* Season 44 ep. 13 • Braceless Bunnies Edition… and Panties Too, also to–the–side—Productions_Please!

Post Puns with Willie Geist:75192A8A-DEE0-43BF-9C53-DC62717F3F6A —”__€ Eddie Gloud guest stars.

— Who da’Fuck is We?

Asks, Sinatra.

and The Black Crows go:

Another clear trespass on the Civil Liberties of Ladybugs in KASHMIR:225B0926-B814-45D5-9231-DF477141A9B2 •~• MOROCCAN Ketchup. How do you sat Tomate en R O M A?

“What’s the Use of Anything
Leave me Alone,
Mrs. Washington”.

… Centerfold Kath goes here.

Can Eye Pet your Wolverine?:F9EEACF7-EDBD-492D-87FB-4F8A3DDC9F6A —_!_—  Now, Susan, in accordance to the University of Calypso… it’s $6 dollars a-Head , and that is not all, Susan. Here is thing Önë: Phish is like a billion dollars, —and that’s a catch!– so we [the staff, Mr. Sinatra]  been told. Anygüey, Mrs. del Percio, we reckon that according to the rhules of engagement, your desire is to by-pass the events that lead to the 2008/2010 subprime mortgage  crisis, eh? Tell, U.S. where the nickle and dime bail-out money come from?… dot, dot, dot, hold that thought.

Twelve noonan at the forum.

C O T E J A D O:181E1B97-D386-4DBB-8BC2-102387AFF219 ||| 4 + 4 (season = 8) 1 + 3 = 4 (Episode) DONK, hey Dick!!! BATMAN… and Michael Keaton goes: are you trying to PUN the Kath in French, Robin? ||| And Robin, goes: Trés Bien y con pinche acento, Mí–Mur_Cie—galo.

dot, dot, dot:
and the grand ol’Painter told Paul, a former 4-stringer who made the Big Time, but then crashed his Über-Triumph when he didn’t noticed that the light had changed, and WHO, once he was recycled through the BeetleJuice—BeetleJuice—BeetleJUICE carnival ride, found a job at Chipotle in the mid’ 90’s, except of course, in the mid nine-ties, Chipotle was called Tijuas, or Xicali, or AGUA PRIETA, or Juaritos, or Ojinaga, or PIEDRAS NEGRAS y así, hasta llegar a la linea de BROWNsVille luego de visitar a RIGO EN REYNOSA POR SER LA WEEKEND EDITION DEL AMOR, and sweet braceless Kath, RIGO ES AMOR. Aquí, en Babilonia ii, y por supuesto, Mr. Michaels:
¡En R O M A cabrón!

PS.: Nice Tito Bridge you got going there “Don”. Chido tu ritmo, that’s the way you do it when they don’t remember your name.

Live on Screen-grabs:


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