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[Context on the future of Brasil is at play… happening right now, on 92.6 FM de Bercy, Juanito Guanabacoa está narrando el spot del Día de La Raza 2023. Algo con Re Trazo, Juanito anda buscando las raíces del Venado, o algo así.

1968Tommie Smith and John Carlos are ejected from the US Olympic team for participating in the Olympics Black Power salute.

In the mean, according to Wikipedia:

MATHS is the Word of God ∵ EYE says so.

… for the record:

1736 – Mathematician William Whiston’s predicted comet fails to strike the Earth… but only because The Kinks in his prophecy was taken from JOSEPHUS fables about JESUS and other assorted incest stories. I know this because Eye buried Titus… but that is etched on another SCROLL.

Je suis un antichrist et je suis analphabète   tout est écrit en grec Σ

[To They] is October 16, the 289th day of the year (290th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar; 76 days remain until the end of the year.

https ://en .wikipedia .org /wiki /October_16

In Paris, France, it’s 1793 and Mercury just witnessed the First Mouvement of Freddy’s queen as Marie Antoinettes noggin 🩸🩸🩸 hit the basket case of La Guillotine.


92.6 Tropiques FM… El Son de Juanito GuanaVAcoa…. Patrocinado por los hongos de la Sabina.

Ya se fueron las nieves de Enero ya
Llegaron los Hongos d’octubre…

No Sea Culo y fume mota, but keep a kicking distance from my SHRUMmmmms. Motherfucker!

Sha Lino sans Chez

🇲🇽 🎶

🎶 Quién iba’Pensar, quién iba’Pensar …
Que por una miada lo’iban a matar.

Arriba de Bercy
Matarón a un meco…
D’esos que’n LA Noche se salen
A miar 💦

Al regresar, “The Rest of The Story” avec Rachid Khimoune et « Crianças do mundo en Décalage”.

But FO’ist it’s NATIONAL SPORTS THEY at the CGT, y a Mí le consta de que Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin was a ☢️ FAG.

1953 – Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro delivers his “History Will Absolve Me” speech, and is sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment by the Fulgencio Batista government for leading an attack on the Moncada Barracks.[14]

Yo quiero Taco Bell!

1962Cuban Missile Crisis begins: U.S. President John F. Kennedy is informed of photos taken on October 14 by a U2 showing nuclear missiles (the crisis will last for 13 days starting from this point).
1964China detonates its first nuclear weapon.
1964 – Leonid Brezhnev becomes leader of the Soviet Communist Party, while Alexei Kosygin becomes the head of government.

Issy, Señorita LAURA 🇵🇪, a Juanito GuanaVAcoa le consta que, en efecto,  🇲🇽“Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa foi DesGraCIAdo», and in the role of 🇨🇵 Captain Louie Renault, mister 🇺🇸 Antony John Blinken, he is shocked! Shocked, Eye tells Ewe, that there is kidnapping at the 19éme Around Botzaris in Paris… Texas.

I’m tellin’ Ewe… Io no tomo, Io arrebato!!!

The Real Havana Syndrome, with Mehdi Diaz-Reid

Deer, José Díaz-Balart… ‘member them MAR•IE•litos from your cousin’s* Era in Oliver Stone’s “Scareface”? I know that you and the Entire Bacardi bunch do, and Eye will de•magnetize that strip in a few on account that right now it’s time to cover the BASES.

Camilo Cienfuegos is on Vacation, ISSY, Camilo is munching on the mound. Anyhow, celebrations over at The Copacabana Hotel and Casino were cut short after some guy named HenRi blew Lola off the stage. Trou Story, LINSEY  ReiserEye sees that the Karins started to use Cat 5 wiring to show the path of The Tropics.

*.) You (Sir) are related to El Comandante Castro, right, —Mr. Díaz?

After hours entry: https ://apnews .com /article /entertainment-music-health-arts-and-entertainment-coronavirus-pandemic-4589f049069c3b3f04f1715d85d0bd69 “… [T]his is NOT an emergency.”

