Wake up… get up — El Santo no es como lo pin•tán

And, Alicia Menendez, the following is a transliterated transcription of Karins Cat-5e Copper Compliant patch sketch. Our promise to Ewe is that our PoE’s are industry compliant and that Copper Clad Aluminium will not be used in the making of this sketch… ⇑ up ah•Bob ⇓

Bitch — Catch

Santa Mónica y Júpiter (si no te mueves no te cuerna)

In local news the body of a woman was discovered in one of Jupiter’s moons, the one called EUROPA read the report.
The discovery was made after a group of explorers digging for WaWa on that moon… you dig? … found the frozen remains of La Femina one foot below under an ICY DUNE.

https ://www .space .com /jupiter-moon-europa-alien-life-dig-deep

“Retenez votre langue, votre mari retiendra son bras ; et vous ne serez jamais battue.» Ainsi Monique conseille-t-elle une de ses amies qui lui
raconte que son mari la bat.” 🥖 N°2601 The Last Sunday of a month called Ahhhhhhhh—OUT 2021 CNEWS matinée.

… ‘Cus love, it’s a bitch!

“Yeah, you got to mix it child
You got to fix it must be love
It’s a bitch, yeah
You got to mix it child
You got to fix it but love
It’s a bitch, alright »

En fin… out of that ∪nion came an Onion and his name was Agustin, but Every body knew him as TIN… Trou story, ask Felipe at CNEWS, he used to run a Bull Ring called Something, o algo asi.

Now, because Jupiter just could not run around mere humans in his true form, Jupiter (that motherfucker!) turned himself into a “a man of wealth and taste” and his name was PATRICIO… and white collar crime followed him wherever he went.

And, Rev. Al, Io no está para contarla… and D.J. Kronos (Saturn, according to Romans) there was heard saying A•Men!

En esta IDA, pues, Reverend Al, and since Io is going to recount the rest of the story anyhow, operators are encouraged to make use of twisted cable as opposed to circular Venn diagrams.

The following patch is Cat5e compliant. Keep your Telephony shielded from the noise of the tele phonies.

And Medhi Hassan, just like Saturn had issues with Gaia, Agustin too had issues with Mónica.

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