting is all about” however, Frank*, at that particular time as i was getting off of the highway, i notced that i had missed call coming from the cell phone of the office boss; five minutes later i was informed that Hernán, the publisher, was taking the interns for a snack…or something like D.A.T. .::. 93123D20-4613-4A10-844D-69D76A8A7686 🧮 to be continued.

you will have to tune in to find out.

In the meanwhile, hoy no hubo Deadline, puras piñas, de cualquier manera here’s don Calderon’s comprehensive sketch:

Los ricos también hieden

So, Mr. Meyer… Eye sees that you are going to Go Your Own Güey, eh

Well, at least you went WEST!

Fake Faquir

Fake Faquir… youse not foolin’ anyone Set .::. 4423D4E0-1A6A-4C77-BD42-633BC12D42B8 ➿ Sincerely, OSIRIS.

But Speaking of going, Eye think that the Windage in that dare clip was set a little Forte, must be from Kentucky because Eye could smell it! —all the way to second base, any whiff, Mr. Meyer, please relay to that “big” band you patched there in one clip, that they need MORE COWBELL!!! MORE COWBELL, Mr. Meyer; how can you head over to KALIFORNIA without a single fucking COWBELL being struck. Just who da’fuck is warming that there “big” band drum set, Mr. Meyer? Eye certainly hope that it is not a Californian, D.A.T’s For S.U.R.E.

—- and now, to keep up with the California theme, and to complement our continuing coverage of First World Academia “nurturing” banana republics with nepotistic graduates, let’s take a trip to UC Santa Cruz, we [the staff of this most non–consequential blog] hope that the “news center” at that institution does not read this segment in the middle of a very, very, Very–Very very Late Night:

https ://news /2018/12 /sandoval.html

Of course, the following must be read, “in this planet, or any other planet,” in a Brian Williams voice.

— “Is there such thing as a “slight case of Covid?

https ://www .eluniversal .com .mx /nacion /politica /sancionaran-quien-filtro-informacion-sobre-contagio-de-titular-de-la-sfp

Answer, indeed, with a capital “latin Eye”, and especially if the REGIME where that “slight case of Covid” is handled in the very same fashion that the Wuhan State Police handled the “bugle players” of the Covid-19 in China.

Alma Mater

Alma Mater — Santa Cruz

Take for instance, Santa Barbara’s favorite son, John Mill Ackerman’s wife, Irma Sandoval, W.H.O. holds the current civil servant watch-bitch* minister post in Mexico. Ms. Sandoval was just outed with having tested positive with COVID–19, and no sooner than a French cock sings, the Mexican government has vowed to punish whoever took it upon themselves in releasing the news of doña Ackerman’s medical status.

* If “watch-dog is acceptable for a male holding that same civil servant post, then watch-bitch should not be a problem in style nor taste; lest you forget, that the longest running Republic [ROMA], was practically nurtured by a she–wolf.

— Jump to El Día del Niño en Mexico.