As (33) that developed, New York is playing 🦍… i mean playing gorilla. Y’all might recall that King Kong was partying with the Règie at Las Plages de Paris…

And, Sirene… in case (33) you might want to check the Central Europe Time stamp, it’s just The Mexican constitution in Mí. _—•!—!•—_ 1917.  And María Teresa Kumar [🇨🇴., if you don’t believe Mí, you can ask a el “panochón*” de don Venus… [H]e, Venustriano Carranza signed it (with the authorization of Amb. HenRi Lane Wilson), heck, Columbus, New Mexico supplied the INKCien años ago, with 4 de Soledad sin “Chole”.

Across The Atlantic:

En Contexto with the Beaver

The U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee on Vacations and Appropriations is getting ready to meet in order to figure out why the RTX* trained Afghan Army failed to fight for their own UNOCAL overGwarlords.

DEER, Representative Meeks, from NEW YORK… “imagery!!!” Da’FUCK you talking about? Let’s ASK BLACK SPY:

*.) 84.05 U$D +0.80
Today c
losed: Aug 20, 19:55 EDT
After hours 84.03 −0.020 (0.024%)

The Spy-master must answer in the form of a question:

[RIng… ring… ☎️…]

— Black Spy’s-r-US, Blonde receptionist à l’appareil,  how may I direct your call?

— Hola, Wua•pa! Get me Black Spy, it’s an Emergency.

—Is it urgent?

— Yes it is.

[Cali [🇨🇴. is transferred.  At the other end of the line Black Spy (that motherfucker) left a message that stated that Black Spy was doing like the French do, that motherfucker was on Vacation. In Brazil, no less, Mr. Banderas [🇧🇷.

In Local News, some of the Texas democrats who got the hell out of Dodge and headed over to The Potomac to prevent the Texas Governor attack on voting rights ended their 38-day “stand” against the TEXAS Sponsors of The TALIBAN²38 days. Not to pick on ARIZONA, but it took SPC-4 Tillman, Patrick [one-Each] 38 days  to fill up his MEPS³ Station dossier for Afghanistan.

² December 4th, 1997

³ https ://www .military .com /join-armed-forces /meps-process-requirements.html

MARIEL: https ://fancuba .com /exode-de-mariel/

Note to programmers: as previously stated, this blog is running on fumes (sort’of speak) and, had the month of August not gotten in the way of the very end of July, Eye can promise Ewe that Öüï  would not be aware of the fact that SEAN PENN released FLAG DAY in the same week when the TALIBaaaaaahAN raised theirs, whille wearing Uncle Sam’s TACTICAL uniforms like CHEAP CASUALTIES of GWAR no less, period!

https ://www .imdb .com /title /tt0097027/

1040 — Intermission…

The 1%* of the Capital Gang need not bother with common peoples trifles, carpe diem and sip on mimosas on your yatchs. You’ve earned it! it’s not easy making of the common folks a cast of conformists consumers.

Anygüey, John Heilemann…

With All Due Respect… hey, Mhaaaayn! Bill Maher called, he wants his square-patterned sport’s coat back. -_• Fair use of Cousin Joe’s clear blue sky and the one and only, John Heilemann… this is a time-delayed screen-grab from the Monday, April 16th edition of the MoreJo Show.

* In the American motorcycle enclaves (or setting—call it an outlaw environment) the One per-center’s are the “bad hombres” that give “good bikers” a bad name. Folklore  in that universe states that of the whole, only 1% of ‘em are what the Shepards call ‘black sheeps’… ewe, know.

TimeStamp: The 11 hundred hours in Central Nato Time.

Ladies in Gemeni… welcome to the greatest reality spectacle west of Atlantic City, and fhe failed Trump Casino and Resorts

My fellow American, this is James Brown, and Ewe’all are Living in the greatest reality show in the known universe… of America! — USA—USA— USA!!!

