Why guess now… Orange or Classic Prison Stripes?

Satisfaction? Not before the girl with far away eyes completes the Pimpinela circle.


Ewe say Yu wants a revolution? Never mind CHE Guevara, because hilarity ensues when CHÈ Alexander hand carries Milei into the history pages.

Lock him up! Lock him up! Repeat 🔁 🔁🔁



Entonces, Mary Paraguas ☂️, en un día como hoy se fundó Paraguay, o algo así. Los que saben dicen que fue por andar volando con el Shakespearito que le va a los rudos y no al Santo: arriba El Solitario, y que chingue a su madre Blue Demon.

Any how, back to Nantes, which is in fact part of Saint Malo… en toda la extensión de Los Corsarios Bucaneros de la Bretaña, I happen to know that Le Mans es parte de La Sarthe, but we can dig the proposition of visiting someone or, something, in Brittany but plotted en La Sarthe. It’s like D’Isigny en frente de Knotts Berry Pharma en Angel 😇 Stadium in Anaheim.

It’s a bitter sweet event in Georgia.


Because unlike other ‘valedores’ I just happen to have been the one who buried that cat called Titus; the fellow who paid for Josephus propaganda…


Stéphane is left alone on the sidewalk. With [out3] his friend, his companion, he loses the delicate financial balance, which they had built up. The hard law of economics takes hold. Sitting on the ground, he budgets expenses and resources. Counting and recounting, each item is detailed to the nearest euro. It’s possible, but it’s tight. Months go by, Stéphane comes back, he’s kept the studio, he “works” more often. This morning, he’s already at work. I’m surprised – it’s cold. He prefers cold days to wet ones, so Saturday is good-to-go. He’s got plans, he’s going to be hospitalized for three days for some medical exams, he’s talking about a scan and then he’s going to spend a week with his daughter in Brittany. She’s 30 and lives in Le Mans.

p. 181; ¶ 2.

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