In Local news, knot to be undone by the Webb snapshots of KISS

Fuck The State of ISRAEL.

Salty Cracker Terrorists, in the Iron Dome of La BODEGA.

Boresighting procedures. 9-2350-264-10- fire–fire–Tapioca!!!

Nazareth says fuck y’all

The « Le Tour de France » in Paris… happening right now, the « Le Krouts » and the, « Le Frogs » are peddling in high places. Source d’Origine RFI (international).

Tlaloc is a Fag!!!
Blind Melon dix it, in NO RAIN. GLOBAL WARMING IS a thing.

MAGNUM photos is moving La Biblioteca to Paris.

Previously on… let the record show that The Paris Tourism Board has no riggin’ désorientation.

From the ‘Reuters’:

https ://www .reuters .com /article /uk-france-gas-pipeline -idUKKBN0F71F520140702

“Going … Down, Mr. Tyler?”.

Coq suckers that they IS, the Frogs just signaled the Krauts that the ol’temporary elevator housing structure is currently performing the dismantling of the « La Bastille » tower.

The move gestures the collapse of The Soviet Union in East Germany. Bpi caretakers relay that the ol’temporary elevator housing structure will be shipped to Marfa, Texas, and installed in one of the many ZETA Gas company hook-ups for transfer to Stuttgart, Germany.

Just say’n

BMW lovers are all giddy at the deal and PÉREZ-CUELLAR (pan from, Cd. Juárez/Samalayuca) is dancing the Pole in hopes of luring Elon Musk to buy “La Thompson”.

Min-Willie Colón en Buenaventura Park at LA Villette, Madame Hidalgo decided to transfer  the « Le BRANCUSI »  to Fredericksburg, albeit the ROManian will have to WALK across The Atlantic.

In a related note, the « Les Ukrainiens » already in place at Odessa, Texas… no less recount that for that “STONE” peddler, walking is like Ozzy would say: Flying Hi’, Again… any how, Pompi… it’s like King George, says, “if Eye hurries, Eye can still make Olympiades à Santeuil”.

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