Mientras tanto en Paris (75013) à Tolbiac to be precise, Mika, the syllabus includes à seminar in Sex, a workshop in Drugs, and a MASTER’s 2 in  Rock-and-Roll.

TimeStamp, 18 hundred hours in Central NATO Time.

…. when we return the staff is back at it with the Kubrick angle and the Greatest Movie Never Made, but first: The back page of today’s trascendental news, in the EU.

“Little Brothers” in the EU are a little more emancipated than their FCC regulated counterparts on the dot–com Silicon Valley/SINGULARITY UNIVERSITY/DARPA Campus counterparts. Today, April, 17th of 2018, the mayor newspapers ceatured a full–page notice explaining what’s about to take place with the ability of facefuck with the ability of  would-be cyberspace emperors like Zuckerberg and his world personal data farm house. }-—-~~~\*> Newsstand snapshot by armando segovia / segoviaspixes 2018—CopyLeft.

… correction, the staff just mistated the fact that all major newspapers in France published a full-page notice —apparently paid for and approved (¡a huevo! que sí) by Mark Zuckenberg. Fenster the copy editor, however, noticed that El Mundo de Le Monde featured no such public notice, which Mark Zuckenberg wants to pass as an advertorial for his evil empire; interestingly enough, every Tuesday at Libération  is The NYT Tuesday, today them folks collaborated with a reportage about going cold turkey from Clover Green to Deep Blue. The piece is about Depression Drugs withdrawals.

Coincidentally, at 19h10, the students at Tolbiac continue to jazz things up with the Frog’s version of “Fuck Gordon Sullivan, David Summers*   Andy SUMMERS, and that other guy Copeland”.

Source: page 28 of this link:

Correction… Fenster just noticed that the staff got their “Wires Crossed” and mixed “David” Summers from the “G-Men”, with “Andy” SUMMERS from “The Police”… must have been all them FBI wires from the Three Ring Circus in a Federal Court (of Law).

Meanwhile in Cuba, there’s a new sheriff in town, the end of the Castro’s Era has come to a peaceful end, dicho de otra manera, Fidel no fue derrotado, ni tampoco lo asesinaron, ni tampoco lo acusaron de ser un pillo, ni tampoco vendió cacahuates de paz en Laos, no sufrió oportunamente de Alzahimers para no tener que responder por “los contras”, ni tampoco nutrió a dictadores en el Mesopotamia  para luego derrocarlos —a lo mejor, sus pasantes que estudiaban medicina si le chuparon el pene— pero ciertamente no invadió al enemigo equivocado porqué Saddam Hussein quisó matar a su señor papa Bush… Castro no suministró a Narcos En México con armas de grueso calibre, y ya en su plena juventud octogenaria le tocó ver “El Circo” y la implosión del Imperio con el idiota que lleva el control del botón más peligroso del mundo.

“Tell it to me slowly… “

TimeStamp: “Funky–Zombies” time under a Skinny Bottom Moon, in Central Europe Time, on the clock the mark is 21 hundred  hours with 40 and some change.

“Watch me as i navigate, ha, ja, ha, ja—HA!”… Feel Good, Inc. —_•  Uso justo de todos los gorillaz y de la soul on three burners going at the same time—all the Time… Work in progress by segoviaspixes 2018—CopyLeft_ timestamp: 23 hundred hours in Central Europe Time.

Now before we [the staff] sign out for the night, we’d like to remind the future princess-to-be, THAT YOUR QUEEN  IS A LIZARD, and that Mike was the real prince, who cares if he didn’t actually go to Harvard Law, the boy can Tango with the best.

Next port… Puerto Peñasco en el Mar de Cortéz! –_•. Uso justo de todos los pointy kioskos!… et ça va, bien, thank you very mucho. }—-~~~\*>  One for the eternal road, you « lonesome bad boy »,  you.